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Howdy, Im Bob Terry welcome to the Forsaken Westerns up next from 1953 we

have a half-hour television show pilot that never aired, and it's in color and it

stars a big Western star from the 1930s in the 1940s movies and his name is Tom

Keene. Along with Tom Keene is another big western movie star co-starring in this.

His name is Tom Tyler. Title of this show is Crossroad Avenger,

The Adventures of the Tucson Kid. Sit back relax kick your boots up and enjoy this and we'll see ya after the show.


All out, five minutes for the stage.


Is there anything else Roger? No that's about the whole story the saloon burned

to the ground and now the man rightfully requests payment the company only wants

to know why he wants cash instead of the usually check. It doesn't sound like

much of a case to me. But uh, I guess Duke and me need the exercise.

Well it might not sound like much, but I have a hunch it'll be a job worthy of

the talents of the Tucson Kid. Well I wish you good luck and I hope to see you

when you get back to the city. Thanks for coming part way with me but

you know I think you're going to have a tougher trip going back on that stage thenI'm going to have. Ha ha ha.


Any troubles? Don't see any do ya? Dance plugged him clean through! In the back of course. Never even

had a chance of blink an eye. Shut up. Don't be so modest Dance.

The boys are only trying to build up your reputation. Too many ears in this town

and knocking off a sheriff ain't no picnic you know. What's gonna happen when

they start looking for the one who did it?

You're going to come right under suspicion boss being partners like you

was. Yeah especially after that oversight comes out in the open.

Don't worry. I've had that planned for a month. Since Dance put the torch to his

saloon. You cut me in. The deputy will be heading out with a posse pretty soon.

Dance and me will ride along with em. Later on we'll break away and head for

the well-used South trail. The first stranger who comes along is our fall guy.

We'll pin the sheriff's murder on him string him up right away and I'll be in

the clear. He puts up a holler who's going to take a stranger's word against

mine? Thats nice! Nice frame Bart. Glad you like it. Come on boys drinks are on me.


Drink up Duke boy we've had a dusty trip. I guess we better hide our badge no need

anyone knowing who we are until it's necessary. Mind if I use your name on

this trip Duke?


Here comes a rider now! We'll see him in the clear in a little bit. If he's a stranger

he's our man. Hey where'd he go? Don't worry he's got to come this way. Come on.


Get off your horse mister. Take his guns Dance. I aim to. Do I get them back? My guns

pointed right at your middle, one move and you've done your last killin. Now

that you got my guns and you have me covered, mind telling me what this is all

about? What's your name mister? Duke, Duke Smith. A lot of Dukes around lately!

Funny thing is they all seem to end in Smith. Duke Smith is good enough for

the time being and now that the formalities are over I'm asking again. you

mind telling me what this is all about?


Those shots I fired will bring the deputy and we're stringing you up for killing

the sheriff last night. That's hard to believe since I wasn't in this neck of

the woods last night or any other night for that matter. You're lying! I hope to

have the chance soon to make you eat those words mister. I ought to drop you

right now. Hold it Dance. Here comes the deputy. This makes this all kind of legal like.

What's up Bart? Where's the posse? They're behind me somewhere. Who's this

hombre? This is the hombre that killed Jim! I saw him hanging around the

sheriff's office last night. He's riding the same horse was tied behind Jim's

place too! Plenty of people saw that horse. Sounds like trouble for you mister.

Sounds like you got troubles deputy. But I was in Broken Bow last night. He's

lying! Are you gonna take his word against Barts? I say let's string him up

right now. We oughta take him for trial. Well he didn't give Jim a trial, let's

string him up. Don't seem right Bart! Don't seem right? Why a trials too good for

this sheriff killer Ed. He done killed a lawman. A lawman what never done him no

harm. Why he'd only go out and get himself one of those fast-talking lawyers and get

out of it sure as fire. Let's string him up now and be done with it. Then we'll

know he's paid for Jim's killin. You're right Bart. Get over to that tree and

don't make a false move, cause I'd assume shoot you as hang you.


Go get your rope Dance. Mount up.


Guess we better tell em who we are Duke. Things are moving a little too fast.

Whatever you're mumbling about say it out loud this is your last chance for talking.



First man what goes gets a bullet with his name written right on it. Now son you

know better than that. Just leave them guns where they be. Unless you think your draw can

beat my bullet. It's a better that away! Why you old desert rat your interfering

with justice. What's your kind know about justice? Bart

told me this man killed Jim. They seen him around the sheriff's office last

night. Why I'd a sooner believe a rattlesnake than either of them. Why you

old desert rat, get this Pop. Now don't you Pop me you young whippersnapper. I

knows what's a going on and I ain't gonna let you hang this here young feller

uh least wise not without a legal trial.

Oh shut up you ole coot. Go on get out of there. What do you know about anything

anyway? Pretty soon you're gonna find out I know plenty. For the time being this

here fella is a friend of mine. Hey tell em who ya are son. I'm Duke Smith. See it.

Didn't I tell ya? He's an old friend of my Ha ha he came up

here to help me work my claim a spell. Ain't that right Duke? That's right!

I left Broken Bow at dawn been riding ever since you can check with Ace Dike

faro dealer over there. We played cards all night. Maybe we were a bit quick

stranger. If ole Zeke says you're okay then I'm willing to take his word for it.

Well I'm not. He sure looks like the fellow I saw all right. I'll check the

story in the morning. Meantime I'm holding you responsible Zeke for his showing up

when we want him and for his good behavior too. He'll be around when you

wants him. Won't you Duke? I'll be here. I'll check that story the first thing in the

morning. Give him his guns.

You ain't seen the last of me stranger. I hope not.


Thanks for what you just did for me old-timer. Oh twernt nothing ha ha. Come up to the camp and

we'll talk awhile it ain't far from here. Yeah I was just coming in from town with

the load of provisions when I seed what was a going on.

Well come on Alonzo. Come on. Come on.



You find a fall guy boss? We had one but he got away, that is for the time being.

The deputy went for the story hook line and sinker.

We found a stranger and I told the deputy he was the one who killed the sheriff.

Deputy hasn't bought it yet. The guy had an alibi. Yeah old Zeke popped up and put his

nose in where it didn't belong again. Said the guy was a friend of his. Either

of you ever know anyone who goes by the name of Dukes Smith? Oh lots of them lots

of Smiths and Jones's around. Like I say a lot of guys around here use that

handle. I'd have seen him first. Likewise with me. This Duke Smith is our

fall guy. Is our fall guy? I thought you said the deputy wouldn't buy that one.

Dance and me have got it all figured out. Smith was left in the custody of old Zeke

until his alibi could be checked. The deputy won't have a chance to check his

alibi until tomorrow morning. So that gives us all night. Now then if old Zeke

should turn up dead before tomorrow morning. Hey that's smart that's real smart. But

don't underestimate this Smith character he carries his guns like he knows how to

use them. Well I can use mine too! Now as I was saying, if old Zeke turns up dead

before tomorrow morning I don't think the Smith alibi will have to be checked.

Coming around the mountain, coming around the mountain, coming around the mountain when she comes.

I got a little more firewood here! Yes sir ain't nothing like hot grub and

coffee when a man takes him perk him up. Say uh where did ya hale from a son?

Uh Tucson. Oh Tucson uh nice place say uh,

what are you doing hitting the road? Well maybe I was Restless, kind of hankering

for excitement. Guess I almost got a neck for today. What's it all about Zeke? Well

it happened during the night. The sheriff was was uh, found shot in the back. Found his

body under the hangin tree. Same tree they hung the cattle thieves and horse

rustlers on. Yes sir old Jim he was a square shooter. Hey, Just run his saloon

just as square as a preacher. I knew him well. saved his life some months ago in the

fire their that almost burned up that saloon at crossroads, his saloon

Saloon fire, what was that all about? Ole Jim the sheriff his saloon.

Well it catched on fire and ole Jim was catched in one of the rooms upstairs.

Door was locked on the outside too. Well I just happened to be sleeping off a little ha ha.

A little snake juice in one of the other rooms.

When the smoke woke me up. I heared old Jim hollering his head off

so I busted down the door and dragged him out. Since then the deputy and his men have

been real friendly like. That explains why the deputy was so quick to take your

word today. Well now son I believe that you're innocent.

Yes siree.


To get back to what we was talking about. Now old Jim and the Bart Miller the fella

that tried to get ya hung today was partners and the owned this

double d ranch and now Bart owns it all now. One Partner dies and the other partner

gets it all. Old-timer just to put your mind at ease about taking up for

me this afternoon, folks call me the Tucson Kid. The insurance investigator?

That's about the size of it. Well I sweared. And now that you know who I am maybe you

won't mind telling me all you know about the fire. Well, I know plenty! Now

this is the way that I see it.


Oh taint no use. You'd lose em in the dark. You not know in the country.

Take it easy old timer, I'll get a doctor. Yeah ain't no use. Time for me to cash in my

chips. I reckon I'll find out about the activity at the double D ranch now. I need

to find out there too. Find a sheriff killer without too much looking I'll bet.

Tucson get a going. Get a going and don't stop until you cross the state

line. They won't let ya get close enough to show em your badge now! They'll blame

you for shooting me! They'd hang you sure! Never let you get away this

time. So ride on. Ride on.


No old timer I'm not riding. I'm going to stay here and find out what's going on

at the double D ranch!


No need to check on that Smith fella Ed.

Old Zeke's dead, been shot. We rode out by his place earlier, saw new cut grave got a little

curious. We dug it up. It was old Zeke shot through the back.

That Smith fella did it alright. Drilled him and then buried the evidence

right on the spot. Max and Lefty are with the body. At old Zeke's camp? Yeah, right

where he killed him. Let's ride.

Let's go. Lets go.

The old man's dead as a doornail! Drilled clean through. Looks like he never had a chance!


That where you found him? Right under that pile of dirt we dug up. Put him back and let

him rest in peace. Old Zeke isn't ever going to rest in peace until his murderers join him.

Put down your guns Smith. I'd sure liked you deputy. But I've got a few things to say

first and without my guns I'm afraid I wouldn't live that long. This time I'm

assuring you of a fair trial and again I ask you to put down your guns. You see

there's a man right behind you and he's got a gun in your back. I don't want him shootin

you. You heard him mister. I'd hate to have to

shoot you Bart or any of your men. But if you go for that gun I will and I won't

think twice about it. This man goes into town for a fair trial. Dance, put up your

gun. If I were you deputy I'd keep my guns on these men. It was Miller here

that killed the sheriff and it was he and his men that got to old Zeke last

night. Talk is cheap! You gonna let him talk like that about me? Why I

was old Jim's partner! I'm the one who put up the money! All the money to drill

for oil in our range. Yeah and I even let him keep 50% of the range. If he don't hang

deputy we're gonna have your neck in his place! I ain't never liked you know how and as far

as being a deputy it'd make a good spittoon cleaner. Maybe you'd like to

read this?

Where'd you get this? Last night I paid a visit to the double D ranch. I searched

through the desk in the ranch house that was in the desk. What's on that paper?

He's stalling. I say let's take him now. Make a move Dance and I'll let daylight through

you. Not only is he a sheriff killer he's a thief as well. I've got a right to know

what come out of my private desk. Yes you do Bart that's why I'm going to read

this to you. Says that Jim Hawks being your 50% partner is up to 85% because he

alone financed the stake to drill for oil on your North range. And here's

another paper showing they've already found oil. Bart killed the sheriff to

cheat him out of his share. He tried it a month ago when he set old Jim saloon

afire, while old Jim was locked in his room upstairs. But old Zeke came along

dragged him out and spoiled their plans. Then Miller finally shot the sheriff in

the back and I was picked up to be the fall guy.

But again old Zeke popped up and ruined another their schemes. I was here last

night when the shooting started. When I shoot I don't generally miss. Take the

bandage off that follows face and I think you'll find a fresh bullet crease.

Take em Dance.



Throw down your gun Bart and come on out, you're all alone.

Real easy-like. All right, all right you got me don't shoot. I'm coming out.



I guess the investigation will never be complete. I don't get you. I came out here

for the express purpose of finding out why old Jim wanted cash instead of the

usual check, but now with old Jim dead I guess the answer died with him. Thats easy to

answer. We have no Bank in Crossroads. Oh so that's it huh. Here's something else I

want to know. Yesterday Bart had you convinced I should be hanged. This

morning when you had the drop on me why'd you change your mind? I had nothing

to do after I left you yesterday I took a fast ride over to Broken Bow. They

remembered you. So you couldn't have been there and killed the sheriff over here at

the same time. So if you didn't kill the sheriff there was no reason for you to put

all Zeke out. Had to be somebody else. You're pretty smart deputy! Sheriff now.

That's right and you're going to be a smart one too. Well I got to be hitting

the trail again. Sure welcome to stay a spell Tucson. Thanks but they got another

job waiting for me at the Home Office. Oh uh, do me a favor will ya? Sure. Fix

up a nice spot for old Zeke. I'll do that Tucson!


Wasn't that really entertaining? And great to see two 1930s 1940s western movie

stars in color. In a TV Pilot that never aired. The director the series

also was a writer and also had a bit part in it.

And his name's Ed Wood. You may recognize his name from other things. But I found

this to be an enjoyable family-friendly television show pilot. My name's Bob

Terry, we hope to see you again here on The Forsaken Westerns. Have a great day.


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