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What words do you love?

Do you love idioms?

Today we're talking about love idioms.

Welcome and thank you for joining us today.

Today we'll talk to you about 10 love idioms.

And these are idioms that

don't necessarily have the word "love" in them.

But they are used to describe love and relationships.

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So the first love idiom is "to fancy someone."

And this is mostly used in British English

and it means to like someone and their company.

So it's not just to like someone

but to enjoy spending time with them.

So if you enjoy spending time with someone

and you really like them,

you would say that you fancy them.

You fancy that person.

Number two is to fall for someone.

And to fall for someone means to

develop romantic feelings for someone

over a period of time.

It could be a short period of time

or a long period of time.

But that's how you say that you fall for someone.

So number three is head over heals in love with someone.

So this one could be either

head over heals in love or just head over heals.

And it just means completely and deeply

in love with someone.

When somebody is head over heals in love

with someone else,

they cannot think of any other person.

This is the only person on their mind.

It's all that you think about.

You're very, very, very, very,

into this person.

So you would say that you're head over heals.

Number four is lovey-dovey.

Have you heard this one before...lovey-dovey?

I hear it quite a bit and it's kind of

a way that people act.

It really describes how people act and how people are.

So you could say that two people act

very lovey-dovey with each other.

That means that they're very affectionate and they

really show their affection towards each other.

But very strongly, very much.

And sometimes it's more viewed as a negative thing.

Like they're so lovey-dovey.

It can be almost a little too much.

But it's an act. It's how you act towards each other.

Number be smitten.

It means to be strongly attracted to someone.

It's almost like you were smacked by love.

And now you're super in love with this person

or very, very attracted to them.

Number get hitched.

This is used quite a bit and it means to get married.

To get get married.

Number tie the knot.

This is another one that's just a synonym

for "to get hitched."

So it also means to get married.

To tie the knot.

Number go through a bit of a rough patch.

Now this can be used as

to go through a bit of a rough patch

or to just go through a rough patch.

What it means is when a couple is having

trouble, a period of problems in their lives,

you know something goes bad and they're constantly

fighting or arguing or they just have some issues.

We're saying that they're going through a rough patch

or a bit of a rough patch.

This usually means when you say that

that the period is finite and that

things are going to get better.

Number nine...double date.

Double date means an activity that

two couples do together.

So it can really mean any kind of activity.

But many time it just means like a date

like going somewhere, to a picnic

or to the movies or to a bar.

Just two couples hanging out with each other...

it's a double date.

And finally number ten...on the rocks.

On the rocks is a relationship

experiencing difficulties and is likely to fail.

On the rocks doesn't necessarily have to describe

a relationship between a couple.

But it can really be used to describe

any kind of relationship.

Like if you don't get along with your mother or

your father you can say that your relationship

with them is on the rocks.

So do you remember all of these love idioms?

Let's see! Let's practice them.

Please use one of the words that you've learned today

one of the idioms to describe this picture right here

in the comments below.

Please make sure to be creative.

If you want to use more than one, you can.

And I think it's going to be interesting for

anyone reading the comments

to see what other people have written.

But also it would be fun for us to see

if you guys come up with something super creative.

It's all good. It's all practice.

So thank you for joining us today.

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I hope you learned something new

and I hope that you get to practice

these love idioms with a loved one.

Now go out there and fall in love.

See you next time!

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