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This month, Frito-Lay Variety Packs is celebrating creativity and

imagination by launching their Dreamvention contest.

All you have to do is draw your invention, explain it, and

upload it to for a chance to win $250,000.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Invent something.

>> Yeah. >> And here,

to show us some inventions they dreamed up, please welcome kid inventors Reagan,

Barbara, and Jet.


>> [APPLAUSE] >> Hi.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Hi, I'm Ellen, and this is Dan.

>> Hi, I'm Dan. >> Hi.

>> Which one are you?

>> Reagan.

>> Hi, Reagan, how you doing?

>> Good.

>> What did you invent?

>> SunMuffs.

>> Mm?

>> SunMuffs.

>> SunMuffs.

>> SunMuffs.

>> SunMuffs.

>> SunMuffs, and the reason is?

>> So here's how we came up with SunMuffs.

When I was four years old, I had my mittens and my glasses,

and I slid them on and then they keep your ears warm.

>> That's so smart.

>> That's really great.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> I know my kids are always losing their

glasses and losing their muffs.

That's a great way to keep them together, right?

>> That's really great, I'm gonna try some on right now.

>> Can I wear mine over my glasses?

>> So it's good for wintertime because you still-


>> Hey, those look cute.

>> These are really good.

>> Really nice.

>> I like these a whole lot.

>> [LAUGH] >> So and

have you started selling these yet?

>> Yeah.

>> I'm on Shark Tank now.

How much have you sold?

>> [LAUGH] >> A lot of them.

>> All right.

>> I would like to invest a lot.

>> That's wonderful, you have a patent?

>> Yes.

>> [LAUGH] >> Wow.

>> I was kinda kidding.

>> [LAUGH]


>> Wow, so you think of it at four and

at five you decide to file a patent.

>> Yeah. >> Wow, okay, you're something else.

>> [LAUGH] >> Okay, we're gonna head over here,

I'm gonna keep the glasses on just to keep my ears warm.

>> Gonna keep my hair back. >> Hi, are you Barbara?

>> Yes.

>> You know how I figured that out?

>> Because- >> Smart.

>> [LAUGH] >> What did you invent?

>> I invented the hamster helmet.

>> A hamster helmet?

Please explain.

>> [LAUGH] >> Well, it's a helmet that if you're

riding your bike, and you start to get hungry, and you have no food.

You can just take the food out of the cheeks.

>> Now is everyone seeing this?

Are you seeing that?

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Take something out and

show them what's in there.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> There you go, look at that.

>> [LAUGH] >> Are you hungry?

You can eat it. >> Right now, you can snack on it.

>> You can eat that right now.

>> There you go.

>> [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] >> Because that's good for

the demonstration.

>> Yeah.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> You don't want to eat it, do you?

It's just sitting on her tongue.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> That is really smart.

>> That's a really smart idea, how did you think of that?

>> I saw a vid- >> [LAUGH]

>> I guess I should have asked you

the question first?

>> [LAUGH] >> How did you get the idea?

Did you see a hamster somewhere doing it while riding a bike?

>> [LAUGH] >> I saw an episode on TV about hamsters.

>> Uh-huh.

>> And I saw they kept so much food in their cheeks.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> They're smart.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Do you have a patent?

>> Not yet.

>> No, don't worry about it.

>> Not yet.

>> You got time, you've got at least another year.

>> That's a wonderful idea.

All right, bye, Barbara.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Hello.

>> Hi.

>> Are you Jet?

>> Yeah.

>> This is Jet, this is Dan.

>> Hi, Jet.

Dan, nice to meet you.

>> All right, how old are you?

>> I'm 10.

>> 10 years old.

Okay, and this seems like some kind of Game of Thrones.

This is if people are coming towards your house and

you need to launch things at them, no?

>> No.

>> Okay, what is it?

>> It's a trash catapult.

>> I'd get out of the way.

>> Yeah, I'm not in a good place.

>> It seems like it's gonna go that way.

It's a trash catapult.

>> Yeah. >> And you

thought of this for what reason?

>> Because, well, we were supposed to come up with an invention for

a fourth grade science project.

And so I thought about taking out the trash and that was boring and so

I thought of a catapult and that was really, really fun.

>> Right, sure.

Okay, so

when you say taking out the trash, so you still have to take it to the catapult.

You still have to take it out, unless the catapult is in the house and

goes through a window.

What is, no.

>> No.

>> So you think about that next time.

>> Yeah. >> Yeah.

>> [LAUGH] >> It goes right from the trash can, and

through a window out.

[LAUGH] >> All right.

>> Good idea.

>> Yeah, thanks.

I want a little piece of that if he gets the money.

>> [LAUGH] >> So let's see what happens.

This seems dangerous.

Barbara, I'd get out of, you have a helmet on, you're fine.

>> [LAUGH] >> So you walk over here and

then you pull down on it, this- [SOUND] >> Okay, well.

>> And then you- >> So.

>> That was pretty good. >> Yeah.

>> Another one. >> And then you-

>> So will there be someone

manning the can to make sure that cuz.

>> [LAUGH]

>> [SOUND] >> Yeah.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Great.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Fantastic.

That's a really good idea, and it doesn't really take that much room, so

that's good.

>> [LAUGH] >> You can fold it up,

put it in a suitcase, right?

>> Yeah, yeah, that's something that slides right under the bed.

>> [LAUGH] >> Or under the seat in front of you.

[LAUGH] >> For sharing your inventions you

are each going home with an iPad and $5,000 towards your college education.


>> If you have an invention, submit it to their website.

The deadline is April 24th.

And today, all of you are going home with this $150 Visa gift card from

Frito-Lay Variety Pack.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> [INAUDIBLE] We'll be back.

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