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I greet you on my channel me

name is alexander gray in this video i'm

I will draw

white flowers using golden

fell first determine the total

composition and then

main forms of flowers then

draw the details in this picture of them

not much in the picture there are two

large flower and one small which

not bloomed yet


the flowers themselves will be voluminous therefore

I use such a soft texture


first took unusual for myself

palette knife but then changed it to his

which I'm already used to working

every instrument to get used to

need some time

to work with texture paste you need

imagine in my head like a flower

would look in reality it will help

correctly apply volumes to the front and

background palette knife size

also need to choose in accordance with

proportionality of your drawing which

going to do for the petals and

stems for example this size is not quite

fits but in the middle

I will make the little palette knife

the size



I took a little palette knife so work

they are in this situation much

more convenient


slowly hes typing to start it

it will be light gray, that is, from the beginning

waited until the texture paste is fully

will dry out

then completely covered the whole picture with white

color and then just started adding



color trying to emphasize the shadow and volume

flowers the picture should turn out tender

therefore, there will not be much contrast

except on the background and on the stems of flowers

it is necessary to separate the prostitutes

from the general background and highlight them



now I'm starting to draw stems they

quite contrasting as I said but

by the total volume of the picture they occupy

some area

I do not completely paint those elements

which made a texture paste a

only where volume should be emphasized

paint dries almost immediately

so I do the feathering very quickly

as an auxiliary material and

I use wet wipes

they come with me as a consumable

because of writing such a picture here

a whole pack of 70 80 can go



didnt show on video

but still around the buds I added a little

black spray is also acrylic diluted

paint in water and now so

way put glue for potal

I will need to achieve a shallow effect


proceed to sticking the potal itself and and

I especially do not regret glue with whole sheets there

where do you need better gloves

so that the potal does not stick to your hands

after some time with a soft brush

I take off the potal which has not been fixed

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