Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Irish Greyhounds...Racing dogs...Track race

Difficulty: 0

vehicle guaranteed at 300 euro on your

ninth contest and then trap number one

we have nez gold for tony retailer

margaret burns of lynch and bolton

blades playing the fourth right winner

six to five on market leader trap

number two is denmark body for daddy


sort of paradise madison and dan moore

mini 13 times the winner at 11 to four

and three is typical birch from the

lower side syndicates

trained by sean stack so the taylor

swift typical

pair of four wins and 13 outings 92

on the car and reserve you was astro

abbey for the pepper williams

marty syndication trained by stephen

murray the seven-time winning daughter

of total control and crime-playing sean

is great as a 14-1 challenge and trap


taurus philip aladdin a three-time

winning son of superior productive

communities thinking

a rare and nine to two shots

six to five on blair's normal one triple


300 euro and do two minutes to place

your events two minutes to place your


there is not a lot to be loaded so

guaranteed 300 euros

are about to be loaded they're lonely

players drove from one denver body to

typical perch three beast lola for



don't look for him on the inside with

the two denmark

cornered well the tree no typical bunch

within a length of the tail

down the back straight there clearly

they're headed by the four beasts lola

brought from denmark a couple of lengths

to the goat from the trillion second

triple you'll burst the lead of two and

a half lengths

at the crown of the home in denmark

footing for daddy parallel in front

and dan marvel has tried to carry with

number 14 by four and a half lengths

from the five in second place

astro abbey in a time of 29


away from me

The Description of Irish Greyhounds...Racing dogs...Track race