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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SparkNotes Interviews Students About Romeo and Juliet

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no it's better for her to have loved him

and died and spend the rest of her life

with a guy she didn't love oh they were

totally in love I don't know about that

but they were like 13 or 14 what does a

14-year old know about love no I I don't

know why they thought that would work

if it had been me I would have just ran

away to a different country and changed

my name and identity yeah that would

have worked

I think it's timeless

I mean West Side Story is the same story

except set in New York in the 1950s and

even around the world today we see women

and even girls who are told by their

families so they have to marry and they

have no choice in the matter


Friar Lawrence Juliet Verona

and in society William Shakespeare

nobody definitely the friar the

apothecary he supplied the poison

definitely sparknotes has these great

note pure Shakespeare translations the

first time I got a Shakespeare text I

had no idea what was happening I went

online and I used the no pure

translation and I got so much more out

of it because I actually understood what

was happening in the play


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