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Hi, I'm Jill Huijbregts and this is my dressage vlog.

This is my mother.

In my vlogs I will give you a peek in my life as an international Grand Prix rider.

Good morning! It's 06.30 on Saturday morning.

We already fed Macho.

He's covered with straw.

His tail, everything.

We're allowed in the main ring at 07.00.

Today's freestyle is in the main ring.

We're going to walk or trot a bit.

Then -

I'm competing at 12.30.

In the freestyle.

At 13.30 the KNHS Talent Team has a meeting and the announcement is afterwards.

So there's enough to do.

And there's a sound check.

Macho got his normal feed.

Because he isn't showing until later.

I'm going to tack up now because I don't want to ride during the sound check because that makes him nervous.

We're allowed in the main ring.

Macho's ready.

We're walking to the main ring.

The way leads through all the stands.

The stands are still empty.

They're making sure nothing funny happens.

We're at the sound check.

It's 08.05.

Everyone's sitting here.

This is the judge's table.

And there's people sitting everywhere.

She's organising everything.

I've got enough time.

I'll show you the photos.

With her new tail coat.

The first photos with her new coat.

Our neighbour just had a doping test.

She just rode her horse.

And that's the vet.

He was waiting for the horse to pee.

But he didn't pee so he took a blood test.

They check at random.

To see if people have used doping.

The test and the prize giving ceremony have finished.

Now we're quickly going to the announcement of the KNHS Talent Team.

I'm straightening my clothes.

I've done my make up.

Am I wearing this in the right order?

We're going to chat first.

I'm very curious about the photos with Enz.

I'll show you those once I've got them.

It's in one of these halls.

We're on our way backstage.

It's quite a walk.

It's behind that door.

We're in the car.

We're on our way to Ermelo.

I was just at the announcement of the KNHS Talent Team.

And now we're on our way to Ermelo.

Because my pupil Lara is competing at the Dutch Championships.

She's competing at 18.30 and I'm going to help her.

It's 16.00 so there's plenty of time.

Jarri driving because I'm too tired.

And it's very nice that he's coming.

I'm going to catch up on Facebook.

I'm not up to date at all.

By then we'll have arrived in Ermelo.

Healthy snack: I see cucumber.

Very healthy...

I wanted one so he bought the whole box.

One is none.

There's the motorway.

Look at all these little ponies.

I'm going to help Lara with her warm up.

She's competing at Medium level.

She was champion of Gelderland.

We're going to our best today.

I've got a mic.

So now it's my turn to teach.

We're on our way back to the car.

It's super cold and I'm only wearing a thin jacket.

It was so warm at Indoor Brabant.

It's finally time to go home.

Lara did really well, she kept control over her nerves.

She's only 10 and she rode really well.

These were her first championships.

I really passed out myself, I was so nervous.

I can't stand not being able to do something.

I could barely stop myself from shouting.

It's finally time to go home.

Mum already took Macho home.

He's been in his field this afternoon.

Tomorrow's Sunday.

Jarri's got a hockey match.

We're going home.

To eat biscuits!

Finally home!


My throat hurts.

It's all been a bit much.

I had to pick up my car at the stables on the way back.

I checked the horses and they were fine.

They were already sleeping.

I gave them carrots.

Now I'm going upstairs straight away.

My back hurts from standing.

This is the end of Indoor Brabant this year.

I'm really sad it's over.

It was lots of fun.

It's a very special show.

Next weekend is the Horse YouTuber's Live Event.

We're going to work towards that this week.

It's going to be a great day, I'll film it too.

I hope you enjoyed watching Indoor Brabant.

Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time!

That's all for today, see you next time!

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