Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [ENG] 남자 ASMR / 그녀와 어두운 DVD방에서 / 에토일 Etoile ASMR

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How is it here?

I'm here for the first time too.

I like the enterior design,

it's nice.

My baby,

come here.

hurry up!

Come here.


It's just the two of us anyways.


Come here.

Let me hug you.

Just let me hug you~

Hurry up,

come here.

The people on the outside can't see us anyways.

Baby, don't you feel hot?

You look a bit uncomfortable.

Take off your coat.

Should I help you with that?



I understand, come here.

It's really hot in here, right?

It's just the two of us here

It's dark?

It's supposed to be dark here,

it's a DVD-room here.


like the dark.

So I

can concentrate more.


we haven't had been so close for a long time.

Being like this with you

feels good.

Do you feel good too?


come and lay here.

It's okay, just lay down.

It's okay~

lay down.


I'll just lay here next to you.

Let's watch the movie.

You're thirsty?

Got it.

Forget about water,

let's just kiss.

I know, I know.

I know, I'm joking.

Here's the water.


Let me wipe this for you.

No problem,

you don't have to stand up.

I'll wipe this for you.

You don't have to move.


why do you move

when my arm

touches you?

Are you afraid

that I'll eat you?

So cute.

So cute.


The movie

is going to start now.

Let's just lay here next to each other

watching a movie.

My baby,

you know I love you?

My baby,

I really love you so much.

Love you, honey.

Come here.

I love you.

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