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it was not an act of malice

we were 4 of us in that vehicle, how could I just target to kill one person and have the rest survive?

I died inside

I would want the people from DCI to go to Safaricom

so that they would unravel the truth that even on the day he died, he requested me to go for him

he told me bro, come for me I am at Carnivore


Out of a good heart I went there

Whenever he was alone he would go to the show and after performing he goes home alone but on that day he told me he was with his wife

so he asked me to go pick him together with his wife

I am asking myself if you don't want us to eat this grass, will the birds come to eat it?



Please introduce yourself

how does someone start by the way?

before we even go on, you looking nice really, just look at me

I had to 'kill' it

Please introduce yourself

what else am I supposed to say...

and you have refused to let go that name..

I see you calling yourself Lynn Ngugi and I am left wondering

No.. I have never done that are lying

and I pray that they get to understand me just the way I am

because right now people want to know about the issue to do with depression

do you know that reggae song that goes like..

I hope you guys understand

That's why I locked myself in the house

because when they invite you they think you are okay

but when you say something they get angry


you understand

If I help you come out of this mess, are you willing to change?

and I said yes

because he saw that I would soon loose my life in the mess I was already in

I blamed myself for so many reasons

and guys used to encourage me saying that it was just an accident it was not my fault

It happened the way it ought to

you understand?

but later on things just took an ugly turn

it was an accident really and that ought to be understood

but it made every advice and encouragement I was receiving become meaningless

I could not believe the day I was told I am being taken to court


so when I tell you we were going through the lowest moments it's because I know you already know the salary we were receiving

that this person used to give us KSh 300,000 every month

and every month i'm about to leave your person there's something i want my

and they said I was going to pay that money

people might not really understand how the KSh 21 million came about

because the first question is, didn't the car have an insurance?

you understand?

You understand at times you might get broke then someone just calls to give you a deal of maybe KSh 10,000 or KSh 50,000

and you rush

and at that time I was charging KSh 70k for a gig

and he told me there was a good and ready deal worth KSh 100k

at that time I did not have any money to request for an Uber

then I approached my neighbor and asked her to lend me her car to rush for that gig


she gave me the car and I left


but you understand a court case involves damages, lawyers

and that amount totaled to that figure

well, let's just let the court case rest for now

it was difficult

and just tell God

people can talk out there but when a person from your own circle

I had to take a break

I just had to take a break

and asked myself what do I do?

You have to do a show because you have to pay rent

you have to pay rent, you need food

the suddenly you can't fend for yourself

because the moment you stand on that stage to make people laugh you imagine one of the audiences saying that you sacrificed someone to make money

I would narrate everything to her to the point that I feel like going crazy at that moment

she would encourage me and in the process I even end up losing it completely

you understand?

how do we call her..

she left me

It's like I was flying in the air without flanks and I knew I was going to crash

so I sunk into alcohol

I was taking alcohol but deep inside of me I was in great pain

what exactly was the pain you were experiencing?

the pain was

they said it was malice

we were 4 of us in that vehicle, how could I just target to kill one person and have the rest survive?

I died inside

to the extent that I found myself fighting someone

because this person wanted to talk about the accident

we met in a pub

then he would ask a question that would end up creating a big issue

and fight

when the accident happened Churchill told me t move out out of that area

and asked me what I needed to leave that place

I told him what I need and he gave me the support

and because I was still bitter I spent all that money on alcohol

So I never moved out

I did quit

you understand?

then go to his place in Rongai

and ask him to continue with his life

maybe I would have never been invited to that show

just maybe I would have never borrowed the car

maybe everyone would still be alive

maybe I would still be going through the challenges I was experiencing

I always wonder when will the world come to an end

I don't know when the world will come to an end because

I will be called to the court

and I would be charged of murder

the officers from the DCI

to go to Safaricom

and find out the truth that

and told me bro, come for me I am at Carnivore

come for me I am at Carnivore


out of a good heart

I went there

Whenever he was alone he would go to the show and after performing he goes home alone but on that day he told me he was with his wife

I went to pick him with his wife

People always say I committed murder

Zeddy talked about it and I said yes it happened

there are times you reach a point and just give up

but when it reaches that point a lawyer lies to you to take someone to the court

the person who made me take the initiative to go pick my friend is the one who took me to court

and the matter is so serious

we shall handle the matter just like they want it handled

the most important thing is my friend doesn't have a daughter

when we buried him I told myself that

it's okay you have left us

but I will work hard to take care of your child to the end

but to date I have never seen that child

you understand

you understand

the day I was going to court, I informed Church and even requested for one thing

I requested him for a payslip

because that was the only thing that would save me

because the lawyer had even exaggerated the amount we were receiving but we had to speak the truth

we had to reduce that figure

so I asked him to get me the payslip so that even if I had to pay the KSh 14.5 million the amount would have been reduced

it's in the hands of the lawyer

the ones you were with

I went through a relapse

they all left

they all left

as fast as possible

who actually brought meaning to that show

they have been going through a lot

we once featured Othuol on a show here

what exactly are they struggling from?

is it money?

or what exactly are they struggling from?

In Churchill people earn well right?

everyone is talking out here

comedians can also vent because they can undergo a relapse at times

but ask anyone of them does Churchill owe you?

not at all

but no one has complained about Churchill owing them

no one has an issue with Churchill, but the management

you guys were being paid well

someone joins Churchill show

and I don't want to repeat what people have been saying that

once you become a celeb now you should not be using public means to travel

or probably you should be using public means like you used to

Yes I have been through depression but I have not lost it

not yet

what do you mean?

I have not walked there naked

but because Zeddy brought out that story, we do talk and she calls me

I told her I have reached the end

before we talk about Churchill, he has not paid me to sanitize him

I have never met him and I am sure he doesn't even know me

as comedians, do you support each other?

we don't, I can't lie to you

No comedian has ever visited me one morning to just see how I am doing after what I went through

apart from Zeddy

Yes she did reach out

I even met her in town and just thanked her for because I never expected I would receive overwhelming support

You understand no one want to out their secrets out there

but since she talked about that issue, my fans have reached out more than comedians

I was asking for support

I had isolated myself

and I told them that I need emotional support

and for sure they have been there for me

my phone is always ringing

every other second someone is calling or sending a message to just check on me

some even send cash

people understand we have been hit by the COVID-19 so there is no social gathering

and you have not been going for gigs for a while

Yes for almost 4 months now

I have not been to any gig

and I have kept off social media because I don't want someone to see me at my weakest point

They gave me the courage to the level I asked myself

apart from the messages you receive from fans what other thing motivates you?

the fact that I must get up on my feet again

hey you!!

Editor please don't omit that

come let's help these people

my biggest challenge is transport

I don't have a car

but we get to meet people and if someone can use me just to bring change in another

and show that person the strides I have made

say Amen and not amazing

talk to artists

have been doing wrong


but when you go to gig and earn KSh 100,000 you really want to rub it to our faces

You are like, hey! where are you?! I don't even think I will go back to Churchill show

come let's take alcohol

then when I come you start bragging of how well you have been doing despite not coming to the show

don't fake. if you have no car use a motorbike, I have been doing that

so many artists out here are wearing face masks and caps just to hide so that no one notices them

and they are on a motorbike

someone even walks with their legs apart because they are used to motorbikes

let's be real

let's be real and it will let us free

because there are no gigs and you can no longer hire cars like you used to

I always advice people that it's not good to fake

it's not good

I don't have a car but when I get into a matatu I feel really nice

People need to stop faking life

I like one philosophy that Zeddy said

she said

if you meet me in a matatu don't ask me why I am in am using public transport, just pay fare for me

if you meet me buying githeri

Zeddy said this

if you happen to meet me buying Githeri buy me an avocado, don't ask why I am buying githeri

just add the avocado

all that you have been through

what does the future look like for you?

just me

the bosses have been calling me and I have not been receiving their calls

don't fire me

to expose themselves

to just expose themselves

I must start a business

what kind of business because I also want our TUKO fans to support

It's something to do with Entrepreneurship and that's why I introduced myself like an entrepreneur

but now we can put out the fire

to prevent fire

can come into contact with fire

and it explodes and prevents the fire

I know you are still in the process?

it's ready

when are you going to tell us about it because I want TUKO fans to know more about it and where they can buy it

it's something like...

and that's why this issue of depression is a walk in the park

those are the things I want to prevent

you told me to say Amen


I saw that budget yesterday

I have nothing

I have noted that you are one open person, do you have an M-Pesa number where in case someone wants to support you?


can we say it here?

what do you think?

we can say it here

and after sending please call me and tell me to keep going

what is the M-Pesa name?

Paul Wasonga

just try now... where is my phone..

the number is

Just try it, I want to see it now now

don't even mention, TUKO fans are great by the way

I have very serious guys out here

I always say if you need support just say and they will support you

I still want to go back to comedy too

we have come a long way

we do talk out there

you understand?

a human being can never plan for you your life

I told you earlier that when you feel you have reached the end, that's when God begins his work

how do we say that in English?

keep taking those steps slowly by slowly

Guys I know you have never let me down

and you are watching us

if you have ideas, here is his contacts

kindly use the contacts below and communicate

I locked myself in the house for over 2 months

and I think that only made things eve worse

I have been going for therapy sessions, this is not my home actually

show them that swimming pool so that they can know this is not my home

we must show them, but we avoided shooting this video at the pool so that people don't think this is your home

this is not my home, even the grass is not mine

even that water is not mine

and told me to prepare and immediately I was brought here

to live here

you are looking good

are you filming even the shoes

she owns her salon

what is the name of that salon?

it has a barber shop

should you even need massage

so that she can be able to support as many people as possible who are in depression

so that Kenyans can have a bigger picture of the person we are talking about

you understand

have you sanitized?

how many times have you greeted me yet you haven't sanitized?

but we have the sanitizer over there

no no just wash your hands

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