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Hi, this is Yolanda from, and in this segment we're going to talk about

how to grow Canna Lilies. Now Canna lilies are one of my favorite plants in my garden,

they're so beautiful. They came from Mexico originally and they grow wild all over. In

the mountains and in the warmer areas, so they grow really well, in warmer climates

to very mild climates like the Northwest, they don't even need to be dug up. So they're

easy to grow, they're just a little bulb that grows very big and they multiply quickly.

As long as you've got some stem and some root, which is the bulb, then you can grow a Canna

lily. So plant them, make sure the root is about three inches deep, in full, hot sun,

they've got to have a lot of sun, they really need the heat to do well. And as I said, plant

them three inches deep and plant them in groups of three or more, I think they look better

in masses than one by itself, they do multiply very well, so you can dig them up and divide

them any time they're not blooming. The best time is in the fall to the wintertime. And

if you live in a really cold climate, you can still grow them, you just dig them up

every winter, and just keep them dry. I just keep them in the container dry, or mix them

with, in between some newspaper sheets in a box, or keep them dry in a box themselves

or a paper bag or put them in soil or peat moss. Any way that you store Canna lilies

you can store Calla lilies or even dahlias, they'll all do the same. And then plant them

back out at the last chance of frost, so as early of April, May, and they should be fine.

They'll be blooming by the summertime. So Canna lilies are a great addition to your

garden, and they're really easy to grow.

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