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Beijing, 25 May 2009 Local time: 8:00AM

Moscow, 25 May 2009, Local time 3:30AM

Washington DC, 25 May Local time 10:30PM

"Underground nuclear test"

No. 1 door shut confirmed

No. 2 door shut confirmed

No. 3 door shut confirmed

No. 4 door shut confirmed

No. 8 door shut confirmed

No. 9 door shut confirmed

"Control system normal"

"Measuring system normal"

"Checking seismic measuring system"

"Seismic measuring system completed"

Starting test











No. 1 isolation door destroyed

No. 2 isolation door destroyed

No. 3 door destroyed

No radioactive releases

What happened?


According to data collected from 171 seismological observatories in Japan,

an earthquake measuring between 4,5 and 5,3 on Richter scale was detected

Doesn't that mean that north Korea carried out the nuclear test?

Well, the details are still unknown


We bought all these expensive machines while trying to please the U.S.

and you tell me that the details are unknown?



The Korean Central News Agency has just announced an underground nuclear test

The Korean Central News Agency is hereby releasing the following report,

in connection with todays successful underground nuclear test:

Our scientists and technicians,

as part of the measures to bolster up The Democratic People's Republic of Korea's nuclear deterrent for self-defence in every way,

on May 25 Juche 98 or 2009

have successfully conducted one more underground nuclear test.

The current nuclear test

was safely conducted on a new higher level

in terms of its explosive power and technology of its control

and the results of the test helped satisfactorily settle the scientific and technological problems

arising in further increasing the power of nuclear weapons

and steadily developing nuclear technology.

The successful nuclear test

is intensifying the drive for effecting a new revolutionary surge to open the gate for a thriving nation,

and greatly inspiring our army and people all out in the 150-day campaign.

The nuclear test will contribute to defending the sovereignty of the country and the nation and socialism

And it will ensure peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and the region around it with the might of Songun

Juche 98 (2009) May 25


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