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Hello. The serial The Hour is still off air. With you is the multifandom news.

Matt Smith is leaving Dr. Who.

Do not be sad. Send him off with a smile

and remember these days. Remember.

Wish for your wishes to come true,

and for reunions for all of us.

The closing song of the Moscow Olympics.

There has long been speculation about this, but in June the BBC at long last officially announced

that the last episode with Matt Smith in the role of the Doctor would be the Christmas special.

The name of the new Doctor is as yet unknown.

Among those rumoured as possibles for the twelfth Doctor are

Ben Daniels,

Stephen Mangan,

Chris Addison,

Harry Lloyd,

Domhnall Gleeson,

Dominic Cooper,

Rory Kinnear

and Julian Bleach.

Due to all the rumours bookmakers only took bets for a week.

It is possible that the new Doctor will be made known in the middle of July at Comic Con.

If not, we will have to wait until Autumn and the start of shooting the Christmas special.

A few days ago the Doctor was congratulated on his jubilee by Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

They had a look inside the TARDIS and met some monsters.

Autistic Christopher receives a message from the Doctor, in which he is asked to save mankind from the insidious plans of Moriarty.

The Doctor introduces him to the queen, who in turn puts him in contact with MI6 and Q himself.

No, this isnít the ravings of a crazed fanatic.

Itís the subject of a charity show performed on 1 July in the Apollo theatre.

In it, among others, starred Luke Treadway, Jude Law, Matt Smith, Helen Mirren and Ben Whishaw.

No, there will be no DVD. Or repeated performances.

Attention! Spoilers for the 3rd season of Sherlock!

One March day Twitter and Tumblr grew hot with the number of posts with the hashtag #Bristol.

The long-awaited shooting of the 3rd season of "Sherlock" had started there.

At last.

Just try to keep a low profile.

Find yourself a little case this week.

Stay out of the news.

What's wrong with him?

Now let's run through the main news and spoilers. Here we go.

Item 1. The new woman.

Martin Freeman's wife, Amanda Abbington, has been spotted at the shooting location.

Rumour has it that her character will be of much importance for the new stage of relations between John and Sherlock.

All that we managed to see was the scene where she calms Sherlock down after his fight with John

and them running together towards a huge fire.

Concerning the fire, by the way: Item 2. John's rescue.

We hear that according to the plot the characters are in the middle of celebrating Guy Fawkes Night.

Then there's Sherlock rushing toward the fire on a motorbike and dragging out John, who is barely alive.

Could it be the scene of the heroes' reunion?

We canít tell for sure yet.

What is quite sure, however, is that Sherlock is hit in the face by John, again.

Item 3. John's moustache.

We don't know yet if it is a disguise or Watson has become a hipster, but fans are already divided into two groups:

for and against the moustache.

But running like a common thread through all this information is another idea,

the idea that wouldn't let the fans of one of the most wonderful stories sleep in peace.

Sherlock Holmes. He is back.

The first season of Broadchurch has finished.

The originally unplanned second season has nonetheless been confirmed by ITV and will be filmed in 2014.

We hope that you used the opportunity to see Tennant in the 3-episode mini series The Politicianís Husband, broadcast on 25 April.

Another series of Suits has ended recently. A New series will be on TV on July 16th this year. That's quite soon!

Fans of the detective series "Rizzoli & Isles" have finally begun watching the 4th series.

And Dexter fans perhaps have already celebrated the start of the 8th series.

Almost every leading actor from Misfits has declined to take part in the next series.


The new NBC series Hannibal, about the relationship between a tricky FBI agent and an even trickier psychiatrist, celebrated its premier on April 4th this year

and has already won the hearts of bloodthirsty psychos all over the world.

We're now waiting for the second series of what is, according to Variety, "..the tastiest drama the network has introduced in a while", in 2014.

Meanwhile in the Supernatural fandom.... nothing interesting....

The Queen received the BAFTA for "the most memorable Bond girl"

and Moffat has doctorate in literature now.

Hurrah! Vampires make love live on air again.

Season 6 of "True Blood" aired on HBO in June. 4.

5 million viewers watched the first episode,

which is 700 thousand viewers less than the first episode of the last season.

Sookie, we have some advice: more naked Eric, less politics and less Bill the vampire.

Danny Hargreaves, SFX for Doctor Who and Sherlock, has finally remembered his twitter account and is now sharing pics of the shooting process.

And also flirting with Sophie Myles (Madame De Pompadour from Doctor Who).

Also, we have a piece of great news about John Barrowman and Scott Gill.

But we cannot share it with you, as it would mean breaking the laws of the Russian Federation.

American audiences prefer sitcoms.

The top three of this year's ratings are "The Big Bang Theory", "American Family" and "Two And a Half Men".

And "Community" has been extended for another season!

Cool, cool, cool!

Hello, this is Fun with TVshows with Oxana Bo.

Today weíre going to learn about cliffhangers.

A cliffhanger is one of the most useful and efficient tools for scriptwriters.

It consists of...

The Game of Thrones is all about court intrigue, sex, blood, and other joys of life.

Perhaps you are keen on watching dead babies, sex with a dwarf, or the decapitation of Sean Bean?

Then this show is for you!

To tell you the truth you will hardly be able to watch it in the same way as Black Books, sipping wine,

puffing on a cigarette and chatting in social networks about this and that.

Because the Game of Thronesí plot consists entirely of court intrigue

and makes you watch the screen much closer and wonder - who is John Snow's mother?

When will Joffrey finally die? And does Sansa have enough steel ... nerve

to return to Winterfell?

And generally - for what sins of Mankind does Episode 9 of Series 3 exist?

In addition to the medieval conspiracy theories, the night watch and jolly dwarfs, a lot of love can be clearly seen among...

among all the characters in the series.

Not everything always works out,

but it happens in every series,

which is what we recently spoke about with Katherine Depp,

and she has produced an exclusive new video, which we are happy to show you.

Did you know what really worries me?

Am I the Mother of Dragons or Cersei?

You know what? Vote, subscribe, and leave comments. This is all very important to us.

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