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Hello there super motivated English student many students write to us

completely desperate as they can understand English but they

get blocked when they try to speak

sound familiar if you'd like to know how to solve this problem

and obtain a 20-minute free class on Cambly with a native English teacher

make sure you stay and watch this video

sounds good so are you ready students are you ready Mr Bartlett I'm ready

Oh look there's an email from a student, let's see hi Amigos Ingleses

I'm currently living in London and working as an au pair

but I have a problem, I get completely stuck when I try to speak

I know the grammar and I'm good at writing but when it comes to speaking I freeze

I speak to my host family and very often I stay quiet as I stutter or I can

just form really short sentences what can I do in this case I don't know how to sort this out

Lots of love from London Pepito oh that's a nice email don't get the tissues out okay

don't start crying this is a really common problem and neither you or Pepito are any kind of weirdo

any student that has learn English with with tradicional methods

has gone through this like me for instance Phillip was a bit luckier

and me no you learn Spanish on the street darling

We spend years learning all those grammar rules and vocabulary by heart

repeating verbs conjugations out loud at home, don't we and when we arrive

in the UK or in any other English speaking countries, what happens?

Hi Isabel, what have you been up to?

By the way I'm making some soup would you like some

oh if I want any soup for dinner oh sh*t don't eh not like how disgusting that soup is awful

Isabel soup soup yes soup I'm making some soup for dinner would you like some

ah so yes yes yes why not

so what's the problem Isabel what's the problem

We've taking lots of notes in class we've learn the grammar rules well kind of ...

we've completed many fill in the gaps exercises all of that is fantastic

but we haven't had enough experiences with the language in real life

exactly the problem is you've been too focused on your receptive skills

which are listening and reading and you haven't spent enough time focusing and

improving your productive skills which are writing and speaking

you are good mister Bartlett the good news is that if you can understand

you're already half way there because all the information

that you need is already here we just need get it to start working for us

sounds a bit hollow to me wakey-wakey

so Philip how do we get it out

yes good question how do you speak English naturally and fluently

just like you would in your native language well the first step is to

expose yourself to the English language as much as possible from now on we're

going to speak only in English okay what yes

come on you have to face your fears yes face your fears get out of your comfort

zone all right yeah let's do it so what I'm gonna say might not be your

favorite thing to hear but if you start doing this I promise you it's gonna do

wonders for your English mano de santo like you say in Spanish

all you have to do is start getting uncomfortable you have to

get into situations in which you'll have to speak English and communicate with

real people so it's no big secret students you just have to start talking

now start talking okay get out there and talk I know it's not rocket science I

know but it is a bit scary for me it's scarier being locked in a room in front

of a grammar book that's a good point actually okay so let's imagine we have

two students student a spends 30 days in the English countryside where nobody

speaks a word of Spanish student B spends 30 days going to an English

school twice a week where some English classes are presented to them and they

do a bit of practice with their classmates who do you think is going to

be able to speak English better after the 30 days obviously student a is gonna

be killing it with their English and please bear in mind when you start

trying to communicate you're not going to feel comfortable you won't find the

right words you will make grammar mistakes and

pronunciation mistakes and well I keep making them every single day you will

feel a bit like Tarzan at first or like Tarzan Tarzan Tarzan Tarzan at first you

use very simple vocabulary you will speak a bit like a robot and yes you

will feel embarrassed at some point and somebody might even some idiots might

even laugh at you but you know just do it just do it what's the worst that can

happen do it if you do it if you seriously do it

every single day or as much as you can things will fall into place you cannot

do something really well if you haven't even tried yes if you don't practice


look at that sorry that's absolutely terrible so what would

happen if it tried to draw a portrait of me every single day what would we have

in three months would have a piece of art wouldn't we so don't worry so much

about the destination enjoy the process focus on practicing and

communicating understanding and being understood even if you speak like this

tea tea hello yes money thirsty thirsty one get out drink more you want to drink

my tea so please don't let any of these make you give up yes if you want to be

skilled at something first you have to do it not so well yes but if you're

consistent and you're determined you'll make progress just don't worry

about perfection don't apologize for making mistakes okay I didn't apologize

when I ordered a chicken salad in Spanish oh yeah everyone makes that

mistake everybody makes a mistake it's not a problem I made that mistake once I

didn't make that mistake again it's priceless it's priceless it's a great

great memory there's someone here hello on the other side watching us okay I've

watched amigos ingleses new video I like to speak fluent English I'd like to

start working on it what can I do well what about starting your own

English exchange club for example Isabel's

English language club no I mean I know it sounds really exciting but it won't last

I'm telling you so what about practicing in the mirror with yourself well I don't

think the mirror can correct my grammar or my mistakes I would be bored to tears

Mr Bartlett yes true I need something a bit more real I want to communicate what

about calling a Cambly teacher oh finally I was waiting for

that that's what you like calling Cambly teachers of course I do

all you need to do is download the Cambly app or go to and you

can speak to native English teachers from all over the world within seconds

and 24 hours a day you can speak straight away by just clicking practise

English or if you prefer if you're maybe preparing for an exam you can book the

class in advance and send a message to the teacher so maybe why not try it for

a month try it 10 minutes a day 15 minutes a day

let me know what happens after 1 month just try it why not I mean you've got

nothing to lose do you you've got nothing to lose and everybody gets 20

minutes for free using the code amigosingleses2019 okay enter the code and

you'll get 20 minutes for free but that's not all

Cambly have also been very generous and they've given us another 60-minute free

class for one of you lucky students all you have to do this week is leave us

comment below this video telling us what's your name where are you from and

why are you learning English okay leave a comment below and you could win 60

minutes 60 minutes and you can also press like okay we'll never know if

you've done that but please do it it's nice to be nice my tea one

oh this is so frustrating I can't get any words out

I'm just trying to order a bloody tea is

is that alright is not that difficult is it

oh something just clicked in my brain right where's my bloody tea and

how much is it how much do I owe you sir no sugar just a drop of milk hurry up oh

sorry yeah that'll £2.50 please that's a rip off

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