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Jake hated nights.

He lived in a place most would envy, in a castle in the remote Highlands of Scotland.

But while the view of the vast lake was exceptional after dark, especially when lit by the moon,

something about the cold at night affected his teeth.

The pain was unbearable at times but it was a hundred mile trip to the nearest dentist.

Jake lived in the castle with his five year-old son.

He was the caretaker and at first, when he took the job, thought the lure of living in

a castle exciting.

But after a few months the isolation and the cold had taken their toll.

The pain in his mouth was so bad that he finally decided to make the drive.

He had the tooth removed and was given several fillings.

Back at the castle at night he was thankful that he had finally got it done.

The wind howled around the walls and the rain beat down.

And as he put his boy to bed he looked out the window to the beautiful full moon.

For the first time, in seemingly forever, he didnt have to take painkillers.

As he walked downstairs a crashing noise came from the kitchen.

The castles owner had told him sometimes late at night animals would try to break in...

...and to maintain the locks on all doors at all times.

As he cautiously rounded the corner, he froze in terror.

In front of him was a monstrous creature standing upright like a human.

Its razor sharp teeth and wolf-like eyes latched onto him right away.

He knew instantly, from every movie he had ever seen, what it was: unmistakeably, a werewolf.

His mind flashed through hundreds of options, all aiming on keeping his son safe.

He had a shotgun but it was out of reach...

...and it only shot lead bullets.

The window behind the werewolf...

...beyond it was a five story drop onto a frozen moat.

Could he push the wolf out and momentarily disable it?

The werewolf grinned.

The kind of grin that saysYoure screwed. Im about to tear your head apart.”

He knew he had to protect his son.

He knew his son would be dead if he didnt succeed.

He knew all of this in less than a millisecond.

And also knew what he had to do.

Jake suddenly ran forward and dived at the werewolf.

They fell through the window, both hurtling towards the hard, frozen moat below.

As they fell Jake bit into the werewolf

but at the same time the werewolf clamped his teeth into Jake...

...and ripped into his flesh.

As the ground raced closer and closer...


Jakes neck broke as both smash-landed.

But the force of the ground propelled Jakes teeth deeper into the werewolf.

No man could survive this fall.

And Jake was dead.

So was the werewolf.

Jakes silver fillings had entered the werewolfs bloodstream.

The collision had made sure of that, creating the same impact of a silver bullet.

He had saved his son.

Jake suddenly awoke as life surged through his veins.

Immense pain ripped through his insides as hair and bones sprung through his skin.

Disoriented he stumbled towards the woods.

The next morning Jake awoke naked and bloodied from eating some animal.

He treked back to the castle.

He entered, and quickly ran to his kids room.

As he peeked in, the boy was just waking.

Jake knew their lives had changed and now each full moon night he would have to lock

himself away within the castes dungeon.

But he also knew that he and his son were still alive.

And when it comes down to it, thats all he really cared about.

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