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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: START READING FASTER | How to Become a Speed Reader

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okay I think we are live welcome

everyone welcome to our Saturday lesson

today's topic is reading fast our speed

reading actually so I have a question

for you how fast can you read do you

think you could read a little faster and

I think the answer to this is for all of

us if yes keep watching okay so today's

lesson like I said is about speed

reading and today we're going to talk

about a few different things I'm going

to give you some resources on speed

reading I'm going to tell you why it's

important to read faster than you are

reading now who can benefit from speed

reading and what can you do to improve

your reading and to make it faster

because believe me faster reading is

better reading if you do it right okay

so I'm going to change my camera a

little bit and I'm going to show you

some online resources and then I'm going

to show you some even an app that you

can use on your phone and then what to

do with books that you're already

reading so first before we do anything I

just wanted to let you know that if

you'd like to practice with us if you've

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very useful if you join our social media

classes because we have different kinds

of lessons they're on Facebook on

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here on YouTube we have different kinds

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very good way to improve your English so

if you haven't done it already please

join our class classes because we have

different questions on these different

platforms the other thing I wanted to

let you know is that this is a live

lesson I am here talking to you but was

is in the chat room answering any

questions so if you have

please write them we'll get to them and

I will be able to answer them but again

okay so going back to today we are

talking about speed reading resources

okay so we are going to talk about why

you should speed read okay so let me

tell you something have you noticed that

when you learn a new language whether

it's English or whatever other language

you're trying to learn you are not as

fast as reading as you are in your

native language because that happened to

all of us I think especially when you're

learning a language so generally

speaking most of us most people who are

learning a new language or not as fast

English language learners are just

usually slower than native English

speakers and that's just true for most

most people because of that when you

read in English you're going to be

slower right so you are already as a

disadvantage advantage because you don't

speak or you can tweet as quick as

native English speakers can so of course

you can improve your reading by doing

some of the exercises that I'm talking

to you today the other reason is because

when we read faster we read more it's a

very simple simple way of putting it but

it's true and when you read more what

happens is that we improve your our

grammar or vocabulary and our writing

all of these in one so I'm just going to

get my mic a little closer okay so we

when we are able to to read faster we

can improve with these other very very

very important parts of the language so

there we go the other reason and I'm

going to talk about this a little bit

later is if we're training for any kind

of test like the TOEFL or the IELTS you

know an English speaking test you need

to improve

you're reading and to make it faster

because that's the most difficult part

by far of the exam and they give you

these very complicated long text and you

have to read them fast and there's other

skill you have to do with it but you

really have to make sure that you

improve your speed so it's very very

very very important are you doing okay

but we'll talk about this a little later


so now I'm going to move on to who this

lesson is for so like I said before if

English is your second language and not

your first this lesson is for you

because any and all Els means English

language learners any and all English

language learners need to read a little

faster it's also for future university

students or any kind of students who

read books in English for school or not

just books but articles anyone like that

if you are reading something this lesson

will help you for any kind of test

takers like I said if you're taking the

IELTS or the TOEFL these standard tests

all have a reading comprehension section

that speed reading will help you

tremendously with because speed reading

is not just about reading fast and I

want to make myself understood and I'll

explain about this later but it's also

about reading fast and remembering what

you've read being able to understand and

process but also being fast at it

because if you read fast and you don't

understand then what's the point right

okay and then my third point is anyone

who reads okay if you want to read

everything you know you want to be

efficient with your time you want to

make sure that you read fast so it's

useful for anyone who reads so and you

should be reading if you want to improve

your English okay so we're going to to

move on okay so okay so let me tell you

about the resources I'm going to talk to

you about today so we're going to do a

few different things I'm gonna teach you

how you can test yourself test your

speed see where you are and you're calm

henshin then I'm going to talk to you

about different kinds of resources we

have some online resources so you can

practice online and these are really

really good like I promised I did them

they're very good you can practice on

your phone so I have an app that I want

to talk to you about today and you can

practice with a book or an article like

a physical copy also so I'm going to

teach you how to do that too

and then the last and I think the best

because it's the most fun is how you can

practice with us because we have some

reading lessons that are very fun and

entertaining okay so let's let's move on

to the first one which is the the self

test okay so you can do these online

there's some good free speed reading

tests online that I think are very are

very good I'll show you the first one

let me switch to my browser there it is

I'll show you the first one there there

are a few different ones I like this one

because and I'll show you in a second so

if you're here it's called free reading

test calm I'll put by the way I'll put

all the links in the description of the

resources today so it's called free

reading test calm and the reason I like

it is because it has these really cool

things up here so you can you can select

the the theme oh gosh okay I don't know

what's doing that okay my thing is not

really working nevermind I won't use

this tool okay so you can select the

theme you can select the complexity

level and you can select the story and

by theme I mean you can choose whatever

you want what topic you want to talk

about so you can talk about you know you

I'm sorry read about so you can read fun

facts you can choose general or American

history so

that's really good and it has this is

what I really like it has levels so

maybe if your level is not the highest

then you can still take this test

because it's cater to any kind of level

so it goes from 1 to 13 you do your

complexity level and even choose

different stories so it gives your

stories and then you hit begin and then

it gives you a story and then you have

to go through with it and once you're

done reading you hit done reading and

then it asks you these comprehension

questions ok so once you answer the

comprehension questions then it will

tell you your speed and your your

comprehension how well did you score on

both because like I said it's very

important for it's very important to be

able to do both so I really like this

this resource like I said because you

can customize it some other websites

that I found online only give you one

text and you have to go through it and

if for example you are at kind of a

lower level then it's very hard to be

able to get through all of that and it

might not be true truly where you are so

this one is really helpful because of

that ok so that's why I really like it

ok so you can do the self test like I

said on free reading test calm very

useful you can come back after you've

practiced a little bit and retake it on

a different level different story

however you want to do it ok so now that

you know how to test yourself and you

figure out a base reading speed that you

have we have to figure out how to

increase it right ok so we're going to

move on to how to do this online and

what kind of websites we can use I have

a few of them for you and I think

they're all very useful so let me just

show you what I mean so ok so there are

a few ones that I like this zap reader

it's just called zap reader calm it's a

very easy very simple

very easy one so let me show you I you

can copy and paste any text so I'm going

to go through this chocolate text that I

got off of simple Wikipedia and I'll

talk about that in a second

and then I paste it here and then I hit

zap it and then I hit play and then if

you can see it goes by really goes

really fast right so you have to read as

fast as the text is moving so this helps

train your brain to move faster and to

read faster and it gives you word by

word so you can only focus on that word

at a time so it's very very useful and

again this works like I said with any

text that you have um oops so this was a


so it really works with any text that

you have and it's very useful very

simple free no problem

another one that I like is spreader and

spreader works very similarly and you

really you do the same thing you just

copy and paste in the in the text and

then hit play and it just moves on

however you want it to so this is a very

very very good way to this is a very

good way to be able to practice on your

computer it really does help you know

10-15 minutes every day it will improve

your speeding your speed another really

good way and this so like I said this

text is good for for everyone and anyone

because you can put any kind of text so

if you're wondering what kind of texts

you should include I have some

suggestions for you and like I said I'm

going to put these in the description so

let me go back to the chocolate reading

that I was telling you about this is

simple Wikipedia simple Wikipedia is is

a page web page from Wikipedia but it

uses simple English so it uses English

that is a little bit more simplified and

it's not as difficult as the regular


so because of this the language level is

going to be lower so if you are just

beginning to learn English this is

really really really useful because you

can use this text to UM to to speed up

your reading basically and you again it

has a lot of different topics I have

chocolate here because obviously I love

chocolate but also because it's kind of

a fun reading so you can really do any

topic and it will find it and you can

enter it in the in the Zap reader or the

reader another one for more of a medium

content if you want something a little

bit more difficult I would say is

regular Wikipedia as you can see it's a

little bit more difficult the vocabulary

is a little bit harder there more you

know synonyms and the grammar is a

little bit more complex so this is for

more of a medium kind of your

intermediate level vocabulary use

Wikipedia you know it has everything it

has all kinds of information it's free

it's there if you really want to

challenge yourself and go beyond that at

the difficult level I would recommend

using texts from magazines like National

Geographic so if you click on magazines

here you can read different kinds of

articles of course I think you have

access to like one of these now you have

to pay but some of them are free so my

Internet's a little slow but you you can

just click on one of these and then copy

and paste it into the Zap reader or the

spreader and it will be a little bit

more challenging for you another one if

you don't like National Geographic

there's the Atlantic it's a new source I

like this one because the vocabulary

used that they use is usually more

difficult than others so if you really

want to challenge yourself this is a

good one and then there's the Economist

or other ones but these are very very


now something I wanted to show you that

if ik to just English language learners

is this website that I found that is

right here I don't know

this website but it has some really good

exercises especially for speed reading

it's called interlink language centers

but I wanted to get your attention for

some of these exercises so if you for

example look at the speed reading

exercises here so I'm going to click on

number one it will give you an exercise

like one by one sentence by sentence so

it's really really helpful if you are an

English language learner this is who

this is developed for so if you hit next

did you see how fast that was it was

insanely fast so you have to be really

fast but what I like about this is that

it really focuses on your spelling so

again if you're trying to take a test if

you're learning English it's very

important that you're you pay you pay a

lot of attention to your spelling and

your grammar and this is exactly what

this focus is on okay because if you put

belief it's wrong it is believed not a

believer so you really have to pay

attention to the word but also this

helps you pay attention to the grammar

and then you do the next and then again

you've seen it's really fast so you

really have to pay attention okay so I

really like this resource because like I

said it really is for English language

learners and it really helps if you want

to challenge yourself to not only to

read fast but to remember why you've

read the part of speech all of that the

spelling and I know some of you have

problems with spelling this will help

okay okay so we're going to move on to

how you can practice on your phone okay

so we all have phones you know we use

them all the time

oops yeah there you go we use them all

the time we all have them one of the

apps that I like to

practice my my reading with is called

spreader the website I just showed you

they they also make an app the app is a

little better than the website like it

has more features and I'm going to show

them to you in a second so okay so it's

what it's called this I'm going to show

you that's kind of what it looks like

that's the app and then I have a

screenshot over there for you and let me

tell you why I like it

number one you can set your speed so

like I said you know when you do the

self-test you find out why your speed is

how many words per minute can you read

and then when you go into this app you

can change that so you can change how

many words per minute you can read so

you can maybe make it just a little bit

more than your then your reading or you

can do it a lot more it's up to you but

I suggest doing just a little bit more

at a time so you can set it and it so in

that way can be used you know as you get

better you can keep increasing the speed

so that's very useful the other reason

is you can add your own text like we've

seen you know just copy and paste from

another source but if you don't have a

text handy I really like that they have

a really big library so you can do as

you can see in that picture right there

you know I've seen using war and peace

they have so many books they have

articles they have different kinds and

I've said this before when you read you

should read something you like because

if you like it you're going to be

interested and want to read more so if

you don't like reading about economics

or about the news don't read about the

news read about you know I like I like

Russian literature so I'm going to read

war and peace okay so you can really it

really is helpful because you can choose

your text and you practice with it

the other thing I really like about it

is the fact that it has these progress

reports and let me show you what they

look like they look like this

so basically

now I just did a couple trial runs last

night but basically it tells you what

your speed is and then as you move and

read more text you can see how you

progress um so how you're moving on so

this is really useful because I think

especially with learning a language

sometimes it's hard to see if we have

you know if we've made any progress it

really sometimes it's really hard you

feel like you're stagnating you feel

like you're not challenging yourself but

with this you can actually see it and

that's really nice sometimes be like

look I've improved this much I can read

so much faster and I think it really

helps because we're learning a language

sometimes we feel like we're up here

then we go back down here and then this

really helps see that so I really like

it for that purpose okay

so I'm gonna move on okay something to

mention that I am not a hundred percent

sure about this app I think it may only

be on iPhones I'm not 100% but you can

of course look up any other

speed-reading apps that are on your

phone if it's not on Android or a

different kind of platform if it's not

make sure to look for these features

because if a phone if an application has

a way to see your progress and if they

have different kinds of reading speeds

in different kind of text that's all you

need it doesn't have to be this app okay

so I'm going to move on to how you can

practice on your with your books or any

kind of article so this is something you

don't need an internet connection for

you just need a hand or a pencil if you

prefer but I like the hand and you need

a timer what it is is you just have to

look at the text and follow the set the

text from left to right always from

after I know you see mirrored but it's

really from left to right follow the

text and you read the word that your

finger is under and that word only don't

read other words focus on the word

you're really putting your finger under

and then just keep moving keep moving

and then you can time yourself of course

so for example you can say

okay set your timer to one minute and

then see how many words you can read in

that one minute when your timer goes off

you count the words you've read you

write it down and then this is how you

keep your progress but you can do this

at any time I suggest keeping like a log

sheet if you don't want to use one of

these apps so that you remember where

you were where you started and where

you're moving because it really helps to

see how you've improved like I said okay

so that's the way to do it with um with

a book or an article and of course you

can choose a book or article that you

want to use ok the last and the best is

for me in my opinion of course I'm

biased oops is to practice with us and

the reason I say to practice with us is

because we have some reading lessons

that we've prepared for you and why I

like them is that there are a lot of fun

and they're interactive so you can I'll

show you what I mean by that actually so

let's go back to our browser and I'm

going to move to our page so these are

our interactive reading activities so

what happens is as you can see I'm

obsessed with chocolate I'm sorry but if

you click on these different reading

activities we do several things for you

so I'm not gonna oops put the volume on

right now but it moved to okay there it


okay so what we do in this in these

videos is we give you different text

that scroll so and they scroll typically

at the speed of a native English speaker

so you can of course challenge yourself

to read at that speed but then of course

we also help you with your comprehension

I like this because they're not there

they're really in depth learning so we

really give you ways to help you -

especially for your reading

comprehension for example we have

questions here okay we

have questions here and then you have to

click on the answer that is correct and

then if you click on something that is

not correct for example we tell you we

give you help so that's why it's really

cool it takes it to another video and

then we give you more hints so this

helps you you know it's good to have the

good answer it helps if you have the

right answer but it's not enough if you

just know what answer is right we

actually tell you how to find the right

answer where the answer is so this

really helps your comprehension which

like I said is is crucial it's if you

can read fast but if you don't

understand why you're reading then

there's no point of reading fast so this

will help you improve under to your

understanding of the text so I think

it's very very useful and like I said

it's fun because you can click on the

answers it takes you to different places

you know we have fun practices like

chocolate and and la tomatina which is

like a tomato throwing festival and all

kinds of fun stuff so I definitely

recommend checking it out um like I said

it's free we're gonna put the link in

the description ok um so those are my

those are my those are my oh my gosh my

resource is that's the word I was

looking for but before we leave I just

want to leave you with some tips and

tricks um do you guys like my bear it's

cute now very cute I love it okay okay

so what should i eat what should you do

in generally speaking I would definitely

suggest to practice daily and when I say

practice daily I don't mean take three

hours out of your day to read a giant

book like war and peace and really make

sure you read it fast now you can take

20 minutes 10 20 minutes of your day

every day but every day is important and

dedicate it to just speed reading so

just take time make sure you read

because that will improve that will help

you improve definitely so

even if you take a little bit it's more

important to do with daily than to do

three hours here and then three hours

next month because it's harder to

improve that way when you read books use

your index finger and only focus on the

word that you are that your finger is

under okay because if you try to read

more or go back then you're not

practicing speed reading okay

time yourself and test yourself often

like I said this is important because

then you can see your progress so if you

time yourself and you write it down and

if you after maybe a month or

speed-reading you want to check yourself

like you know your level again it's very

easy just go back to that free speed

reading test do it again

choose a different level maybe and see

how you're doing or do the same level

different story and see how much you've

improved on that level it really helps

and that's why I like that test because

you really you can really choose and

customize what you need from this from

this exercise okay one of my other tips

is start easy and then move up what I

mean by this is don't start with a very

very difficult text like I show you the

one from the Atlantic and then typed it

in and then realize you're very slow

because the vocabulary is so complicated

you know start with something that's

easy for you to read that you're

comfortable with but then don't forget

to move up to a higher level when you

have gone comfortable because like I

said you need to challenge yourself and

when I specially if you're taking one of

those difficult IELTS or TOEFL test the

vocabulary there is pretty difficult so

you need to make sure that you're

improving that you're not just using I

don't know like first grade level or

just a really low level make sure to

keep going up so keep choosing harder

text like the ones I gave you and then

for more practice I was going to go back

to the browser to just show you one more

thing that I have okay so we are back

here oh and

I'm just going to show you in Google

what you can do is type in ESL means

English as a second language speed

reading exercises or activities and then

hit enter and there are quite a few that

you can use that you can really practice

so there are some on ESL flow or

different kinds of exercises that you

can do so there's different readings

there's different activities this is how

I found the one that I was telling you

about earlier so there is definitely a

lot but it really helps if you this is

what you look for ESL speed reading

exercises because I know the reason why

I showed you what I searched for is

because I know many we many times we get

questions from students and they're like

how do I find this how do I find that

and Google is such a huge place the

internet is so big and vast that

sometimes we don't know how to find the

resources that we need even if they're

there and they're free so this is why

you need to look for and you'll find a

lot of good information make sure that

what you do I mean it's up to you if you

want to find a course that you want to

pay for but there's so much free stuff

that I don't think you really need to

pay for anything so you just need to

know exactly what you're looking for so

that's why I said if you practice with

the information I gave you with the free

test speed a speed test with Wikipedia

simple Wikipedia a regular Wikipedia

these other free news sources and more

other I don't know articles and and

other things if you practice with yours

a breeder or your spreader and your

phone on your computer with a book

there's so much you can do and it's all

free and you will improve so next time

you're taking you know one of these

tests or you're trying to just improve

your your English or your reading in

general think about speed reading make

sure to do a daily practice and you will

see that you will definitely and

drastically improve so you can read more

and get even better

and it's more exciting and more fun okay

so that's that's it for my video today

if you feel like you've you know learned

anything new

or you found this interesting please

share video you know with your friends

or anyone that's interested in speed

reading because this is for English

language learners but I think it's

applicable to anyone who reads so anyone

and yeah just share it and thank you for

joining us today we had a lot of fun and

I hope you also had fun and learn

something thank you and we will see you


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