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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW 80s MUSIC? (REACT: Do They Know It)

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♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪

- (FBE) So today we're gonna test how well you know music from the '80s.

- What?! (laughing) I wasn't even born yet.

- Oh god. This is gonna be interesting.

- I'm a '90s kid, so this is gonna be mad hard.

- Oh, okay. Maybe.

I hope my dad doesn't get mad if I don't know it.

- I play Fallout and there is a mod,

and they have an '80s playlist on there.

I think I got this.

- I watch a lot of '80s movies, and that has a lot of '80s music in it,

so that might give me a little bit of an advantage.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- (male) ♪ And mother always told me ♪ - Ah!

This is Michael.

- ♪ And be careful of what you do

- It's Michael Jackson.

- (singing along) ♪ Billie Jean is not my lover

- (singing along) ♪ She's just a girl who says I am the one

- This song is so good.

You could just dance to it forever.

- ♪ Woo! ♪

- Yeah, I know that one.

How could you not know that one?

- (FBE) Do you know this one? - That is Michael Jackson, "Billie Jean."

- "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson?

- "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson?

- It's catchy, it's fun, it's typical '80s music.

- I loved that song.

That album was amazing.

I actually own that album at home.

That was one of my favorites as a kid.

♪ (quirkly interlude) ♪

- (male) ♪ Slow change may pull us apart

- Oh my god!

- Hold on, hold on. - ♪ When the light gets in... ♪

- This was in The Breakfast Club!

- ♪ Don't you... ♪

- Oh! "Don't You Forget About Me."

- (singing along) ♪ Don't, don't, don't, don't


- ♪ Don't you... - Oh my gosh.

This is from Breakfast Club.

- (laughing) I can just picture the ending when he's walking

across the football field. (sentimental sigh)


- (FBE) So, do you know the title and artist?

- Uh, title, maybe, "Don't You Forget About Me"?

- "Don't You Forget About Me"?

I do not know who sings it.

- I know it's from The Breakfast Club.

I don't remember who sings it, though.

- (FBE) So this is "Don't You," also known "Don't You Forget About Me"

by Simple Minds. - Simple Minds, okay.

- Oh, I don't know who that is.

- Simple Minds, I never would've guessed it.

I have never, ever heard of that.

- The Breakfast Club is such an iconic movie.

It's one of my favorite movies of all time.

(groans) If my life could be an '80s movie,

I'd be so happy.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- (female) ♪ I can't hear what you've said

Then you say, go slow

I fall behind ♪ - Is this Madonna?

- It's not Madonna, right?

- ♪ The second hand unwinds ♪ - No idea.

(gasping) Wait, there we go. Just needed the chorus.

- (singing along) ♪ Time after time

Who is this? (groaning)

- Is this Cyndi Lauper?

- ♪ Time after time

- This is, like, my mom's favorite song.

- (FBE) Do you know this one? - Um... not the artist.

I believe it's called "Time After Time."

- The song is "Time After Time," but I don't know the artist.

- "Time After Time."

I remember that one being in the Napoleon Dynamite prom scene.

- Is it "Time After Time" by Madonna?

- I think it's Cyndi Lauper, "Time After Time"?

- Cyndi Lauper, "Time After Time!"

- (FBE) This is "Time After Time"-- - Okay.

- (FBE) By Cyndi Lauper. - Never even heard of Cyndi.

I'm so sorry, Cyndi.

- Cyndi Lauper! Duh! Okay.

It makes sense.

- She's such a great representative of the '80s, you know,

and that style, like what she would wear.

She's still so iconic.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- (male) ♪ Handful of grease and my hair feels right

But what I need... ♪ - It's like a rock song.

- ♪ Girls, girls, girls ♪ - "Girls, Girls, Girls."

I've heard it.

- ♪ Long legs and... ♪ - I've definitely heard it.

- ♪ Girls, girls, girls ♪ - It's obviously a hair band.

- Is this ACDC?

- Guns N' Roses?

- (singing along) ♪ Girls, girls, girls

♪ (electric guitar) ♪ - Never heard it before.

Don't know who this is, what the name of the song is,

but I like it. It sounds pretty dope.

- (FBE) So, do you know this one? - I do not know this one.

- "Girls" by Twisted Sister?

- Well, it's definitely called "Girls, Girls, Girls."

Alice Cooper?

- I know it was "Girls, Girls, Girls."

I want to say Scorpions.

- (FBE) So this is "Girls, Girls, Girls," by Mötley Crüe.

- Oh my gosh!

I totally should have gotten that.

- Oh, okay. Oh my gosh. Okay.

- Mötley Crüe, son of a bitch.

- "Mötley Crüe"?

Okay, a rock band, I'm assuming.

- I associate, like, the '80s as either pop princess Madonna

or like hair band, that just goes straight into the hair band category.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- (male) ♪ Once I ran to you ( I ran) ♪

Now I run from you ♪ - I know this song.

- ♪ This tainted... ♪ - "Tainted Love," Blondie.

- ♪ I give you all a boy could give you

- Oh my god. ♪ Duh ♪-- oh my god!

- (singing along) ♪ And that's not nearly all

- ♪ Tainted love ♪ - (vocalizing)

- ♪ Tainted love

- I don't know what it is, but I've definitely heard that song before.

- (FBE) Do you know this one?

- I kind of recognize the sound,

I just don't know who this is by.

- Don't know the name, don't know the artist.

- I know it's "Tainted Love," but I have no idea who it's by.

- I know it's "Tainted Love," right, but it's, uh...

I can't remember! I'm sorry, dad, I'm so sorry.

- (FBE) So this is "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell.

- Oh. I don't know who that is.

- "Soft Cell," never heard of them at all.

- (chuckling) "Soft Cell"?

Okay, see, I never would have guessed that.

- I'm getting all these .5's because I can't give you

the mother[bleep] artist.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- (male) ♪ Maybe I'm just like my father ♪ - It's Prince!

- ♪ Or maybe I'm just like my mother

She's never... ♪

- It's great, but again, never heard of it.

- ♪ Why do we scream at each other

- Is this Prince?

- I've been waiting for Prince this entire time.

- I know it's "When Doves Cry."

- "When Doves Cry," Prince.

RIP, aww.

- I love Prince so much.

Like, that song could keep playing.

- (FBE) Do you know it? - No, I-- I do not.

- I don't know the artist or the song name.

- No name, no artist. I don't know, period.

- I think that song is called "When Doves Cry."

- "When Doves Cry."

I can't remember the artist's name.

- That's "When Doves Cry" by Prince.

Oh yeah!

- (FBE) This is "When Doves Cry" by Prince.

- Oh, that was Prince? Oh shit!

- Oh my god.

- Oh my gosh!

That is the most embarrassing thing ever.

- This was one of those songs

that would play throughout my childhood all the time.

- I just have so much respect for him as an artist

and a person, in general, that it's just so sad that he passed away.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

- (male) ♪ I... ♪ - (singing along) ♪ Just wanna tell you... ♪

Stop! This is my favorite song!

- ♪ Gotta make you... ♪ - Am I getting rick rolled right now?

- ♪ Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

- Yeah!

- ♪ And desert you

- Get a little hip, a snap.

- Are you guys trying to rick roll me?

Like, seriously?

- (singing along) ♪ Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

That-- I love that song so much.

- (FBE) Do you know this one?

- I think it's called "Never Gonna Give You Up"?

I don't know who it's by.

- I know it. It's the meme guy.

- "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick... something and another.

- This is "Never Gonna Give You Up" by... Rick--

His name can't be Rick Roll!

That's not what it is, but you "rick roll" somebody.

What is his name?

- You just rick rolled me. Not cool.

Um, this is "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.

- (FBE) So this is "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.

- "Rick Astley," that's right.

- The sad thing is the only reason why I'm associated with that song

is because I got rick rolled once.

- It was the greatest way to get trolled on the internet,

from as long as I can remember.

- They should bring it back. Bring back the rick roll.

♪ (quirky interlude) ♪

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- ♪ Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

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