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The dream of many young people is to study and complete a university degree, but

presented with the problems that math usually one of the subjects

more tedious for students, either in the early years of school, or in

past high school, mathematics usually odious to many.

Some people do not understand and therefore the They reject others who understand but equal

detest and finally, there are those who They understand them and love.

The first two groups often choose careers who have few subjects related

mathematics, although very few ... That's why at the request of many of you

we present a top of the 10 races university without math to see

that all is not lost .. if you want to know which are I invite you to stay to see

The following video ... are you ready?

Let's start! : D

1.- Communication Sciences

Field Communication mainly It is the most races offer without intervention

of numbers.

Although necessary, some prefer to avoid them.

Social Communication and Journalism, have math but lean subjects

those related to social sciences.

Some of the subjects are carried Semiotics, History, Literature, Language,

Writing, Speaking, or Communication Digital .. you see .. no math!

2. Social Work

Social work is a profession based in practice and an academic discipline

advocating for change and social development, social cohesion, strengthening and

the release of people.

In addition, the principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility

and respect for diversity are fundamental for social work.

Backed by the theories of social work, social sciences, humanities and

indigenous knowledge, social work It involves people and structures

to face life's challenges and increase well-being ... an excellent career

where no doubt mathematics are almost nil

3. Law

If you prefer to continue in the field of Social sciences, but with another look, you

choose a career in law.

There you will have the chance to meet the laws, rights and obligations

the citizens.

Civil, Criminal, Constitutional, they are the main subjects that need to be addressed.

However, you also have Tax Law where you have to learn to manage taxes

and rates have to control where mathematics but, veery few compared to engineering.

4. History

The importance of history can often cause some questionable looks and questions

what job you're going to get after of the University.

Most graduates history not often they are become historians.

However, research, writing and critical analysis skills learned

history courses in college They are tools for success in a variety

professional fields.

5. Piscología

The Piscología is a profession, a discipline academic and a science that deals with the study

and analysis of behavior and processes mental of individuals and human groups

in different situations, whose field of study It covers all aspects of the experience

human and makes for both research purposes as teachers and labor, among others, although

in some of its branches if carried mathematics, the main subjects of this discipline

They have nothing to do with mathematics.

6. Philosophy & Letters

Specializing in guiding philosophy students through the study of

reality, existence, knowledge, values ​​and reason.

Both can be useful in business, law, political science, education and careers

communication ... a race very complete you could study whether the numbers are not

yours: D

7. Foreign Languages

In addition to the hours of the most important courses, students of foreign languages

often it requires them to take courses language (the scientific study of

language), history and religion as well as classes social sciences, like sociology

and anthropology but never mathematics.

8. Tourism

The career of Tourism and Hotel belongs to the branch of social science, it's a race

excellent for travel lovers and languages, this race does not carry heavy courses

math, with a knowledge of the basic math is more


10. Art & Culture

Finally this is forearmed, as they study the art world may be the best option

If you want to avoid mathematics.

Whether through music, film or the theater will have the chance to train you

professionally without the need to live with numbers.

In addition to the artists we see on television, You can also devote to teaching, to

learn to play an instrument, to give theater classes or you can even study

audiovisual communication to be a great film director.

Remember that the most important thing is that you enjoy you study the race and in the future ejerzas,

do not lean by better pay or which everyone chooses is a decision

very important in your life and you can not let in the hands of others, thank you very much for

watch the video ... I hope you liked, you know that if you went to if I apoyarías much

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