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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Power Of Dreams by Amitabh Bachchan | Best Motivation video by Amitabh Bachchan | Anahat | Anaahat

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Our dream is our delectation our worship, our adoration

if dreams are not there, we cant exist

if dreams are not there, there is no relationships and world does not exist, Nothing can be there

Whatever it is, it is by the dreams

And whatever happens will be by the dreams

a dream, a vision is not an intangible, unreal imaginary piece of fiction

a dream has hands, it has feet, it has a body... your hands, your feet, your body

the dream is you and you are the dream

we are because we dare to dream we are because we learn to excel

whatever is good to know is difficult to learn

our dream is our worship, our vision is our prayer

this is the structure of dreams

the child is the dream of its parent

a dream that the parent lives

if you want to learn how to live your dream

just watch your parents

with caring, with passion, with resolve, with commitment

and with determination

if I had been a sportsman, a boxer, athlete, hockey player, cricketer

if I had joined the army, the Navy or the Air-Force

if I had been anything else other than an actor

my parents would still have been happy

because I was their dream

no matter what by myself was dreaming to be

that's the easy part the tough one comes later

the tough part is when you and your dream

cannot be distinguished

when you become the dream

you look forward to making those dreams come alive

your parents looks upon you with praise

your teachers look up to you with pride

and the nation looks up to you with hope

that is the strength of the power of the dream

and today it is yours

grab it with all your courage

and make it happen

do not gamble on life

it may not happen twice

the boxing ring in my school was a compulsory activity

everybody in school had to enter the boxing ring and fight

to me it was a great tutor in this regard

you will have any amount of support from outside the ropes

but inside you're on your own

similarly in life beyond

you may have a die-hard corpse of cheering fans and

also perhaps those that jeer at you, criticize you, abuse you, incontempt

but at the end of the day you must engage life alone

academic achievement is not enough

the kind of knowledge gained through a good education is more

than just the acquisition of information

knowledge is learning what to do with

all that information

Gandhiji said be the change that you wish to see in the world

if I were to add my feelings to it I'd say

be the dream that you wish to see in the world

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