Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Letters to Spring 18

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Dear Spring, today after rehearsal, lunch and a nap, I met up with my friend Maii so we could have a chat and

then we found Haribo gummies in a local supermarket which was so exciting.

When I got home my room was invaded by my brother as per usual

And it got me thinking about all the nice things I have in my room that I'd like to share with you

This is a hogwarts letter addressed to me that my friend Sofi

gave me for my birthday, and these are some paper birds my sister made years ago.

This is a shelf of the important books, so Harry Potter's there obviously

This is the best birthday card I've ever been given and this is my favorite painting made by my uncle

This is the cutest picture you've ever seen and a Harry Potter poster

This photo is signed by Matthew Lewis this one is signed by Mollyee Grey and this one by a Ayla Kell.

Here are my jojo pictures from ages ago and my The Amazing Spider-Man 2 signed poster. Ahh! Andrew Garfield

I really love Vanessa Hudgens and

this is a bigger scale poster of Harry Potter.

This is my favorite thing in my room. Which is a globe that lights up, and I use it as a lamp

My collection of Cds. Yes, I still buy CDs more books and a Hogwarts Notebook.

A picture of my Dad when he was little, my flag...

perfume and...

just more books.

This is another shelf full of things. Pictures of my friends, with Jojo, things from Disney, and it looks clutter-y

but I love it

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