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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DIY Grand Big Mac

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(upbeat whimsical music)

- Hello everyone, it's Barry here.

Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen.

I hope you are well.

I'm not on my own at the moment.

The kids are over here.

All right, kids?

- Yeah!

- And the big kid as well, Mrs. Barry.

They're going out for the day.

It's half term.

Kind of jealous, not gonna lie,

but I'm not jealous because today I'm trying to make

a Grand Big Mac.

When I thought of that, I was thinking of Pulp Fiction,

Le Big Mac and that whole scene from there,

the Royale with cheese.

Nothing to do with that, nothing at all.

But essentially this is a temporary Big Mac

that McDonald's have released.

They've also done a Big Mac Junior as well

and it was in the news, like oh my gosh!

It's really, really hard to get hold of,

so I'm goin to give it a go

and try to make my own homemade version.

- Thank you. - [Order Taker] Thank you

- They've run out of Grand Big Macs,

and I know for a fact I am going to get a comment

about the buns.

I'll show you why.

Because I went to three supermarkets this morning

and the best buns I could get were this size

sesame seed tops, you know, proper Big Mac styli.

I've got quite a fetish for buns.

That sounds wrong,

but buns with sesame seeds and poppy seeds.

I went to my local bakery and they have got massive buns.

Where is this going?

But they've got massive buns

that are sesame seed and poppy seed,

and look, nom nom nom, Homer approves.

Please don't criticise my buns.

Can I say that?

- Yeah.

- You can say it.


- By making it fresh as well,

I also went to my butchers

and got some actual beef mince from there.

So we're going to get some really nice fresh ingredients,

and fingers crossed,

make this taste awesome so that you guys can give it a go,

because I think it's only available

in the UK at the moment,

and it's not going to be around for long.

I think the actual Grand Big Mac

has got like an extra layer of cheese

or something like that but.

(blowing raspberry)

I got a bit of a history with McDonald's

and I actually went and did a sponsored video

with them about nuggets.

I think it was like a year ago.

Genuinely was super impressed

with their like health standards.

I think they actually get quite a bit of unfair criticism.

Of course, there's different standards

in different countries.

On another note, my friends and I did dress up

as Ronald McDonald for a fancy dress weekend

not so long ago.

Quite a chuckle indeed,

and as for this picture,

well that was stag do,

but my friend on the left looks very uncomfortable indeed.

So there might be one extra little layer of cheese

like, oh no, this is like the Big Mac Grand.

It needs one more piece of gherkin!

I'm just going to show you the basics

and I want you to blow my mind

and make it and send me pictures.



I totally did the Big Mac recipe

in this very kitchen.

Watch that video,

like years ago, that was the same house

How crazy is that?

And Jamie Oliver actually watched it

and is like, yeah, cool bro.

As you guys know, I met Jamie Oliver several times

and he's actually probably one of the nicest guys I ever met

in that sort of world.

There are some, if you excuse the burger reference,

whoppers out there

that are not as nice as you think.

I'm going to say no names,

but probably work that out for yourself.

Here's my mince, all right.

Essentially, the Big Mac Grand

is like two Big Mac patties,

which are quite thin, aren't they?

We're just like fatter patties.

Me big fatty patty, fatty fatty, boom boom.

Baking parchment.

All right, so there's some beef mince.

Does look like a brain.

Apologies to all the vegetarians watching.

So what we're going to do is shape it

into like a burger shape,

just to kind of make sure at first

that you've got like the rough shape.

Some people put like breadcrumbs in burgers and stuff.

I've never really done that that often.

Kind of holds it together a little bit,

but I don't know.

I don't like putting random stuff in the burger.

You know what I'm saying?

Once I'm feeling like I've got the right shape there,

I'm just not gonna worry about it right now

and I'm going to get the same amount.

All right.

They're about even size.

(pounding and paper crinkling)

That was rough.

Wash me hands.

(water running)

Only because I am seasoning,

so this is some pepper and salt.

As you guys know,

I love smoked salt,

so this is where I am kind of free styling it a little bit.

Ah, this stuff is so good!

If like smokiness on your food,

mm-mm, right in there.

Work that seasoning into the patties.

If you're not sure if this is going to be big enough,

what you can do is grab your burger bun,

and look at the size of what you got it at at the moment

and maybe just go slightly over,

'cause it will shrink back during cooking.

That's trying to press them out evenly.

I've actually got a gadget that stamps meat

into a neat burger shape,

but I think its quite cool if its rustic, so.

That's my excuse anyway.

Then more baking parchment on top, boom boom,

and then put this in the fridge.


That's it.

All right, the girls have left the house,

so the important thing, the Big Mac sauce.

I did a little bit of research on this,

and I got the opinion of some expert sauce tasters.

All right mate, we did, didn't we?

We had a good look at it.

So I found about 10 different versions.

Some were really bad, by other You Tubers.

Others were actually pretty good,

and I think this is more one

that I think that will be one of the better ones.

Originally, I did just do Thousand Islands sauce in mine.

That does actually work as a cheat.

So we're gonna need.



Oh my gosh!


300 grammes of mayonnaise.

Now, if you've got the time,


Oh that's a lovely sound, isn't it?

If you've got the time, make this yourself,

homemade mayonnaise is really simple, really tasty,

but I just want to show you the basics, really.

And I've actually got my own homemade chutney

that I'm going to show you in a minute.

Yeah, this is some onion chutney

or onion relish that I made for Christmas.

We kept it in the freezer

and I thawed it out last night.

So I need about, well there wasn't much left,

but I need about a tablespoon of that so about this,

I think this is normally gherkin relish,

but this will do for me.

It's a little sweeter.

In fact, I probably made it a little sweeter for Christmas,

but hey.

Just gonna raise you up a bit.

All right, for some acidity,

this is just over a heaped teaspoon of white vinegar,

some white pepper,

just like literally a pinch,

and the sort of amount that'll let you sneeze on someone.

(fake sneezing)

Tablespoon of mustard, teaspoon of onion powder,

oh my gosh, I thought I wasn't recording then.

I just looked up at my camera I'm like,

I've done that many times, folks.

Teaspoon of garlic powder.

Again, this is smoked garlic powder.

I don't know why.

I don't even smoke.

I never even once had a cigarette or cigar in my life.

Maybe I should do vape, vapes garlic powder.

I've not vaped either, but I just like smoky food.

Speaking of which, some smoked paprika.

Oh yeah.

Standard paprika will be fine.

I love paprika.

Grab yourself a stirring device.

I just have my wooden spoon out,

but we gonna get a spatula

so we can scrape all the sides.

Looks like a weird jelly at the moment,

but we'll keep powering through.

You can see how the paprika

will stain the mayo so you will get a very,

my camera won't really pick it up too well.

I'm not really an expert with the colours,

you guys know that.

Just gonna get that sort of Thousand Island dressing

shade to it, okay?

Fifty shades of dressing.

So don't just stir it through

and be like yeah that's all right.

Really use the spatula.

See how it scrapes the bowl

like to really incorporate the powder all the way into it.

Make sure it's nice and blended in there.


Oh my gosh, yes.

Boston, Amy, I think we've done it.

That tastes identical,

but if you don't like it,

tweak it until you do like it.

I don't always enjoy making naughty things like this,

but it seems to be more recipes like this

that you guys actually try

and that's my whole aim for doing this channel,

is getting you in the kitchen,

so pick up a pan for me.

All right, so once you got your sauce done,

wrap it in some cling film,

bung it in the fridge, keep it nice and cool,

whilst I worry about the changing lights in this kitchen.

One minute it's really bright,

like its getting in his eyes

now it's gone really cloudy.


High production value.

But I'm keeping it real.

All right, so here are my two buns.

Yes, poppy seeds.

I know still, again,

there will be people, oh, it's not a proper bun!

Please, please stop.

Serrated knife,

perfect for slicing up loaves and bread and stuff.

Go like this, slice this one in half.

Again, slice this one,

but a little higher so you gonna keep the lower bit

for your middle bunnie then.

Make sense?

That'll be me back

and you can see what we're left with

is effectively what we'll use as the middle.

Whenever I use serrated knives, as well,

just try and don't drag it.

Just move it back and forth like a saw

and let the blades on the serrated knife

do the work for you.

So that is gonna be our middle thing.

It's gonna go in that like that.

All right?

And you can just eat that if you want

or give it to some birds outside.

So that's just an onion I've chopped,

nothing to crazy about that.

Gherkins, aka, cornichons.

I'm not a massive fan of these,

so they did have a jar that was twice the price

and they were the bigger ones,

so I'm just gonna make, you know,

maybe three or four smaller ones.

Very strange things, aren't they?

Look a bit like witches' fingers.

Here's me cheese.

I don't give a damn what cheese you use, to be honest.

This is Gouda cheese,

which I can kind of bear once it's melted,

so it's hopefully gonna taste Gouda.

Couple sheets to that.

So that, my friends,

and of course, Boston and Homer,

is everything you need to make this Big Mac.

So let's get our buns toasted.

Not an innuendo.

So for this, I'm just gonna get a pan,

(gas stove igniting)

medium low flame,

(pan clattering)

no oil, nothing in there okay?

You're just gonna toast the sides that are gonna be open,

so once that pan's got to a regular heat,

we'll just sit this in, let it toast,

do keep your eye on it, and then that'll be it.

It should look like this once you're done.

You could just see Amy wondering what's going on.

Hey, okay?

Just lightly toasted, boom, and then the bottom,

and obviously just do the same

to your middle thing, as well.

See If you ignore the, I guess,

kind of like the burger bun sweat patch you're about to see?


There it is.

You can see that this is pretty much looking good.

All right?

Look at that.

Buns sweat patches.

This is the pan we just cooked the buns in,

obviously there's been no oil.

I've just wiped out any bits of crumbs

and seeds and droppings,

whatever's in there okay?

All right, it's still slightly warm.

It's not on the heat for the moment.

We're gonna get some oil in there.

Sorry for doing that a lot with my hand.

Some olive oil.

You can tell the pan's still hot

'cause its like moving straight away like that.

Get it nice and covered around.

Here's our burgers from the fridge, oh yeah,

so I'm gonna get this pan back on to a low heat,

sit the burgers in.

I'm gonna sort of bring the heat up with it,

so it gets maximum time as possible.

I really wish I had a bigger pan for these two patties

but should be all right, just about.

Only thing you need to do now,

cook the burgers evenly.

I'm gonna keep my eye on these,

so cook them until they're properly cooked through.

Remember, 'cause they're so thick

Why am I doing that so much with my hands?


'Cause it's so thick,

you really need to cook through the middle,

otherwise you will have a medium rare burger.

If you're not sure,

cook it until you're nice and browned,

and then bung it in the oven for like 10 minutes.

If you're confident with that step,

cook your patties and then rest them on a kitchen towel.

I just had to change the battery in this camera

but one other thing I wanted to tell you

is don't flip these burgers over too often.

They might be a teeny bit delicate.

Press them down, as well, if you want.

Oh, smelling good.

An alternative to the oven

is getting a lid and just sitting it on the pan

and using that as an alternative

to keeping the heat inside

and essentially cook it through.

And there we go, straight out of the pan,

cooked them through,

nice cut on them.

Oh yeah.

Just giving it a little dab with some more kitchen towel

just to soak some of that excess fat up,

not a dab like one of them dance things, no.

Don't do that.

I'm not sure if you can hear that,

but the neighbours' dog is excited.

It's time to build this thing.

I'm going to to my best to get it in order

but if I get it wrong, who cares?

To be honest, if you got that much to worry about

in what order someone puts the toppings on a Big Mac thing,

you do not have much in life to worry about.

So I'm gonna get some of this Big Mac sauce,

which tasted absolutely identical.

I say I did it with Thousand Island dressing before

but I think the mustard in it actually just brings out

a little bit of spank.

Don't be shy with this.

Don't be shy now.

Put some chopped onion on top.

Some chopped lettuce, which seems really weird for me to say

because I have friend called Lettuce

so I'm not dismembering my friend

and putting it on top of a burger.

It's his nickname because he's a vegetarian.

So he probably won't be watching this video.

Slice of cheese, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Sit on the first burger patty.

Oh my gosh.

Two gherkins on there.

Just two.


Our middle bun with some more of the Big Mac sauce.

I'm probably gonna have to adjust my camera


Look at that.

Oh my gosh.

Onions again,

some lettuce again,

I'm gonna put some pickles in this time.

And then another slice of cheese,

'cause I think this Grand one's got

another slice of cheese in it.

I'm not certain.

And then our burger patty,

oh my God, that's enormous.

And the lid of the bun is just getting drenched

Now that.


now that is a Big Mac Grand

Check that out.

How the hell am I gonna eat that?

I'm gonna try and just,


yeah, well that's just pretty big.


I've let it stand for two minutes now

and the residual heat in the burger

has actually melted the cheese slightly, which is great.

If you want to keep it warm,

wrap it in baking parchment and put it in the oven

on a low temperature for like 10 minutes

just to warm it through,

or if you're in a hurry

just do the same but in a microwave.

I actually don't know how I'm gonna eat this.

While I'm thinking about that,

massive shout out to everyone

that supports me on Patreon

and of course, anyone else on all social media


Don't forget to subscribe for regular videos.

Doing about four a week at the moment,

including behind the scenes vlogs.

Any requests to what you want to see next,

do let me know.

Loads of you guys wanted to see a giant fudge.

I really want to do a transparent apple pie,

but I've got to eat a Grand Big Mac.

You know when they used to do supersize at McDonald's?

This is like a supersized Grand Big Mac.

Oh gosh.

I mean, don't get me wrong.

I'm excited.

It's homemade, so it's healthier, right?

Oh, oh my God, that was big old cook through.

That is sensational!

That is so fitting, though.

I've only taken three bites out of it.

I think I've got some on my face.

How did it get up my nose?

Oh my god.

It's everywhere.

I mean, it's absolutely gorgeous,

but I can feed my whole family, legitimately.

The decent meat from a butchers,

and the brioche poppy seed bun,

I think it's just put my own personal twist on it,

make it as super fresh as you can,

like with all your own mayo and your own chutneys and stuff.

'Cause I really feel it's made the difference.

I think an actual one from McDonald's

is 700 and something calories and £4.50.

So if you've got most of these things lying about,

you could probably make it for the same price

and that is enormous.

So in conclusion, we went for the Grand,

I think we've done the Grande,

but give it a go, let me know what you think.

Send me a picture @myvirginkitchen.

Remember, sharing is caring.

I will be doing that.

I'm just gonna have a little bit more.

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