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Make your next presentation more engagingwith Prezi Present. Here's how to get started.

Prezi Present is an immersive presentation thatallows you to go through your content linearly or

conversationally present and zoom anywhere anytime. From your dashboard choose Prezi Present

on the left. Choose to start with a template, a blankcanvas or even convert an existing PowerPoint deck.

Let's start with the template. Choose from one of Prezi's library of templates

including ones optimized for video so youcan easily import it into Prezi Video and

present it live in a video conference or record a video presentation to send async.

Once you've found the right one click on 'usethis template' to start making it your own.

Let's start with the overview of your template. Over on the left the sidebar shows the order in

which your content will appear when you present. This includes topics as well as animations.

Let's start with topics. There are two types oftopics you can add in Prezi: planets and stacks.

Let's start by adding a planet. Planets havesubtopics that orbit the main idea and are best

used to separate related content. Use this typeif you want to break your topic up into subtopics,

jump to areas of your content or give youraudience a preview of your main ideas for better

orientation. You can easily add new topics anddelete or reorder them right here in the sidebar.

Zoom into a topic to reorder or delete subtopics.

To present your content more linearly try using a stack topic.

Stack topics are similar to slides perfect forlinear presenting. With a stack you'll have pages

to add your content to. If you need to you canreorder your topics or subtopics by dragging

and dropping them up or down the sidebar, here. you can also delete them but this will also

delete the content within. Next let's focus on thethree buttons at the top: style, insert and share.

With style you can make your content fit yourstyle or even your company's brand by changing

the background image, the shape of your topicsand even choose a color scheme and set of fonts.

Under the insert section you'll find differenttypes of elements that you can add to make

your content stand out. Let's start adding somecontent. First we'll add a text box. Each text box

can be fully customized by using the options here.Change the font style or even color of your text.

You can also add visuals, like images icons, gifsor videos. When you add a graphic search for

one that fits your content and drag and drop itanywhere on the canvas. Whenever you add an object

to your canvas you can easily modify it. Move anyelement around by simply clicking and dragging it.

You can resize an element by dragging its corner to make it larger or smaller.

Or you can rotate an object by hovering overthe corner of the selected object and holding

command on a Mac or Ctrl+Alt on a PC. Andof course you can always click delete to remove

an object from your presentation. You can alsomake your content more dynamic by animating it.

Just select an object and then the animationicon or choose animation from the insert menu.

From here choose an animation style likefade in or fade out. You'll see it appear

on the sidebar just like topics. Animations canbe rearranged in the sidebar or even deleted.

Here's a tip: To help organize your content tryusing the alignment options here. That way you

can make sure your content is in the rightplace. And if you need to move your content

to another topic no problem. Just drag it overthe topic or subtopic that you want to add it to

and release it. Now, when you zoom in you'll seethe content in the new spot ready for you to

edit. When you start presenting you can navigatewith the navigation toolbar at the bottom, use

the arrow keys on your keyboard or click topicsand subtopics to zoom to them directly. If you

need to go back at any time. You can use the backor home buttons here. You can also select share

to send your presentation to others to view orinvite people to collaborate on your presentation.

Once your content's in place and you're ready togo you can hit present to present it live when

you're in person or try turning it into a virtual presentation with Prezi Video.

Just click 'create video' and then allow your camerato see how it looks. You may need to adjust your

content a bit like that. Then choose whetheryou want to record a video or present live in

your favorite video conferencing tool. It's thateasy. Whether you're recording a video, presenting

in person or live on a video call you'll use thearrows on your keyboard or on screen to navigate

through your content. Click on any topic anytimeto zoom right to it to conversationally present

and then go back out when you're ready tomove on. Now it's your turn to make your next

great presentation with Prezi Present. And besure to check out Prezi Video and Prezi Design.

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