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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Subscription Boxes for Men (my opinion)

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What's up guys my name is Brock you're watching The Modest Man and today we're

talking about subscription boxes. Now, a few years ago the subscription box model

didn't even exist. These days though, there's a subscription for pretty much

everything, you know, stuff that doesn't make sense like honestly if you told me

there was like a laptop subscription box or like a car subscription I wouldn't be

surprised. And I get it companies like this model. It's predictable, recurring

revenue and actually there's a video over on The Kavalier that kind of

explains why this business model is so attractive. So I recommend checking that

out. This video is just my honest opinion about subscription boxes specifically

for menswear and accessories and fashion because I get it that subscription boxes

for other stuff like food even like grooming products, you know, consumable

stuff and that kind of makes sense but when I see subscriptions for, you know,

shoes and clothes and watches and stuff that's a little different. So I just want

to share my honest truthful opinion about this model in this video and I

thought this video would be kind of boring if it was just me talking to the

camera, so I'm gonna open up a subscription box. This one is from

Gentleman's Box and this is not sponsored or anything. I just I met these

guys at a conference, they sent me one of the boxes and it's

been sitting in my studio for a couple of months. So I figured since we're

talking about it why not open one up.

It's kind of cool. So here is my bottom line opinion about subscription boxes

for men. I don't really like them. And what I mean by that is it's not how I

choose to spend my money. The thing is I'm really picky about what

I wear and what I buy and what I own. The things I keep my home my office and

subscription boxes don't lead to intentional buying and I like to buy

things with intention. Alright this is like a little wood in a bottle opener.

It's kind of cool. We got here Original Grain, just have one of their watches

which is actually a bracelet. I guess it's like a wooden theme in this box. SRP

$49 which seems a little high to me. See, in my opinion, subscription boxes lead to

excess. It leads to owning things that you don't need and that you might not

even want and, you know, I'm no minimalist but I do try to keep the things I own to

a minimum and that I don't like to own things that just gather dust, you know,

I like to use everything that I own and when I buy something I like to really

think do I need this, do I really want this and of course can I afford this. But

I get it. It's fun to open a box. It's kind of like

having Christmas once a month instead of once a year.


Some sunglasses.

It's a little too big for my face, you know, and this is a perfect example of

like another reason why I don't love subscription boxes yeah specifically for

men's fashion accessories. I'm not a one-size-fits-all guy and so I get pair

of sunglasses like these even if I like the style they're way too big for my

face. And that's the case with socks, ties sunglasses, bracelets, a lot of the stuff

that comes in these subscription boxes for men. And so for me, you know, these are

either gonna sit in a drawer or I'm gonna give them away or get rid of them

but I can't wear these. And that's my problem with subscription boxes. They

lead to me owning stuff that I don't really want. I would rather have a

wardrobe and an accessories collection full of stuff that I've really thought

about and purchased in a thoughtful intentional way.

Bluetooth speaker.

Yes this is woody.

Yeah definitely plastic wood but yeah kind of cool, right?

And, you know, I get it. It's fun but I don't really need a Bluetooth speaker.

I already have one, no and I probably wouldn't have bought this for myself

because I don't really need another speaker. So, is it cool? Yeah, kind of. Is it

fun to open? Yes. Do I need it? No. Would I have bought it for myself?

Definitely not.

A little magazine that tells you a little bit about the stuff

that you got.

A piece of paper.

Vincero gift card. Well, there you go if anybody wants

a $50 gift card to Vincero or Vincero how do you say it, there it is.

There's another one. I'll put this stuff down in the description so don't worry about

pausing the video or anything. Got a couple more things in here. Now, listen I

get the subscription model for certain things like especially stuff that goes

bad like, for example, would I subscribe to a toilet-paper subscription? Yes.

Toothpaste? Probably. Socks? Maybe. Shoes, watches? No, I would not.

You know, if I'm gonna own a pair of shoes I want it to last for years, you know,

and I don't want to own a million pairs of shoes. So to me a monthly shoe

delivery subscription that doesn't make any sense.

In fact, the longer something lasts, the less sense the subscription model makes.

In my opinion.

Dead Soxy. I've heard of this brand. I actually get a lot of emails. PR emails

from those brand. So it's a medium men's eight to twelve. I wear size seven. This

might fit but it's probably gonna be a little too big for my foot and these are

no-show socks will probably slip off my foot while I walk. Again, this is the

problem with subscription boxes. If I were to buy a pair of socks from this

brand I would get a small size not a medium size and subscription boxes can't

do that. They can't customize your preferences like the size of your feet,

you know, that is an inherent flaw with this model. Alright, we got one more

thing kind of a big box. Let's see, tech Dopp kit we'll open this

up in a second but I want to make one more point. I don't know how it was fifty

years ago, you know, but it seems to me like we live in an age where there is

more stuff available to buy and there's more ways for companies to advertise and

to market to us than ever before. Plus, with global manufacturing and shipping,

stuff is cheaper than it's ever been. Shipping is faster, returns are free and

all of this means that it's very, very easy to get swept up in consumerism.

It's very easy to start feeling like you need to buy more stuff right now and this is

what the magazine's tell u , you know, this is what the Instagram ads tell us.

You might feel like buying stuff will make you happier but research and

anecdotal evidence tells us that, more stuff will not make us feel better.

Buying more stuff and owning more things will not make you happier. But in the age

of Amazon Prime and subscription boxes for every category, it's easy to feel the

pressure to keep buying stuff and keep spending your money on stuff that you

don't really want and you don't really need. Let's open this last little box up

Brouk & Co tech Dopp kit. Almost thought that was my name for a second.

So this is a Dopp kit. It has pretty nice shape,

it feels like bonded, bonded leather. Genuine

leather and, you know, again, yeah it's, it's a nice Dopp kit but I already have

a Dopp kit, you know, I already have a Dopp kit that I love and I use all the time

and to be honest, I don't need more than one Dopp kit. So, you know, this is not

something that I would buy for myself even though it was kind of fun to unbox

and open up. I think these days to be not a consumer, you know, to be anti consumer

is an uphill battle but I think it's a worthwhile goal and I think to do that

anytime before you buy something whether it's a pair of shoes or a car or a watch

or subscription box or anything else ask yourself three things. One, do I need it?

Two, do I really really want it? And three, can I afford it? And in my opinion 99% of

subscription boxes won't hold up to those three questions and for that

reason I'm personally not a fan of them especially when it comes to men's

fashion. Again remember, this is just my opinion. You should spend your money in a

way that makes you happy. In a way that you want to spend your money, you know,

for me this stuff is not gonna make my life better, it's not gonna make me

happier but I'd love to hear from you. What do you think about subscription

boxes? Are you a fan? Are you a customer of any? Let me know down in the comments.

I'd really love to hear your opinion. Thank you as always for watching, if you

have any questions for me, let me know down in the comments and until next time.

Stay stylish!

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