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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Amazingly Funny Ventriloquist Acts on Got Talent

Difficulty: 0

my name is terry fator down the chain there

this is Emma Taylor in a singer no you know what I said

say something

that's a docs and you're either

Tina I'm movie better wealth and Rosie so these the judges

oh yeah ok so that's DJ Fresh busy do you even know what DJ stands full

yeah what get judge fish but looking at you now

I think you should be the fresh judge

that's not crazy ready we are y'all pretty piece


that shadow hi

I like your knee shadow like I she knows where is you don't know yet oh haha

which guy

the money talks a lot

why do you like a beast it's like we could he talk call Rosie just let it go

please book

now that's an idea mhm it's trying to see what I can do to test them

no right no wrong no rules me three

ready go

let it go




hello this is that my partner Chantal

what we're going to do now we shall we have a canon here we are going to push

and tell me

everything is beautiful

can you get in there saturday



hotel I can explain to you what happens is canon of pliers & Decker going to

throw two packs a half a card to rule shantou and she catches a card of

respectability was the card selected earlier

yes of hearts the ace of hearts were selected earlier she follows out the

cannon and she'll grab that card and this will really impress your ok stand

here let's see it thank you

that's okay i'll say wait buddy yeah she looks in pitt can tell you happy blowers

to do this


ok yeah study

ok so he got to pull that off

once I could

I'm not gonna get me some feet

this behind





stop it now for goodness sake making it by the judgment and there is the commish

like that he is





today i order sent you a grand illusion

it's called an illusion of the nine we're all out that illusion of the line

that's not what we practiced just be quiet and go with it

good good

go ahead on this table

I have a prediction Oh protection look

I have predicted Nell sees the spots her ass wants you

okay okay now think of them under between one and one thousand

do you have it now wants O'Neill only is under 6 24 now


I'll do one more one more yeah cool get the glass oh yeah

music please

stand act behold the power of the nine

what Oh

review session of the final days and gentlemen

that's impressive




what about son



among its and Michael Jackson songs not worried about for next 21 and he's got

funny business

this time that this is the future of India



thank you

this is my good friend are pissarro it's a Brazilian word it means bird bird bird

but they call me third third third Newton

look at her

miss miss French see ya

the Vixen of deadly

it's actually vicar of dibley you pray for what you want

all trade for what I want

that's funny who the hell is that

that's Kyle

he's ugly

that's enough you don't

there was a matter of time you don't tell him he's ugly huh

you don't do that apologize I'm telling you sorry I'm sorry you're ugly

no I apologize Carl I'm sorry i love you least French outside that Lanza talk to

a properly engage in conversation

how old are you no no no don't ask a lady her age

what you're you don't know i love the I know you love stop saying it

I love you

all right that's enough that's enough I got to sing to her is no strong we're

not doing as long

hit the music and

I will always show







Sookie you're not more


you can do it on




last year








thank you very much you


careful even lose my voices I got the Royal car


therefore we got the wild card what's it gonna do you make me talk

I made of finest listen I'm eventually quiz for SAT right there

tickety trying to turn the chicken the other guys thinking of starting to get

away to try to get away now go see ya

he's a nobody a weird any witnesses

now now hypnotist puts people to sleep

so you missed the man that this week yeah I didn't think I was going to see

you again de you don't you think all the knee this week once a man has been

calling you

HD mhm hey sees that because we want television and you're in high definition

knows because on a hot down there

stop it get me out no man during


trust me right the night

Simon oh not you i thought i sent you home

I'm not finished my accurate you see you're a sensation with the ladies all

over the world

yes I am

just tell me can you let me in on your little secret

well I speak different languages that really can you speak Spanish

can you know how am I going to do it there

that's it

I'm gonna count to ten envision the new translate to see what you got one

dunno - does three hang on

what this isn't going to work no not going to count to ten

yes how do I know when you get to 60

is this going to hurt but it not matter

I'm not shot Lily

that's not really


this is like him No

Amanda of all do you already

ok sign sign

- second at me




oh yeah

listen to me yes you two are always together mask as we go together so well

we go

he'll get

I got to do you got

to get up

going down to the dog -

it's a big practice yeah


my name is terry fator I'm Anna Taylor this is Emma Taylor and the saner yeah

she's a singer she does impressions of female singers

oh well show us what you got all right get it

what what what are you doing what

with Emma do you know who that is yeah

you're gonna do an impression of her yeah

Emma Taylor





my lonely days are older


and the song


oh yeah yeah and let



I was positive did you throw one more out of stock Apollo

yeah I can't oh you want to do ashlee simpson all right all right

doing Ashley Simpson okay I apologize for that i apologize Ashley

I have a special guest for you ok

and I invite sure yeah just for you

nice Wendy come on


get them

closed down

isn't she lovely

whenever you're ready

hey you can say you

good evening you speak English

it's my knife back come on a say something

no what what why not is it is fantastic amount presidency ditch

yes I not listen to English see Spanish we

small say okay


a Wendy listen to me you think I am stupid


that's correct

I want so well you don't want to speak anymore

no okay and now oh yes i want you know you know how to see know what

yes yes yes

where will listen to you yeah it's a bow and you understand me


music please we're going to sing something for you are right up there

don't forget look at the audience to accept feelings come on

no Senor

are you trying to

- gasps okay please come on

it's a pretty good talent okay altogether feelings



oh my


tonight live from radio city you are going to become human

ventriloquist dummy okay now all you have to do when all you have to do is

keep looking out there

all right let me do all the talking okay and I've got to say that's a pretty good


by the way this is Charlie are you okay Charlie

yes thank you first of all we got to find your voice I mean it matches your

physical appearance something

butch something macho are you okay

yes I when it shocked me and shocked me

I was only joking you're going to change the voice no no I like it

okay i want to say no to my fans

you want to sell it to this not yes turned the people on the right get my

big wave say hello hello

nicely done now the people on the Left say hi to them and now the people right

up and talking about big sexy hello hello

did you see them waving back

idiots now stop touching me

what get around what stop touching me what do you mean I'm not touching get


okay all right all right that far enough hair fucked

how are you doing that I've got a little control in my hand here

oh wow that's amazing she's got a controller he can control me

yes that's right oh now you can have some fun I don't one of their judge know

our the enact you want to be in that yes you can judge lee you want me to judge


yes going to sit in my seat I can't sit in your seat no no I insist

well if you insist

hello fellow judges

it's great to be here ok so I'm accompanied by a judge on America's Got

Talent so what's your name

well my name is in my neighbor i'm sorry ellen get nervous don't worry take your


my name is Harry hello good evening how and what are you gonna do for us tonight

tonight I want to do my dancing

look you don't have to no no I really wanted to

ok so do you have some moves you like to show us oh yes

let me stand up first of all here I go

okay first of all I'd like to stretch

I'm gonna do some stretching I just stretched my arms like this

and my legs like this

ok so now to business okay what are going to do I'm going to show you my


so I turn around I tenor homes

I put my hands on the seat and i wiggle my back's

is that it oh yes hang on let me turn around again

yes ok so that was fantastic don't make me laugh that I can't make you talk when

I laugh so what are you gonna do for your performance this evening to match

I'm gonna do some Irish dancing really naked

i I really don't think this is the show for that so well when you're ready

the stage is yours cue the music



welcome to the global got talent youtube channel click here to subscribe

yeah you know this really cool be here with you man my dog

you're a great don't you

oh you mean mobile I got it


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