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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What are the International Travel Awards by Tamzin Burch

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Our International travel awards gives students the opportunities to go further

and it's part of our student experience framework. The purpose of the awards are

to give students opportunities to travel outside of the country, outside of their course and with the University.

This demonstrates the University's commitment to investing in you, to broaden your mind set and expand

your world view. The destinations and itineraries of the trips have been designed to give you the best possible

experience, allowing you to discover new cultures and enrich your global knowledge. We have

travelled to New York, Budapest, Washington, Rome and Iceland. You'll get to experience these trips with students

from across the university. To ensure that money isn't a barrier, the cost of flights, accommodation, activities

and some meals are included. Being a part of this trip is a unique experience for everyone

involved. If you're looking to increase your independence, push your boundaries and

enhance your global outlook then this experience is for you. Whatever the destination

the overwhelming response has been that the trips have created memories

to last a lifetime and they have been unforgettable. My trip to Rome certainly changed my life

and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity that the university gave me.

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