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Gangu, take me to papa.

Gangu, take me to papa.

No, l'll go to papa!

No, I want to go to papa! I'll go to papa!


Where are you going? - Where are you going, papa?

Why didn't you go straight home from school?

At night, you ask me to sleep; during the day, you ask me to go

I will surely tell you a story tonight. Now, go home.

Gangu, take Munni home.

I will not go home with him... Gangu, put me down.

Quick! I shall go alone!

Fool! Go, I'll bring her home.

"Listen, I will tell you fairy tell..."

"Princess, Please don't unhappy with me"

"l went in my market to bring sweet"

"l didn't got sweet but Bear chase me"

"l went in my market to bring bread"

"l didn't got bread but obese lady chase me"

Tony, tell mother I'm back and that I want to have tea.

Very well, sir.

Good-day, sir. - Good-day. Where are you going?

I was going to the post office.


Madam asked me to send a Money Order.

To whom? - To Mr. Badal, sir.

Really?. She had sent him Rs.5,000 a few days back.

Well, madam has asked me to send Rs.2,000 more.

Go on. - Good-day, sir.

Why are your hands trembling? - Because it is very cold, sir.

Is it? Shall I make you warm?

I think you have started taking drugs again.

No, sir! I swear, since the time I vowed not to touch it...

I have not indulged in it.

Tony, hurry up! Papa is hungry.

Both father and daughter are concerned about each other.

But there is nobody to take care of this mother.

I have often told you to get me a daughter-in-law to take care of me.

I think I'll have to get that done from your daughter.

You are right. Do bring a daughter-in-law to take care of you.

Really?. - Yes. Get Badal married.

Iam talking about you, not Badal! How long will you...

I will not get married now. I will only get Munni married now.

Have you seen any boy, papa?

I'm right. Call Badal back and get him married.

He will improve, once he has to shoulder responsibilities.

Because I don't much approve of his lifestyle in the city.

Has he done something wrong?

He must have. Look at the way he is blowing up money!

You had sent him Rs.5,000 last month.

The accountant mentioned that you have sent him some more money now.

Oh, is that why?. I was wondering if he had done something wrong.

He may commit a wrong someday. Don't pamper him so much.

It's not right.

I lost this too!

Let's go... bad luck! I didn't even win one of the five stakes.

I have lost Rs.2000 today!

Why do you worry, Badal? You will get some more.

So what if you've lost? You still have your brother!

Hey! Don't you dare call Ravi my brother!

Wonder which gutter mother picked him from and adopted him

Don't you dare call Ravi my brother again!

I can't see a thing. Where are you?

I can't see a thing.

Where are you?... Munni dear!

No, you are cheating!

No, I did not see. - You did!

Else, why didn't you fall? How did you know that there were steps below?.

I will not play! - Okay, I won't look.

Go and hide. - No.Weara blindfold.

No... I'll wear these dark glasses.

I won't be able to see a thing now. Go and hide.

Promise? - Yes, I promise.

What's that?

Okay, promise, promise... double promise. Now, hide.

If you look now, then God will punish you.

Damn! God will punish me?!

My dear, the steps here...

Come, I'll show you the way.

Thank you. But you misunderstand. I...

I have come here with my daughter. She must be hiding somewhere here.

Oh? So, there is someone with you?

I was wondering how you'd take care of yourself all alone.

Thank you, I can look after myself.

I will not play! My teacher helped you down the steps.

Which teacher? - The one who was here, is my...

Did you see that? - Yes, I did.

She held your hand and helped you alight the steps.

Really?. ls she your new teacher?

Yes. - What's her name?

Sheetal, don't worry, you won't have to go home alone.

I will come and fetch you after the party.

No, Father. I will not wait at the party.

Why not? It's a charity show of your own school, you'll have to stay.

No, all the arrangements of the function will be done by 6-6.30.

Come and fetch me after that.

Sheetal, for how long will you keep looking back...

and fear your past?

You have come to a new place, so meet new people.

And it's New Year's Eve tonight. So start life afresh.

Welcome, sir.

Ladies and gentlemen, listen intently.

Let's revive the night of December 31 once again.

The most colourful game of this Fancy Dress party.

I'm sorry, but you have to pay a fine in this game.

You know that the fine will go to the charity fund.

Which is being collected for the school.

The game is as follows - a thief will be brought in front of you.

Yes... and that thief is...

this ball.

Would one of you come here? Captain, please come.

Please come.

Press this thief with your neck.

And, madam, you try to release the thief with your neck.

Come on!... Don't feel shy, get started!

Come on!

If the thief escapes like this, you will have to pay a fine for the fund.

The one who tries to free it, will have the thief under his neck.

So, here's the thief. Play to your heart's content and pay a fine.

Who among you is willing to begin this entertaining game?

Can I try?.

What a cruel man!

You should suck your tiny stomach in.

O' God! You unnecessarily lost in the first round!

So, will I have to pay a fine too?

No problem. Money is transient in life.

But you don't find a man.

Will you marry me?

You begin.

Why don't you begin?

Why not? You are a teacher at the school...

and the fund too is for your school.

Well... this...

no, I won't be able to play.

That's very good! A teacher of the school too should pay a fine!

Come on. Don't feel shy.

Begin, Ms. Sheetal.

You ?

What a tight spot both of us are in!

You can see?

Yes. I'm seeing the trouble your neck is in.

I mean... if you can see... then, the other day...

I really want to apologise for the other day.

I was playing with my daughter, when you came.

I included you also in the game. Are you offended?

Why are you quiet? Say something.

What do I say?. - Anything.

Say that it's okay and you are not offended.

I did feel offended.

It's okay ifyou felt offended.

You are a teacher. Punish me, thinking me to be your student.

Should I stand on a stool?

But I'm so tall, I feel, someone has, anyway, made me stand on a

stool! I will accept any

punishment you give me. What!

Let's have a song on thisjoyous occasion.

The right ambience is here, and so is the opportunity.

No. - Do not refuse!

A heart-warming song. Sing your feelings that will enthrall everyone!

"Give your heart to them, who give you life"

Give your Life to them, who give you heart"

"This is sights of love, Wherever you see"

"Now dancing whole world, because of happiness"

"Today's Journey is now finished "

"Now tomorrow's morning will become attractive"

"You wan't get enything If you thinking only"

"Nothing will happen If you become quiet"

"Your wishes will ruin, If you sore from inside"

"You will find path, If you move continuously"

"lt's notower, If it don't grow"

"lt's not cloud, If it don't move"

"lt's not lightning, If it don't spark"

"They are not human, who don't know to agonize "

You sang very well!

What about the fine?

The fine... - I'll take Rs.1,000 from you.


Amazing! Why aren't you joining in the fun and laughter?

What's wrong?

Are you feeling sad? - No.

You are sad. - No.

Are you angry then?

Then, are you happy?. - No, I said...

You aren't feeling anything? - You are very adamant.

That I am. I want to see everyone happy.

Until I make the ones crying, laugh; and pacify the ones angry...

I don't give up...Tell me, who are you angry with?


You misunderstand. I had come here to make all the arrangements.

Father John had said that he'd fetch me at 6-6.30.

But he has still not come. I wonder how I'll go home.

What's there to feel sad about? Come, I'll reach you home.


Iam also a father, but only of a daughter.

And not a father of the whole world like Father John.

That's the only difference between him and me. Let's eat first.

Then I'll drop you.

Hello, Mr. Ravi. - Hey! Do you work here nowadays?

Yes, sir. - How's your family doing?

Thank you very much for bothering to reach me till here.

Hey, Gangu!

Why are you running like this, Gangu? What's the matter?

To give thisower?

Then put it on my hair.

I don't see yellow roses anywhere. Where do you manage to find them?

From the other side of the hill?

By God, do you have to go so far away?.

Hey, why do you bother everyday?.

I know you care a lot about me.

Okay, I'll leave now.

I'm ina hurry!

Mr. Ravi, please reach me to the temple.

I have sprained my leg.

Have you really sprained it or is it one of your excuses again?

I swear by the Lord, I'm saying the truth. I am not lying.

I never lie intentionally.

It's a different matter ifthere is unknowingly a slip of the tongue.

Let's go.

Come on, let's go! What are you thinking about?

It's a noble deed to help the lame.

And I am beautiful enough to be able to sit next to you.

You are very dumb! - What!

I mean you lack any feelings.

You feel no love at all.

You know everything about logs and timber.

But you just don't understand girls.

You have met me so many times, yet consider me an outsider.

That mute Gangu is better than you!

The poor man is mute but at least expresses with gestures.

You can't even do that!

Hold my hand once and just say Mahua. I'll understand the rest.

Good Lord! Why is yourjeep scolding me?

Get down... come on!

Listen, don't blabber too much or your tongue may get sprained someday!

Hey, listen. - What's it?

You were limping on your right foot there, and here it's your left

foot... Well... my right foot...

Yes! I got scared hearing the horn of yourjeep.

Similarly, the sprain too got scared and disappeared.

Yes, sir. I swear by the Lord, lam speaking the truth.

Get lost!

Drink milk. - No, I will not!

Neither will I drink milk nor will I go to school!

Don't say that, dear. I'll come with you and tackle that new teacher.

No, grandma, don't! She will order you also out of the class.

What's the matter, mother? Why isn't she drinking milk?.

There's a new teacher named Sheetal.

She ordered Munni out of the class yesterday.

When it comes to collecting donations, they come to us first.

But yet, they order our children out of the class!

She must have been up to some mischief.

A teacher does not order children out of class for no reason.

Grandma, I am not going to speak to papa.

What did you do? What mischief were you up to?

I said, I am not talking to you!

Don't! But go straight to school!

Grandma, tell papa that I will not go to school!

Let alone you, even your papa will go to school!

I'll reach her. It isn't yet time for her school.

I'll drop her to her teacher's house and she'll go to school from there!

You'll have to go!

Come on, get up!

Leave me, I'll manage! - Get down.

Come on.

"Life is a wonderful journey"

"No one knows what will happen in the future"

"We have to go ahead of the moon and the stars"

"We have to reach beyond the skies"

"This world will be left behind"

"Tead life joyfully"

"Don't wory about the rest of the world"

"Pass the day smilingly"

You? - I am an uninvited guest.

I have come with your student. She is complaining about you.

Did you complain about me to your father?

I did not. I was saying that the teacher did not order me out.

Hey. liar!

Please come. Munni is a nice girl but sometimes, she's so

mischievous... Then beat her and duly punish her.

Please sit.

Who is this boy?. - He's Deepu, my son.

Your... son?

Really?. He is a very sweet boy.

Where is your husband?

He goes to work very early in the morning. I don't see him here.

Well, he... he is no more.

I did not know.

Hey! I caught you! You cannot fall now!.

He is a real brat.

Go and play in the garden. Show Munni your blue rabbit.

He harasses me a lot.

I can understand how difficult it is to raise children without a father.

Yes, it is as difficult as raising them without a mother.

Will you have some tea? - Don't bother, I'm in a hurry.

There was yet time for school, sol decided to drop Munni at your place.

I'll leave.

This is a real blue rabbit. Watch, its little ones too will be blue.

Does it bite?

No. - Then why have you locked it?

Because it escapes.

Does it run away from you too? ls it that strong?

Yes. - ls it stronger than you?

No, it is very frightened of me.

I twist its ea rs. It cannot escape from me.

Deepu, then ask it to come to me.

Go to Munni.

Hey, the rabbit ran away! - It did? Let's catch it.

Mr. Ravi, where are the children? Have they come here?

I had left them with you.

They are not there. I thought they must have gone to school.

I went to school but they were not there.

Then I thought they must be with you. Aren't they here either?

No. - Where have the children gone?

Do not worry. Come with me.

Please stop. Reverse the jeep.

Doesn't this doll belong to Munni? It was with her, wasn't it?

Yes, it is Munni's doll. - They must have crossed the bridge.

But why have the children gone to the jungle?

Here? The children won't be here.

Let's look. They may be sitting inside tired.

These children are...

Good Lord!The children really had us frightened.

And made us worried to death.

You weren't the least bit frightened.

I was, but imagine what your plight would be ifl too were to cry.

Then I would have consoled you. lam adept at it.

I must admit, Ms. Sheetal, that you are very brave.

You are raising Deepu all alone.

At least, I have my mother, my... But you are alone...

Even I'm not alone.

Who's with you?

My husband.

I feel that he is with me even today.

Iam raising Deepu with the same determination which he

possessed. Sometimes, I feel that he

is indeed looking after him. That's true.

Hearing the song which you were singing for Deepu this morning...

I felt that it was meant to be sung by a father and not a mother.


This... this is indeed his song.

He used to sing it.

"Life is a wonderful journey"

"No one knows what will happen "in the future"

"we have to go ahead of the moon and the stars"

"we have to reach beyond the skies"

"this world will be left behind"

"who knows what the future is"

"Tread life joyfully"

"don't wory about the rest of the world"

"Pass the day smilingly"

"Death will befall us one day"

"The soul will depart one day"

"Why worry about such things"

Will you do something?

Answer me. - What?

You... I mean, when it does happen, then you...

What is it!

I want two children.

A pair oftwins... a girl and a boy.

Raj, you are very naughty! I'm not going to talk to you!

Amazing! Family planning is badly needed in India.

So we should also plan from now. A girl and a boy, that's it!

You raise the boy while I'll raise the girl.

I know that my son will be foolish.

My daughter will be very sweet, beautiful and naive.

With a red ribbon tied, she will come running to her father.

'Papa, will you have a chewing gum?'

And the boy!

'Mother, give me money! I want to eat peanuts!'

Be quiet! Don't spoil the image of my son!

Image? Call him a cartoon!

As if your daughter will be very beautiful!

She will be prettier than you. - Okay, let's get married first.

I have an idea. - What is it now?.

We'll get married today and right now!.

First, convince your father. - We'll do that later.

Everything about you is different. First, you want kids...

then you will have a honeymoon and finally, you will get married!

Wow, Sheetal! I'll be damned!

Let's have our honeymoon now. Then we'll get married.

You have gone crazy! - Hey!

Hey, have you also started speaking like Hitler?

Yes, my father. He is no less than Hitler.

He talks in the same way. Say anything, and he calls me crazy!

If you're so scared of your father, then how will you talk about

marriage? I'll talk later,

first, I'll get married. There you go again! First, convince

your father. Then, we'll get married. Suppose, Hitler declares war, then?

Then, fight the war. We will not get married.

I will get married, Sheetal. Not to you.

But to the one whom father chooses.

And you'll agree?

What to do? I am helpless.

You know that I am the only son of my parents.

They have such great expectations from me.

One marries only once in a lifetime.

And if even that is without their consent, they will be so hurt.


I know that it will be very difficult to forget you.

But time heals all wounds.

Both of us will forget each other.

I will get married elsewhere, and you...

You get married! I will not marry anybody else!

Hey, fool, you're crying? Stupid girl!

Can I live alone without you?

Of course! That's what you were saying.

You were the one who was asking me to convince father!

Do you have to marry me or my father?

Did you see, even God started shedding tears along with you?

But there is nobody who laughs with me.

Hey, smile.

Let's go from here. - Where?

Anywhere. We are getting drenched standing here.

Standing here? So let's get drenched sitting on my motorcycle.

What's it?

This is a hotel, there will be people here.

Yes, there will be people. Come on!

How can I, with these drenched clothes?

Disrobe them; I'll take them. - You're crazy! Will I come in naked?

How foolish I am!

But it's raining, so one's clothes will get wet. Can't people see that?

What will people think?. That I am an immoral girl.

What will people think?. I'll say that you are my wife.

She is my wife.

Can I get a room?

Or double?

Single... I mean double. We are two. Me and my wife.

A small room.

We never dreamt we'd get trapped in the rain on our wedding anniversary.

What are you saying?! - Are you worried about Deepu?

What! - Fool!

Why worry about Deepu? The maid will look after him.

Anyway, he must have had milk and gone to sleep now.

Room No. 15.

It's in the car outside.

Let it be. We'll get it later.

Don't laugh. Why are you laughing?

In the dark, you looked like a ghost.

And an ascetic, under light, am I right?

What's wrong?

When you laugh this way, something happens to me.

Hey, my doll is feeling cold!

I'll put an end to it.

'Cold, cold, go away do not harass my little doll!'

'Go away quickly And never return.'

'Cold, cold, go away and never return.'

Whose finger is this? - Mine.

It's mine.

Whose finger is this?

This is also mine. - No, it's mine.

This is also mine.

You trust me, don't you?

Don't you?

Will you come where I ask you to?

Say yes with a smile.

Say it.

I can't spot a priest here.

That's the problem in India. Even priests take a day off on Sunday.

Who cares about the servant when the owner is at home?

What? - I mean...

so what if there is no priest, at least, there is God.

O' Mother...

Let's garland each other.

Hey, go ahead!

O' Mother, I do not know any incantations but...

But, Mother, I do know that there is nothing greater than You.

I swear by You that Sheetal is my wife from now on.

My life partner.

Herjoys and sorrows belong to me.

So do her good and bad deeds.

Whateverl get in life, I shall share with her.

Until death do us apart.

You are witness to our marriage, Mother.

I am extremely happy today, Sheetal.

Until now, I was incomplete.

This sacred bond of yours has made me complete.

A Hindu woman does not call her husband by his name after marriage.

Henceforth say, listen.

When will you talk to father? - I told you...

our marriage will be announced on my birthday.


Wow!.The motorcycle is here. Where is the motorcyclist?

He must be on his way.

You are crazy!

She is educated and comes from a good family. What more do you want?

How can you say that she is from a good family?.

She has no parents and lives in a hostel.

Bricks and stones don't make a good home.

The character and values ofthe ones who come from a good home...

I am your father! Don't try to teach me!

This house is no orphanage, where you can bring any amoral girl!

And expect me to accept her as my daughter-in-law!.

She cannot be an orphan, when you are here.

She cannot be amoral, when I am here.

I have married her!

What! You have got married? Are you crazy?.!

Iam not crazy, you are...

Fine! If that is so, then go away!

Get out of my house!

You can stay in this house.

Let alone this house, I can even give up this world for her.

I swear by You that Sheetal is my wife from now on.

My life partner.

Herjoys and sorrows belong to me.

Whateverl get in life, I shall share with her.

Until death do us apart.

This house is no orphanage, where you can bring any amoral girl!

And expect me to accept her as my daughter-in-law!.

Get out of my house!

You can stay in this house.

Let alone this house, I can even give up this world for her.

"Life is a wonderful journey"

"No one knows what will happen in the future"

"Death will befall us one day"

"The soul will depart one day"

"Why worry about such things"

"No one knows what will happen in the future"

"Life is a wonderful journey"

Then I went to Raj's place to meet his parents.

But they did not accept me.

I too tried to kill myself once...

like the way every girl is compelled to under such

circumstances. But I did not die.

A priest saved my life.

He helped me in every possible way and provided me with shelter.

But wherever I went, I was taunted by society.

I spent 4 years this way.

And then, one day, I came here for this job.

That priest sent a letter with me to Father John.

Come on.

How do I...

express my gratitude? Don't.

Don't do something difficult.

Can I ask you to do an easier task?. - Yes.

Give me my coat. - I forgot.

Please do tell me ifl can ever be of any help to you.

Papa, let's go.

Good morning, dear. Haven't you gone to school today?.

Don't you know that it's Sunday today?.

So, why are you berating me? Say it affectionately!

You end up getting spoilt with too much love!

Is that so!

Absolutely naughty girl!

You're giving me a dose of my own medicine, huh?

Hey, what's this?

My earrings. Deepu has given them to me.

So they must be his mother's earrings. Why did he give it to you?

It was my birthday yesterday, so he gave me a present.

Was it your birthday yesterday?.

Yes. We had eaten cake yesterday.

You are a fool! Eating cake every time does not signify...

that it's your birthday but you do eat cake on someone's birthday.

Give it to me. I'll return them. - What will I wear then?

I'll bring you a new pair of earrings for your birthday.

What are you doing here?

Iam spying-

SPYMQ? On whom?

On you, who else?

I am keeping a watch on every move of yours.

Really?. Why?.

Well, it's rather unfortunate that I have to spy!

Tell me, why do you go to that bloody teacher's house every morning?

I like her. So what?

Ijust do not approve of all this.

When you and me are getting along fine, why do you need her?!

What do I lack?. Answer me!

God did not bestow you with brains!

The stupid teacher!

He doesn't see beauty but only brains!

I talk about love, and he, of brains!

Somebody tell him that brains have no place in love!

I don't want it! Get lost!

Hey, Gangu, I'm sorry.

Put it yourself.

Forgive me.

You are so nice, so naive.

And look at that Ravi! He tries to be a gentleman!

He has no brains, and he accuses me of not possessing them!

Good Lord! You look at me angrily because of Mr. Ravi?

Hey, fool, I was only lying.

It was a slip of the tongue.

I swear by the Lord!

Come on, fool, put the flower.

Where is your mummy?. - She's bathing. Shall I call her?


She'll come... You study.

Who built the Taj Mahal?

Shahjahan did.

Who was Shahjahan? - He was a great emperor.

Why did he build it?

He loved his wife a lot. He built it in her memory.

Do you love your wife?

Yes, I used to love her a lot.

Then, where is yourTaj Mahal?

Mine?... Son, not everyone can build aTaj Mahal.

Shahjahan was an emperor, so he built a memorial for his wife.

Who was his wife?

His wife was Mumtaz.

Did you ever meet her?

Yes, I did.

You met Mumtaz Mahal?... Deepu, go and play.

Did you meet her or her soul?

Where are you lost?


I wasjust trying to remember whether I had met her or her soul.

Do you think I'm joking?

This is no joke. l am speaking the truth.

If I die, then build me a Taj Mahal.

Where? In Ranchi or in Bareilly?.

A tiny Taj. And inscribe on it, 'My Mumtaz Mahal'.

Sometimes, I feel that I must have been Mumtaz Mahal in that birth.

Her soul resides within me even today.

Perhaps, this is why I think of Taj Mahal a lot, on moonlit nights.

And in that birth, you must have surely been Shahjahan, right?

No. Neither was I Shahjahan nor was I Mumtaz.

Why have you become so serious?

Because I don't want you to love me like Mumtaz.



Because Mumtaz left Shahjahan and died.

Ravi, stop! - What's it?

What is it? - Please stop!

I am going to tell mother that you keep eating all day!

Please give me a strawberry ice-cream.

Give me another one.

Take this.

He's naughty.

One more.

Give everybody two each.

Here's Rs.10. It will be enough, won't it? Give me also one.


You bought two each for all of them but only one for me!

What was the need to buy for all ofthem?

You will understand this when you'll have children of your own.

Give one, the second will be angry; give the second, and the third...

Will we have so many children? - So many?.

We will have much more.

We will have much more.

I will build an ice-cream factory for them.

You are ready to build an ice-cream factory for them.

But for me...

you can't even build a tinyTaj, huh?

You're really a kid!

When will you grow up?

When will you grow up?

When you will have children smaller than me.



There is no doubt that you are pregnant.

There is no doubt that you are pregnant.

But I cannot congratulate you.


My dear...

What are you saying, doctor!

I would not advise you to get pregnant.

I would not advise you to get pregnant.

Firstly, you have high blood pressure.

Secondly, this report clearly indicates that you have anemia too.

I'll explain.

Your blood count is decreasing.

In order to have a baby, it's very essential...

In order to have a baby, it's very essential...

to have a proper blood count, which you do not.

There is a very high risk of suffering from a heart failure.

I can't even mention it to him.

You know how fond he is of children.

He will not even be able to bear this news.

And will he bear any harm befalling you?

Don't worry, my dear. I will explain to Ravi.

Don't worry, my dear. I will explain to Ravi.

No, I will tell him at the opportune time.

Or he will be deeply pained.

But I will not let you intentionally be in danger.

Mummy, am I going to be a father? Yes or no?

Yes, but...

Just wait. Come in when I call you.

You may come in now!.

A doll-like mother of a doll-like girl...

went to see the doctor. You could have asked me instead.

What will happen? A tiny, chubby girl... just like her father!

Ravi, the doctor said...

I'll tell you what he said!

Instruction No. 1 :You will not alight steps from now on.

Instruction No. 1 :You will not alight steps from now on.

And if you do alight, then it will not be alone.

You will alight with either my mother or me.

Instruction No. 2:You will not climb stairs from now on.

And if you do, then you will follow the rules of instruction No. 1.

From now on, you will smile a million times.

From now on, you will smile a million times.

So that the baby will have a smiling facejust like its mother.

From now on, you will have a million glasses of milk daily...

so that the baby will have a fair complexion.

Just like its father!

What is it?

Why did you allow her to take a risk?.

What are you saying? What's wrong? How is Mona?

I had asked her not to get pregnant. It would prove fatal.

But you were so fond of children... - How is Mona?

You were right.

You were right.

She would be chubby like her father.


Aren't you happy?.

Why did you do this, Mona? Why didn't you tell me?

You had no right to do this.

I love children a lot, but not more than...

Life is quite strange, Ms. Sheetal.

Very strange.

It makes you forget everything, yet life remembers it all.

It makes you forget everything, yet life remembers it all.

Even the greatest of sorrows.

If one finds time, then it proves to be a great healer.

Look, here's daddy's glasses.

Where did you get that from? Give it to me or you will break it.

No. - It will break, so give it to me.

I'll take care of it. - Then wear it.

No, give it to mummy. She will take care of it.

No, give it to mummy. She will take care of it.

No, wear it.

Mummy, he looks just like my daddy!

No, don't be stubborn. It will really break.

You are a good boy. Go and play.

Good-day, Mr. Ravi.

Return these earrings to madam.

What are you doing? Go there and search!

You can't find a thing on time here!

Papa, here it is.

I can't understand what all of you will do once I go away from here.

Where are you going?

Will I remain here? Won't you get me married?

You talk of marriage!


I forgot to mention. - What, mother?

I received Badal's letter today. - How much money has he asked for?

Money?... Yes, he has asked for money. The exams are approaching.

Money?... Yes, he has asked for money. The exams are approaching.

If the exams are approaching, he will study. Why does he need money?.

If you really want him to study and make something of himself...

then don't send him so much money.

But he has written that he stays up the whole night.

"l am thirsty, please fulfill my thirst"

"Please come and fulfill...

"Please come and finished"

"Please come and finished"

"The whole world is like river...

...millions of youth here"

"Colorful party here"

"Still my life is thirsty"

"Thirsty tongue, sore heart & painful body, Oh my partner"

"lt affect me lot, I eager from morning & evening"

"My heart is thirsty, give me drink, One drop will not satisfy me"

"Pour me drink, and fulfill my thirst

Hey, Badal, get up!

What is it!

Hey, where is Lily?.

Lily has left. There's a letter from your mother.

Read it for me.

My dear son, Badal, be happy.

I'm very happy, mother.

I think about you a lot nowadays.

When is the money arriving?

My dear, there is no money.

She has asked you to come home immediately after your exams.

This seems to be Brother Ravi's doing.

Satish, let's go and meet the old woman.

Hey, wait! I'm coming!

Remove my cigarette packet first, or I'll drop you down from here!

Get lost! What will do? - Give it to me.


Hey, Badal, look at those babes!

Hey, why are you going over us, when there is so much of place?

Can't you see?

I will be able to see, only ifl can take my eyes off you, Mahua.

Remove those glasses! You will be able to see then!

Is that for free!

Then come home! I will pay its price too!

When this fruit is so sweet, imagine how sweet she must be!

Catch this.


What's happening? - Hashish, the latest and oldest

drug! Where is mother?

- I have thrown her inside. As we cannot indulge in all

this before elders, can we? ls college shut?

- No, but I had it shut. There is a border tussle going

on between Mysore and Madras. We started a strike in

college regarding that. You were sent to college to study,

not to start strikes. Don't try to act like a father.

I'm no child. You are no more a child, but you

have become a loafer inhaling drugs! Do not forget your status, Ravi!

We picked you up from the streets to raise you...

not to make you the boss!

Aren't you ashamed of talking to your older brother this way?.

Have you raised him?

Do you know what would be our plight if he wasn't around?

I know that very well, mother!

Since years, I've been hearing that after father's death... finances and the property!

That he looked after the businesses! So what?!

He has done us no favour!

Feed a dog, and it will also faithfully wait at your doorstep!

She slapped you! - I'll kill the bloody scoundrel!

Watch, I will shoot him!

Don't! Let him go! Give me the pistol!

You have been thrown out of college; now, you will be thrown out of home!

This isn't his home!

Mr. Ravi, please help me!

I'll be dead! Help!

What happened, Mahua?

I fell from the tree. I have sprained my leg.

Mr. Ravi, take me to the dispensary.

I have begun to understand these sprains very well, Mahua.

I swear by the Lord, I'm speaking the truth.

I fell from that great a height, so I will obviously sprain my leg.

Try it yourself. You will also get a sprain!

Who asked you to climb up? - I didn't go there willingly.

A tiger kept chasing me. Frightened, I climbed a tree.

Tiger? - Yes.

Here? - Yes.

In this jungle? - Yes! I swear by the Lord.

Don't falsely swear by the Lord, Mahua.

Or someday, the demon will come and take you away!

And there will be nobody to save you. Get down!

Then, am I lying?

The noble man is trying to tell me about demons!

Mahua, brother pulled your ear, didn't he?

It must have hurt you a lot, right?

So what? The younger brother will alleviate every pain.

Why not? But that's provided I get hold of you.

And what does Ravi have?

Mr. Ravi is noble, understand, younger brother?!

I'll get even with you, Mahua.

I'm seeing you after many days. How are you?

Is there a lot of work load nowadays at school?

Yes. You too must be busy with your work?.

Iam, but not so much that we can't even meet.

Let me reach you to school. You are going there, aren't you?

Thank you. I'll go from here.

We'll prepare the children's report, after school tomorrow.


You look... is everything okay?.

Yes. I'll come tomorrow. Goodbye.

I want to tell you something. - Yes?

Come with me.

I have some important work.

What I want to tell you, is equally important.


I've been observing since some days that you are trying to go far away...

from me.

I can understand your worry and hesitation very well.

Believe me, I tried hard not to worry you more by coming closer

but... But you have come

very close, Sheetal. So close that ljust

could not ignore it. So I was forced to come today

and tell you that I... Had I been unaware of your state,

I like you... I love you.

And I feel, it is no sin to say that I...

I want to marry you, I want to take you home.

No, Mr. Ravi, this is not possible.

That's why I was always trying to avoid you.

Why is not possible?

Mr. Ravi, you know...

You know everything about my past.

I had to endure great hardships for Deepu.

People taunted me.

I know that you love him a lot.

And he has also taken a great liking towards Munni and you.

But you have a world of your own too.

Which world?

I only have Munni, who needs you.

Who needs a mother, and who loves her brother a lot.

Join us and we can have a world of our own.

No! Until now, I have been enduring the taunts of the world.

Suppose, you have to bear them too, then?

I do not fear the world, Sheetal.

And does one stop living, fearing the world?

If we have the right to cry in our grief...

then we also have the prerogative to laugh in our

happiness. Don't you remember...

'Laugh and be merry in life'

'Care not about this world'

Raj used to say this, wouldn't he? He used to preach this, wouldn't he?

"Tread life joyfully"

"Don't wory about the rest of the world"

"Pass the day smilingly"

"No one knows what will happen in the future"

"Death will befall us one day"

"The soul will depart one day"

"Why worry about such things"

"No one knows what will happen in the future"

I cannot forget Raj, Father.

He is with me even today.

What do I do? ljust cannot forget Raj! I cannot!

Send me somewhere else. I do not wish to stay here.

Go away if you must.

But will you be able to forget Ravi even after doing that?

If you don't want to meet Ravi, then why don't you tell him so?

I tried my best, but I could not explain to him that Raj is alive.

That he is yet alive for me. - No, my dear, this is not right.

Memories should exist in life, but do not make them your life.

Make Raj's memory a source of support; don't let it rule your life.

And a good, noble man like Ravi...

I know that, Father. lam not blaming him at all.

But how can I do this injustice to Raj?

You are being unjust to Ravi, not to Raj.

For he loves you. You are being unjust to yourself.

Because you also love him.

And frankly speaking, you are being most unjust to the children.

Who are leading as farcical a life as you are.

My dear, don't assume that I am deciding for you.

You will have to decide for yourself.

The decision your heart takes, will be the decision of the Lord.

I like you... I love you.

And I feel, there is no sin in saying that I...



Come here.

Let me see... yes, it's perfect.

This sweater is very nice. Knit one for Munni too.

She has no mother, so who is going to knit for her?

Yes, dear, I will definitely knit one for Munni too.

The school got over early today because of the fair.

I know. That's why I am doing Gangu's duty. Let's go.

Let's go home.

Papa, I won't come home. I shall go to the fair.

I shall also come to the fair, papa.

Hey, why are you calling him papa? He is not your father.

No, don't say that. lt isn't right.

Suppose I call his mother as mummy, then?

Let's go home.

I will not come home; I will go to the fair.

Don't always be adamant. Let's go home.

I won't come home; I shall go to the fair.

Didn't you hear?! I said, come home!

Why are you scolding the poor girl? What has she done?

Come on, Munni, I'll take you for a picnic.

If papa does not want to come, then let him not.

Will you come with mummy?.

You'll come, won't you? - Yes, I will.

Let's go.

Let's go. Take us somewhere for a picnic.

What? - Let's go.


You'll also come? - Yes, if you take me.

Will you come with me?

Yes. I will come only with you now.

Let's go, papa! Let's go, mummy!

Yes. let's go! Let's go for a picnic!

Let's go, mummy! Let's go, papa!

Deepu, wait!

I caught you!

I caught you!

I did not find you, neither did you choose me.

Munni found her mother, and Deepu...

I'm not committing a folly today, am I?


When will you take me to your mother?

When will you come?

Are you sure that mother will accept me?


Sheetal, I am absolutely sure.

Mother will indeed be extremely pleased to have you.

What's it? - I know.

What do you know?. - I will not tell you.

Deepu, tell me. - Even I will not tell.

Get going!They don't know anything!

We do. - What do you know?.

Daddy and mummy...

Daddy and mummy...

Mummy and Daddy...

What? - Love each other!

"Tell us true"

"Daddy tell us"

"Mummy tell us"

"Daddy love Mummy & Mummy love daddy, ls this right"

"Daddy & Mummy will meet & they smiling mutely"

"We don't know what they are saying, They talking continuosly"

"You Mom is very nice, She is innocent"

"Daddy also polite & He is very lovingly"

"l will ask Daddy to bring Mom at home"

"l will ask Mom to take me with her"

Grandma, I'm back!

Where were you? I have been waiting for you since so long.

Grandma, we went with mummy... - Quiet!

What is it? Why are you silencing her?

It's nothing, mother. She is just being naughty.

You will not say a word. - Okay, I will not.

You will not say a word. - Okay, I will not.

You will go straight upstairs. - Yes, I will.

Grandma, I went to meet my new mummy!

New mummy?.

Who is this new mummy?. What is Munni saying?

Mother, Munni... Munni is naughty.

Is she? - Yes.

Implying, she is lying?

No, she is not lying, mother, but...

The truth is... you used to say...

you used to always ask me to get you a daughter-in-law.

So I found you a daughter-in-law.


Who is she? How does she look?. Where is she?

Mother, she teaches in Munni's school.

Her name is Sheetal.

The name sounds familiar. - She is a very nice girl.

Very decent, simple and domesticated.

But how does she look?. - Extremely beautiful.

Of course, she cannot be more beautiful than you, mother.

But she is very good. She's nice just the way she is.

I will bring her tomorrow. See her then.

My dear, listen.


Badal, did you hear, Ravi is getting married?

I heard it all, mother.

He is bringing her home tomorrow.

Stay at home tomorrow and see your future sister-in-law.

You see her. I have already seen who she is.

You have? She is good, isn't she?

She looks good but... - But what?

It's difficult to say the same about her character.


Didn't Ravi mention anything? - What didn't he mention?

That she has a son too. - What! What are you saying?

Oh, so Ravi has not told you anything?

I do not want to obstruct your noble son, Ravi's path.

Either that girl is deceiving Ravi, or Ravi is deceiving you...

about her having a son, and that too, an illegitimate one.

Nobody knows who his father is.

Iam not saying this. Ask Satish, he knows her very well.

Satish, tell mother. - Yes, she is from my city.

But that girl had a very bad reputation.

I have a very affluent uncle.

She had tried to cast a web of deceit on his only son too.

So much so that when he suddenly died in an accident...

she had come to my uncle's house.

To say that she was carrying his son's child.

I say that even if she had a child, why did she have it out of wedlock?.

If you don't believe me, then ask that girl.

Anyway, she will be coming tomorrow.

I know that I am a vile man, and Brother Ravi is very good and noble.

But how can I call a girl my sister-in-law ifl can't respect her?

It will be better if Ravi leaves this house. Else I will go away.

Did you see how I've made the son get into her bad books?

I've had Sheetal thrown out of the house. It will be Ravi's turn next!

We have convinced mother completely.

What is this, which is hitting me so hard?

Oh? It's making me feel very high.

We will make arrangements to bring it down!

I am Tony, Mr. Ravi's Tony!

Mr. Ravi's?

Mr. Ravi wants to meet Mahua.

He wants to meet her? When?

Anytime. Now, later, afternoon, evening, night, or at any time.

But today.

What is it, Champa? What were you muttering there?

Nothing. - Nothing?

You have been summoned.

Summoned? What do you mean?

I mean, he has called you... what's his name?

Yes! Mr. Ravi.


Good Lord!You are trembling!

When has Mr. Ravi called me?

Anytime. - Now.

Later. - In the afternoon.

In the evening. - At night.

At midnight. - At anytime, but...


Hey, answer properly! Who told you?

Mr. Ravi's Tony told us.

Good Lord! Why, Champa?

I told you, he had got Mr. Ravi's message. I said, you cannot make it.

Good Lord! Why did you say that?!

Don't worry. I told him that you will come after the festival.

I am not worried!

But he will be waiting.

Aren't you in a hurry?.

But what work does Mr. Ravi have, that he sent his man here?

He has no work. It is only an excuse to meet me.

He could not meet me yesterday, so he has summoned me today.

He cannot live a day without seeing me.

Why are you obstructing my path? Move aside.

What... I... what have I done?

Iam telling you, I will throw a stone at you!

I swear by the Lord, I will tear you apart!

Do you hear that?

Do you know, Mr. Ravi has summoned me? Tony had come to tell me.

He said that your brother had some important work.

I said... what could I do?

He said, Mr. Ravi mentioned that if Mahua would not come...

then his work will not be done.

Move aside!

Leave me! Let go of me!

NO! N01!

Leave me!

Leave me! For God's sake, let go of me!

Leave me!... No!

Mr. Ravi!

Mr. Ravi, help! Save me!

I swear by the Lord, I am not lying!

Mr. Ravi!

I swear by the Lord, I am really not lying this time!

Save me!

Iam not lying! Save me!

I swear by the Lord, I am not lying!

Badal, she is Sheetal. Sheetal, Badal is my younger brother.

What are these scars on your face?

Well... the.. the motorcycle skid.

Mother is waiting for you.

Where is mother? - Must be upstairs. Shall I call her?

No. Go and prepare tea. - Very well.

I will go and call mother. Please sit.

Are you Sheetal?



want to marry my son Ravi?


Why do you want to marry him? - Pardon?

For money, wealth, respect...

or are you in love with him?

You were in love with somebody else before this, weren't you?

You did not marry him. I believe you are the mother of his child.

But what's the proof that the child belongs to the man whom you had

loved? Mother, you...

Am I lying that you had tried to impose this sin on some other home?

And were thrown out of that house?

Don't I know that you are trying to find a place to hide your sin?

You fear your son more than the world.

He may grow up and accuse you.

Is this why you have trapped my son and fallen in love with him?

Mother, what's wrong with you? What are you saying!

Let her go. This girl cannot be the daughter-in-law of this house.

Let me go.

I had told you but you did not heed me.

I got let down for the second time in life.

No, Sheetal, don't say that. Mother must be under a false impression.

No, she is not.

I knew that this would happen.

No, Sheetal, I swear that this will not happen!

You will not leave this house alone.

I promise.

Why did you do this, mother?

Why did you do this, mother?

You had no right to do this.

I'd hold no grudge if anyone else in this world had done this but

you... Why did you do this, mother?

- You very well know why I did this.

A mother of an illegitimate son can't be the daughter-in-law of this house.

Then, can the mother of this house become one?

You are seeking vengeance from Sheetal for your folly.

Today, you are trying to get rid of your past, and not of Sheetal.

Whose son am I? Tell me honestly who my mother is.

Is it not true that you are my mother, and...

that I was born before you got married?

But you are very fortunate that Badal's father accepted you...

...and to deceive the world, he said that you had adopted me.

That I am an orphan, a destitute.

And today, even you considered the lie you had said, to be the truth...

only because you thought that I was unaware of the truth?

But Sheetal did not do this.

She spoke the truth which you could not, as she did not consider...

being a mother or displaying a mother's love, to be a sin.

I am going, mother.

Iam leaving this house for good.

And I will try to believe that I...

am an orphan... a destitute.

That I have no father.

That I have...

no mother.

This uncle is very nice. He knows my father too.

Deepu is a very adorable boy...just like Raj.

I believe, you teach in a school here?

You must have endured great hardships to raise your son, right?

You must have had to bear a lot.

People must have taunted you so much.

No, not at all.

I'm very fine.

I teach, and am leading a respectable life.

Nobody ever said a word.

Why do I have to be concerned about others?

I have a son. I shall tell him everything when he grows up.

I will explain to him.

He... he will not despise me.

I know that he will not believe what other people say.

I know what people must have taunted about you.

The same what I had told you, right?

For which I am repenting.

I had no right to come in front of you.

But I have come to seek forgiveness.

If you want, you can throw me out of the house right away.

Or you can come and stay with me.

With you, at your house?

Are you the same man who had said, yours was a home of decent people...

and not a brothel!

Should I stay with the man who had called my child, a sin...

and thrown me out of his house?

You can stay there! I feel ashamed even looking at that house now!.

My dear, that house is not mine alone, it is your husband's too.

It also belongs to you and your son.

If you have lost your husband...

then I have also lost my son.

After Raj's death, I did not spend a single day in peace.

Raj will never forgive me for the way I treated you.


But you...

If you forgive me...

then I may die in peace.

Where are we going?

We are going away from here. - But where?

Will Deepu and mummy also come with us?

Will my new mummy also come? - I don't know.


Gangu, what is the matter? Have you gone crazy?.

What's happening?

Gangu, what are you doing? What's wrong? Have you gone crazy?.

Tell me what's wrong with you.

Answer, Gangu! What is the matter?

I will tell you, Ravi.

Badal, let's escape.There is surely going to be some chaos.

Why should we escape? Let's watch.

Goodness me! She is dead!

Who killed her?

I was waiting for this day! We'll watch Brother Ravi get into a soup!


Poor Gangu thought that I...

Father, do you think that l...

Mahua died by strangling herself with the rope of the church bell.

Looking at her condition, it is very obvious that somebody raped her.

Somebody?. Mahua had been to your place!

You had summoned her!

Mr. Ravi!

Mr. Ravi, help! Save me!

Save me!

I listened to all your lies.

I listened to all your lies but...

You spoke the truth for once, and I...

What is this scar on your face? - Scar... it's nothing.

Did you fall from a motorcycle? - Yes, I did.

Did both of you fall together? - Well, we fell...

Answer! Who killed her? - I don't know!.

I swear, I don't know!. - Answer! Who killed her?

I'll tell you. - Answer! Who killed her?

Badal had sent Tony.

Don't move aheadl... I say, don't move ahead or I'll shoot you!

Ravi, don't move ahead! I'll shoot you!

Don't move ahead! I say, don't move ahead!

Brother, no!

Get the jeep.

Papa, I have the key!

Munni, give me the key!

Give me the key!

Give me the key, Munni. - No!

Everything will be okay... Slowly.

Well done, my dear! Well done!

No, Gangu!

My brave daughter! You were scared, huh?

Gangu, please let me go! For God's sake, leave me!... Please forgive me!

I will never do anything wrong again! Please forgive me!

Mother! Save me!

I will never do anything wrong again! Please save me, mother!

Gangu, forgive me!... Mother!

Mother, please save me this time! I will never do anything wrong again!

Please save me, mother!

Who am I to save you? lam repenting for my sins.

Pay for your sins!

Forgive me, mother! Save me!

Save me!

You are going to Sheetal but she will not heed you.

She will not heed you even if you pacify her.

It was my fault.

I will have to go and pacify her.

Everything will be fine, Ravi.

Mr. Ravi! - Where's madam?

Madam has gone. - Gone?

She took Deepu also. - Deepu?

Where? - An elderly man had come.

He took madam away and she packed her things.

But where to? - To the railway station.

They're leaving.

Mummy, why are we going to Mumbai?

My dear, you have a big house there and there are plenty of toys for you.

When will we return?

No, my son. We will never return now.

Then how will I meet Munni?

Where are you going?

Mummy, where are you going?

Yes, Sheetal.

Where are you going?

Mother is here.

To take you home.

My dear...

Whatever I did...

please do not punish Ravi for my folly.

Or yourself.

Or these children.


It's too late.

No, dear.

I've been too late.

You have your whole life ahead of you.

I am Raj's father.

I had come to take my daughter-in-law.

I will assume that I have given away my daughter in marriage.


Be happy-

"Daddy love Mummy & Mummy love Daddy"

"They love each other"

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