Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [CC] A Whole New World│Nordic Multilanguage

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[Finnish:] Taivas lumoaa yt (The sky enchants the night)

Maailman kiitvt thdet (The world's shooting stars)

[Icelandic:] ert st mn og yndi (You're my love and dear)

ert afskaplega st (You're breathtakingly beautiful)

[Swedish:] Jag kan lra dig se (I can show you how to see)

Bortom magiska under (Beyond magical wonders)

[Danish:] Ja, du fatter det nppe (Yes, you'll hardly believe)

Alt det som vil vise sig (All the things you'll see)

[Norwegian:] En helt ny jord (A whole new world)

Det er fantastisk det du ser (Youve got a fantastic view)

[Finnish:] Ja yli kieltojen ja esteiden (And through bans and barriers)

On onni meidn lent (We are lucky to soar on)

[Icelandic:] J, hldum vr (Yes, let's keep watch)

Svo dsamleg er essi jr (This world is so beautiful)

[Swedish:] Men hr syns allting klart (But up here everything's crystal clear)

S underbart att va hr i en helt ny vrld (It's lovely being in a whole new world)

[Danish:] Med dig (Verden kan forandre sig med dig) (With You (The world can change with you)

Helt utrolige syn (Unbelievable sights)

Stige opad og dykke (Rising up and dive down)

[Norwegian:] Fles flykten og srlig nr vi stiger hyt mot sky (This escape is and especially when we rise high towards the sky)

Den samme jord (Vr p vakt og flg med) (The same world (Be ready and pay attention)

[Finnish:] Ja ihmeet silmiini huiskii (Uusi parempi maailma) (And miracles appear before my eyes (New, better world)

Kuin thti lentv t elm (This life is like a shooting star)

[Icelandic:] Ef fer fr mr verur t um mig (But if you leave, I won't make it)

J, hldum vr (etta er trlegt allt) (Yes, let's keep watch (All of this is unbelievable)

Vi fljgum inn himna (We'll fly over the seven)

[Swedish:] Varje stund r en nskan (Upptcktsfrd vi tv) (Every second is a wish come true (Two of us on an adventure)

Och jag ska fnga den och spara den (And I am to seize it and treasure it)

D vntar sen en helt (After that awaits a whole)

[Danish:] Nyt liv med dig (New life with you)

Et helt nyt liv (A whole new life)

En helt ny vej (A whole new path)

[Norwegian:] Et magisk ord (A magical word)

Og det betyr (Which means)

Et helt nytt liv (A whole new life)

For deg og meg (For you and me)

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