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Hi kids!

Guess who's here

Yes its me bob

Join me for learning street with bob

Hello Kids! I am Bob the Train, your DJ & Host.

Welcome to our Phonics show.

Our participants in this show are the letters of the alphabet. Isnt that cool?

They will sing, dance and teach us sounds that start with the letters.

Now, lets say a big hello and welcome to our wonderful judges

Are you ready, judges?

Yes Bob!

Please welcome the very charming Miss Q!

I am the lovely letter Q words starting with me are very few

Q Q Q thats what you call me Q Q Q, say it together now, shall we?

Our Miss Q is a queen she is always sweet and never mean

Q Q Queen Q Q Queen

Hey, come let us form a queue A line of people is called a queue too

Q Q queue, Q Q queue

Mum says, hush, now all be quiet Its time to sleep as it is night

Q Q quiet, Q Q quiet.

A quail is a bird thats rarely seen But its often heard wherever its been

Q Q quail, Q Q quail

Whats that going quack quack quack Its ducklings walking in a pack

Q Q quack, Q Q quack.

A quilt can keep me really warm When outside blows a snowstorm.

Q Q quilt Q Q quilt.

We always put a question mark When we have something to ask.

Q Q Q question, Q Q question.

When you have a half you get quarter Like this not so empty glass of water

Q Q quarter, Q Q quarter

Charming and lovely Miss Q Let me give you a big thank you.

So judges, heres your cue, lets give it up for Q.

Quick thinking!


Quite entertaining!


Thank you Miss Q.!

We will be back soon with the sweet sound of other letters of the alphabet.

Till then Adios!

Hey kids!

Watch the video again and count the number of words

That start with the letter of the alphabet in this episode

Don't forget to put your answers in the comment section below

Thank You!

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