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I knew from the outset I wanted to make a comedy game.

I wanted to make a game that we took seriously when we were making it

but not a game to be taken seriously.

Adam: Its very, very silly, obviously

since it's a load of toads, one of them whom wears sunglasses

going around beating up aliens.

Rash: Lets just go inside and punch whatever we see, okay?

Zitz: Fine

Aj: We had the chance to work with three incredible writers

none of whom had written a game before, all had come from TV backgrounds and animation.

Tom: I was watching a lot of Twitch and after a while I realised

if Im going to be this invested in videogames, I should try to get paid for it somehow.

Aj: So the story we kind of worked on was this idea that, you know,

its been 26 years since the last game, but the Battletoads dont know this.

It becomes quickly apparent that the reality that the Battletoads think theyre living isnt necessarily reflecting the real world.

Tom: The last Battletoads games ended with them being intergalactic heroes.

So we were trying to figure out how we could reduce them down to nobodies.

Reporter: So Frogs, how you feeling? Stupid?

Zitz: Were not frogs, were toads.

Pimple: The Battletoads.

Rash: Were famous superheroes.

Reporter: This just in, no you're not!

Paul: And then that fantasy just completely erodes and the curtain gets pulled.

They see that they are no longer these heroes, they are in this kind of fantasy world.

Kelsy: Whats a better motivation than wanting to become a hero?

When youre already the hero and you just want to keep good in the world, its stupid. This is way more fun.

Rash: The Dark Queen was our ticket back to the top! If shes not famous then we cant be famous.

And if we cant be famous then life is meaningless.

Pimple, punch me through my brain!

Kelsy: One of the things that was exciting to me about the project was that we got to reinvent the Battletoads.

Tom: Its not going to be fun just to have them be very cool and punch people for the duration of the game,

so we started talking about character flaws and character weaknesses and things that made them interesting.

Zitz: Are you all conspiring behind my back? Seriously, am I hearing it, do I sound crazy, am I crazy right now?!

Rash: Noooo Pimple: No way. You're the leader.

Paul: When I first came onto the project, I was like, well whens the Vulture coming in? When are we going to get Robo-Manus?

And all this kind of stuff and its like, lets just take a step back.

Theyre awesome characters and we can have a lot of fun with them and theyre there, theyre in the universe,

but lets also create some new bad guys, these Topians. What do they look like?

Wade: I think if you really want something to be funny you have to mine relationships and personalities.

And so the Topians, I think are hands down the funniest characters.

Uto: Have you found the other ones, the, erArbletoes? Toadolobes?

Pia: Oh, the things! We're looking forThe, the Broodables.

Uto: Bartlebears?

Minion: The Battletoads. I'm afraid they've eluded capture as well.

Kelsy: I really liked writing for the Dark Queen actually.

Shes actually a character, shes got motives and she can be kind of funny. I mean, why not?

Wade: She sort of just like, fit into this natural role of the level headed one whos trying to keep them on task.

Pimple: Where are we?

Dark Queen: Jercury Nine. An outer-ring planet and home to an old cohort of mine named Jeffrey.

Rash: And he's see-through? Cool!

Its interesting to write a character whos smarter than all of the Toads, but doesnt have any power.

And I thought that was a really fun dynamic between the 'Toads and the Queen

is that these former enemies now sort of need one another.

Dark Queen: I know our history is complicated.

I mean, you sent me spinning off into space, no hard feelings, much respect

but now that you're here we can execute my plan to defeat the Topians together.

Aj: Weve told a really great story end to end with characters with depth in this stupid cartoon world

so Im super proud of that.

Im not trying to tell a ten hour epic story, instead Im telling thirty minutes of incredible cartoons

written and animated by incredible people.

Paul: And it just adds to this feeling that youre playing this massive cartoon with these awesome gameplay moments.

You really feel like youre going on this wild, awesome journey with Rash, Zitz, Pimple and the Dark Queen.

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