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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: OMG! Best Of Magic on Britain's Got Talent 2019 | Magicians Got Talent

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You see that

Welcome what's your name, please Elizabeth


Just Elizabeth why have you come on Britain's Got Talent

Because I want to show you something special and try and make the impossible possible

Well, the stage is yours Elizabeth

Theatres of London's West End. It's said to be haunted by many ghosts



the great Harry Houdini

Appeared on stage and offered a large cash sum for anyone who could prove the existence of them

Amanda I'd like you to take this journal in your left hand and I'd like you to come with me

I'm scared

Legends have said

That spirits departed walk the walls and stores of the theaters of London

It is said to be good luck to see ghosts for a performer for others

So much

Looks good

That's unless dude

Amanda please take a seat

These photographs are of people who have lived and died over 100 years ago

I'm gonna creep down

Can you hold out your left hand like this

Now in a moment, I want you to count these photographs face down onto the table one at a time

When you place them down you're going to feel a connection to one

When you feel that connection I want you to stop and to place that photograph face down into this cigar box

Look at the photographs each and every one is different, but you were drawn to one and you don't know why

Open the cigar box and take out the photograph that you chose

Turn it over and read out what it says

I got the Turner 1860

Before this all began I gave you a journal that's over 100 years old

Open the page. I've bookmarked and read out the paragraph that I've circled in red

Mr. Turner was born in the 1800s. She loved visiting the West End to be entertained. She tragically died in

1860 and her ghost team is said to haunt the theaters that she once loved

Amanda this moment was always meant to be

Look over your left shoulder


Oh, oh my god



I presume we aren't going to talk

Okay, that's it thank you

Good luck


Do take a seat to the right

Please sit - Emeril the wrong way around

gentlemen gentlemen

Can you both please close your eyes now? Close your eyes now you

Must take close attention to all the sensations you may feel

If you fellas please raise your right hand

All sensations and sensations sensations

If you felt a touch raise your right hand

And now point just where you felt that

This way remember how many times you feel a touch you feel a touch

If you felt a touch raise your right hands you white hand

And now with your mic fingers show us how many times you felt a touch

No your hands

Your connection is

Incredible for the ultimate test of connection. Please take a penny each

I also have a bald fever

For this

Let your subconscious mind

Begin touring now


Six five four three

two one

When people are truly eliminated the impossible it is possible

and today you may earn your

Your connection with each other is truly inspirational raishin

We have just witnessed the ultimate connection in immersion

An undeniable bond establish 30 years ago in



Hypnosis for many years


Films have been a huge part of my life for many years

Films can influence a seed so many different ways they can make you feel happy sad

create anxiety

fear, but most of all

Surprise and hopefully we can inspire some of those today now. I've got here at deck of cards

Each card has been printed with the name of a different film as you can see taxi driver Wally love actually

Frozen, etc, etc

Each of the judges is going to have a free choice

David yes, would you just point to the back of one of the cards for this one here, David?

Do not show Alisha are very important

Alisha would you do me a favor just points to the back of one of your cards?

This one the top one

But they do not show Amanda and do not show David Amanda just point to the back of one of your cards is from here

Do not show Simon and do not show a Lygia and sign them

Yeah, they just point to the back of one of the cards just point to the back

I would like you to take it do not let Amanda see okay judges. Do you all know the card that you've chosen?

Yes, you know the name of that film. Yeah, most importantly. Have you seen those films?

I had to turn down the lead part in this particular movie. It's a true story



They are gonna get buzzed on this Manali

Okay, Amanda, this is what I like to do in a few seconds time, I'm gonna ask you to close your eyes

This is very important do not

Open your eyes until I say do you understand Amanda?

I'd like you to put your hand out for me like you see your left hand good close your eyes now


Man to keep your eyes closed don't say anything just really think about the film title

Keep your eyes closed and focus 100% on the name and the title of the film

Amanda I would like you to open your eyes. What was the name of the field man on fire?

On fire so you just chose a

Do you know

Fix is brilliant. Let a blockbuster movie Simon. What was the name of your film Skyfall?

Alicia don't say the film out loud

You for the matrix, yes

Finally David

There was something in here so you David this is something that links to your field

Little Mermaid don't say it David, but I think this has got something to do with it focus on your film right now

Do I just start then just stop

You think you hear me


My name's Graham and it's now time for some magic and for my magic señal. I'm gonna need a glamorous assistant Amanda

Could you join me on the stage?

This would be G for Amanda every Monday

Now what we gonna do tonight is me and Amanda are gonna do some magic

First of all, I'm gonna start with a simple magic trick, so I've got some car to turn on

I've got birth day cards. I've got a wedding cards. I've got a get-well SIM cards

I've got welcome to new home and the happy birthday to there it be so I'm for the place two cards facedown

so that's what are the magicians boom what ones want to go for a man that this one that one you have a look a

Man that lovely and I will now predict what cards

amanda has


Amanda yeah

One it was now

Now a man there I've written a word and the piece of paper just here do you know what the word says snow

No, that's correct. I

Have two cups and a bottle of water. I'm going to chip water in that cup like that as mocha in that one

got a chip water in that cup like that a little bit more in that one not be more than that one and now

Before your very eyes me a magic. Amanda will make the water disappear

I'm and if we put the cup on your head like that Amanda can hold that with one hand for me. Trust me Amanda

I am a magician. So we're going to do the magic wall to dance and ladies and gentleman

The magic water dance will make the water disappear. Let's do this

Around you break the back you bend your knees three times and then you will be above them three time

Don't be go right foot

Three knee bends we got some Wiggles

Give her the cheer everybody

The wound sad answers made the water disappeared you can feel lighter Amanda. No, that's a problem

I'll go first. Here we go. Three two

One, yeah

Amanda trust imagine I promise you if you trust the magic and believe in the magic you will not get wet

Slowly tell me over

Thanks magic

Your babies died my mom would be ashamed if she knew I was here today she thinks I'm in prison

Hello, what's your name? My name is Tomas McKay Tomas Tomas Tomas Tomas

Yeah, not Tomas. It's the Irish so Tomas

What do you do for a job at the moment? I sell beauty days to women beauty days. Yes

Do you do any beauty weeks or beauty months? I?

Think a day may be enough

Tomas the stage is yours

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a Mkkentalist

Today, I'm going to give Amanda Holden a present

I would actually like to ask for the help of Ant & Dec if that's all right. Yes, you can. Yes

Yes, I have here a selection of types of gifts


Can you please put both your hands like flat and we're just going to choose one

To just say stop gonna be one stop. So I'm going to set that their debt

Can you please turn over that card and read out what you've got a toy car?

Now every gift needs a color and if you don't mind

I would like you to reach into this bag of colored balls tip one. I just want one ball in your fist

Got I got I got it what color have you got blue we need to make one more choice

Every gift has to have a name so Dec. Yeah. Can I just get you to call stuff anywhere? Stop great

Can you just have a look at the first day of Kody?

So we've got a car it's blue and it's called Kody now ladies and gentlemen

There has been a present on this table through the entire act

And yes, could you please take out what's inside ladies and gentlemen I give you

Okay, Amanda this this hasn't gone totally to plaid I do hope you'll forgive me

I will give you this as a little consolation gift before I do hand it over though Amanda

Can I get you to just squeeze its hand and let's hear what it says

And if you do look up there Amanda

Amanda it was all about you. It's all about me. So of course, I loved it, darling

Do you know what I think you gave a very confident performance it all went right? It was all about me win-win

You actually have something really special about you, okay, can I keep the bear I'll let you keep the barrier

I'm gonna give it to someone a

Lot of children of the world yet have toys but your son needs another one

Off the fireman I'm gonna say yes, it's a yes for me. Thank you. Yes for me Thomas. It's for yes

Hello hello

Nice mascara

We are ruined

Welcome to our game of mysteries with me

Yeah, that's a sharp sword

Beginning is suited of the world of four boxes

Will be this suit

Not knowing where the sword is

Oh-ho-ho-ho, so yet get out

So listen and please approach under one of the boxes

We can see which box you choose all those are in your hands

As it series 13

You will decide which boxes

Yeah, this one thought would vengeful see which boxes silent hips


These four elements did say numbers that correspond to each box

You make different boxes for each of us to fold

As one of the boxes that central sword your choice will determine our friends

Not not by


Sure have now chosen our facts

At first you don't want this you push all that yeah. Yes, I mean, don't try this at all

Oh God

Oh god a nanny died

With John the deck

Is that we put the sword yes Wow


Am just gonna let you get on with it as we like surprises. Good luck

Now we all think our dogs are magical but Finn truly is and for more than one reason

David I'd like you to think of an object and write that word down

Don't show me

Have you done that whole day up to your chest you come and join us at the front of the stage

In a minute, I'm gonna close my eyes and when I do I want you to show Finn the word

Show him the word

And you please return to your seat

There David, there's no possible way I could know what word you've picked no thin. What was that word?

David the word is

Table holger apply to everyone can see

Yeah, everybody thinks so their dog is amazing the thing truly is


Just feel you

Simon can you come and join us on stage? Yes, the big round of applause please for Simon

I want you to kneel down and face Finn

For the last two weeks

The last two weeks we've been asking friends to think of a word that best describes thin

We've got companion


Amazing incredible

Fast Simon. Can you hold your left hand like that?

Now I want you to look into Finn's eyes

Keep looking into thin dies and with your right thumb. I want you to open a page

Have a peek at that word and remember it

Assignment for the first time could you tell us what that word was heroic?

Now there's no possible way. I could know what word you were going to pick no

but Finn did

Because before we came here this evening Finn had a word engraved on the tag on his collar

Simon please have a look at the tag on things collar and read out loud the word their


Now before the show we met some of you and we asked some of you to

Stare into a drinking glass and then to visualize an object inside of it

And once you've done that we asked you to write it down on a single piece of confetti

I can see all sorts of things in here. Someone's written a glass of water a 50 pan there. It's that sort of thing

One of these objects will select itself. I

Love stuff like there

Simon would you read out what's written on that piece of confetti? What object is that?

It's something I don't like okay an egg an egg

An egg it is a reminder that everything in our life starts as something smaller it is fragile

It is it's perfect

And so all I have to do is visualize that piece of confetti getting heavier

And if you listen, you may be able to hear it

And they have to visualize it changing form growing

That was amazing

Thank you all so much

Now for this next piece, I will need somebody from the audience. I will take this paper aeroplane

I will throw it out into the audience one of you will catch it coming out over there. See it's also great for me

I'm gonna get you to unfold that piece of paper for me where you'll find

It's not any old piece of paper. What it is is it's a seating plan of this very theater

Take that piece of paper for me. Hold it behind your back. Then I'm going to give you this pen. I'm gonna make you

Take this pen and make a dot or a mark somewhere on the page behind your back so that you don't know where you're going

Do that for me now just a little dot

Have you done that? Okay, great. Will you have a look? Where did you put your little mark on the paper?

The seat number is L 34. Okay L 34

L 34 is this 34?


What's your name? My name's Annika Annika Annika. I think you'll be absolutely perfect with this. Are you K to help me?

Okay, would everybody here give Anika a huge amount of balls. She comes onstage

Quick as he can Anika follow me watch your step on the way up

These are two Auto conductive cages, you can see underneath them. You can see through them. You can see above them

This is one's exactly the same and they're connected in circuit to this Tesla coil. I need you to step up into this cage

Nicely done now Anika I need you to keep your hands behind your back. Are you ready?

Don't worry and so all I have to do is to complete the circuit five four three


Thank you so much can you hug me?

Thank you

Hey guys hi

What's your names? I'm James. My name is marina. Are you in a relationship? Yes. Yeah boyfriend and girlfriend

Lovely and where are you from Milton Keynes and Ukraine. So what you're doing for us today? Is this your day job? Yes

Yes it is. Do you think you can win? I think we've got a chance

Thank you

Actually Anton dick could you join us in space, please? Yeah. Yeah

Can you stand either side of Marina please? Yeah, of course, can you just have a look in her ears?

Make sure there's no hidden earpiece or anything like that

Ya know if it's nothing then please check this sleep mask

Hold it up to your eyes, but you can't see through it. No, nothing marina. Can you put that on please?


Judges can I come in join? You sure please?

Amandla if you have things in your handbag, please pull them out now the more obscure the better


Will you tell me what this is now, I think

You holding an item? I think it's a charger is it?

Is a charger remember Nina can't see?

Right and what's this

Okay the next item I think and my correct can I almost taste it it's

Yes, I can smell it now. That's a perfume and it smells really nice

Thank you so much -


I'd like to prove to you now

That anybody can do this

with the right focus

Amanda can you come with me and join marine on stage, please?

Thank you so much for joining me on stage. I have a list of 100 random countries

so, can you give me a number between 1 and

197 scroll down this list fine number 97 and memorize the country at that number. Okay

Thank You Amanda

Amanda now

focus on that country because in a moment, I will touch your forehead just like that and as soon as I do

Close your eyes and say the name of the country in your head, but don't say anything out loud. Okay?

Simon you have the most difficult job

You're going to be receiving this thoughts. Oh beard. Can you come and stand here next to me, please? Yep

When this happens

I also want you to close your eyes and put your fingers in your ears in such a way that you can't hear anything

That's very important. Then I'm gonna touch your forehead here. Okay, it's gonna be you your thoughts and hopefully

Somebody else Simon put your fingers in your ears and close your eyes now

Time and tell me did you get something? Yes. I heard something. You did. Yeah

Amazing. Can you please?

Write it on this board

Amanda for the first time. What was the country you were trying to send to Simon?


I was totally puzzled by the earthy

Now guys what you're about to see has never been done on British television before

Now what I'm about to do is a trick that I actually invented myself

I never really had the good cheats doing the measure illusion. So I decided to make one myself

Mother please. Could you join me on stage?

Okay, now what you're about to see is gonna blow your mind, okay, it's your box

I've made myself and I can tell Oh

Amanda don't do it. Take a seat for me. That's quite narrow, you know, okay

Lean back a bit more lean back. You could do it like them

okay, we're in computers here paddles and a bunch of just read some it just for you Amanda and I'm there and you can actually

Leave your arm out put your arm out. We can confirm that you

Perfect, okay. Now before we continue I do need my very special magic warning

And I'm gonna show you exactly what dies

This is my magic wand Amanda, are you ready?

Yep more portly guys. Are you ready?


Think this is work correctly

Your George Amanda should now be completely

But couldn't you dip your legs a Weedle for me Amanda these are your legs

Oh my god, and now before I put you back together money. Oh god question for you

Is it against or is it enough now depending on what your answer is? I might not put you back together

So why is it is it? Yes

It's against my killer father to be known to you, but thank you so much with all candy shop

Dial all the way yo, chill

They travel across I'm your Lord

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