Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FUNNY FAMiLY COSTUMES!! random runway show on our green screen with Niko and Adley!

Difficulty: 0

- This gonna be the most fun video ever.

I'm gonna love to watch this video.

(upbeat rock music) (man screaming)

- Oh my Gosh.

(Shaun growling)

(girl screaming) (Shaun growling)

- [Shaun] Get off that green screen.

Baby shark, doo doo doo do do

- Beach

- [Shaun] You're at the beach?

- I'm swimming in the water.

(person laughing)

- [Jenny] The concentration.

Oh you're just doing it that way now.

(text thumps)


(Jenny laughing)

You crazy boy!

(baby babbling)

- Hi, vlog!

We're twins.

(group screaming)

- Costumes.

- It's a costume party.

All right, so what are we doing with all these costumes?

- We're going to have a costume video.

- Costume video. - Yeah, costume video.

(upbeat music) Mhm, mhm, mhm.

- We did this like a couple months ago

for at Adley's channel and it was so much fun.

- And the video came up and we were like,

let's do that again - Yeah, we're like, oh my Gosh

- And perfect timing, we went to like those

costume stores and all the costumes were like 80% off,

so we just got a bunch of them.

- Can't make out a heartbeat.

- And if you're going to have a costume party,

you should probably do it on a green

screen at the Space Station so you can like

change the background all cool.

- Vlog.

- What? - Come see this.

- [Shaun] Oh your little vacuum?

And Adley's been cleaning all morning.

Here's her little vacuum.

Oh, will you clean my shoes?

My shoes are way dirty.

(vacuum thrumming)

Oh, yeah.

- I want that

- [Shaun] All right, should we go?

- Yep

- [Shaun] You ready bottle boy?

- Go.

- [Shaun] Go.

Go buddy, go!

- I'm going. - Go go go!

- [Adley] Right here.

- [Shaun] On the green screen?

- Yay.

- [Shaun] Then we could jump around

and do cool backgrounds.

So that's how the costume party's gonna go.

Niko made it.

- Ah ah!

What's up?

Okay, Nick and Brennan aren't here yet,

so we're going to surprise 'em.

What are we doing, Monkey?

- We're going to prank their office.

- [Shaun] What'd you get babe?

- [Woman] Just a lot of spooky stuff,

like bugs and spiders and skulls.

- [Shaun] All right, let's roll.

Watch out, Niko.

- [Adley] Watch out. Watch out.

- [Shaun] Shh, let's peek.

- [Adley] Are they in there?

- [Shaun] I don't think anyone's in there.

(door handle rattling)

- [Shaun] It's locked.

I got an idea.

(door handle rattling)

- [Jenny] Whoa.

- [Shaun] Tricky huh?

- Well I don't like that.

- [Shaun] Who sits right here?

- Nick.

- [Shaun] What does Nick do?

- He films my Adley video.

- [Shaun] And then who sits right here?

- Brandon!

- [Shaun] And what does Brandon do?

- He films your daddy videos.

- [Shaun] Yep.

We told him to meet us here early

to film some fun costume videos and they're not here yet.


Oh that's spooky.

Where would you put that?

- On your keyboard.

Brandon's going to be scared of it.

He would say, is that a real bug?

(person laughing)

- [Shaun] Oo, that's spooky!

- [Jenny] Put it on your monitors.

- [Adley] Slinky eyeballs.

- [Shaun] Blah, bones.

- Eyeballs.

- Eww.

Where you gonna put the eyeballs?

- Watch this.


- [Jenny] All right, you guys like that?

Spooky black cobweb.

- [Shaun] Hey guys, watch this.

- [Jenny] Eww.

Dad, you're weird.

- [Shaun] Adley, what do think they're gonna do

when they see this?

- I think they're going to freak out.

- [Shaun] Yeah maybe.


You puttin' spiders everywhere.

- [Adley] Yeah.

[Shaun] A beetle.



- [Niko] Stop.

(Shaun laughs)

- [Shaun] Sorry.

- [Adley] Look at this spider.

(Shaun screams)

- [Shaun] Mom, ahh.

- [Jenny] Uhh.

- [Shaun] There you go little spider.

Where you gonna put it?

- Right here

- Ooh, on his mouse?

- [Jenny] So if he touches it he's scared.

- [Child] Okay.

- Yes. - For real.

- [Shaun] Where should we put this?

- [Adley] Let's bring that to the door.

- [Shaun] To the door?

Oh, then have it go out and leave a trail for 'em?

- Yeah.

- [Shaun] That's tricky.

Good job!

- If they wanna touch the door handle

they have to touch the cobwebs.

- [Shaun] They're probably going to freak out.

Good job guys.

High fives.

- [Jenny] Yes.

- [Shaun] Should we go do costumes?

- Yep.

- [Shaun] Let's go.

All right, are we ready?

- Yes

- [Shaun] Sweet.

I think we should pull this down so we're

standing on it and then it goes all the way down.


You look crazy!

(glasses rattling)

(Shaun laughing)

- [Shaun] What kind of costume is this?

- [Jenny] That's an LOL doll.

- [Adley] Come see under there.

- [Shaun] Wow!

- [Shaun] Okay Adley, show us all the costumes

you're gonna be doing for your video.

- LOL, a zookeeper, pastels, "Tangled", Jesse, dinosaur.

That's a hot dog,

- [Shaun] A hot dog?

- [Adley] Yes.

Snow cone, hamburger, a monkey, a Cinderella, Moana,

cheerleader, blow up astronaut!

(Shaun chuckles)

It's a witch, Belle, Snow White, Jasmine, lion.

This is a doll.

- [Shaun] Wait, a doll?

- Yep, it winds up.

- [Shaun] Like what?

- Like a robot go like this.

I'm a robot.

(Shaun laughing)

- "Incredibles."

- [Shaun] Oh wait, which one are you gonna be?

- I'm Violet and Niko's Jack Jack.

- [Shaun] That's gonna be fun.

- My mom's a pirate.

I'm ballerina.

I get to be a unicorn and Niko gets to be dragon.

- [Shaun] Holy cow!

We're about to have a party!

- This going to be the most fun video ever.

I'm gonna love to watch this video.

(Shaun laughs)

- I agree.

See, this is the fun part about filming Adley videos, huh.

- Just gonna be really fun.

- It helps us do random fun stuff.

Hey, Nick's here!

What up, dude?

- Hey.

Just getting everything - Have you seen your

- Ready. - Office yet?

(dramatic riff)

- No, why?

- [Shaun] Shhh.


Lets just film the video and then you can look at it after.

All right.

Who wants to test the green screen?

- [Adley] Me!

- [Shaun] All right.

Wait where are you?

- At the beach

- [Shaun] You're at the beach?

Holy cow, how is it?

- Good.

- [Shaun] Oh, that's pretty cool.

- I'm swimming in the water.

(Shaun laughing)

- [Shaun] All right should we get our costumes on?

- Yeah

- [Shaun] Lets start your video girl.


Nick, ready? - Ready

- [Shaun] Jenny ready?

Lets do it!

- My dad's a hot dog.

- I'm a hot dog.

My daughter's a unicorn.


- Mommy's a lion and Niko's a clown.


- Yeah.

- [Shaun] Hi bud.

High five. - Hey, what should we--

- We're doing a intro for Adley's video.

- [Jenny] Ready, set, go!

- Go!

- [Adley] Welcome for

- [Group] A for Adley.

- [Shaun] What are we doing?

- [Adley] We're gonna do a costume video.

- Three, two, one, dinner!

(rock music)

- All right, I'm gonna cook you guys some food.


A snow cone!


Oh, I love cereal.

(Shaun growling)

(Adley laughing)

- [Shaun] You got monkey feet!

(Shaun imitates monkey gibbering)

That was a fun one.

(Shaun growling) (Adley yelling)

- It's Bigfoot!

(Shaun growling)

- This is "A Goofy Movie" favorite right here.

- [Shaun] Hey.

(child yelling)

Get off that green screen!

You get out of here!

You get out of here!

Now, that's a fairy wand?

Let's test it, see if it works.

(Shaun sputters)


- So you're gonna go by yourself, then I'll just come in.

- A fairy?

No, get away!

Get away!

This is my treasure!

My money!

My money!

- [Adley] Yee haw!

(child screaming)

- I'm a little crab, I'm a little crab.

Woop woop.

I'm a little crab, I'm a little crab.

Woop woop.

What if I am shark hands guys.

Shark hands!

- No, no.

Mommy's gonna say mommy shark,

and you're gonna say daddy shark .

- And then you say baby shark?

- [Adley] Yeah.

- I like this.

These are her own little director of her videos.

You guys have never seen like a behind the scenes

of one of Adley's videos, this is what its like.

A mini director.

It's cute.

- Baby shark!

- Daddy shark

- Mommy shark!

Baby shark do do do do do do do baby shark

- [Shaun] Okay now, you go on and you just do your powers.

- [Adley] Oink, oink.

(Shaun laughing)

- Hello, I'm Princess Anna.

You wanna dance?

- [Adley] Yeah!

A clown's here!

- Your lion's (music drowns out speaker)

(child growling)

- [Jenny] Lot's of costumes--

- [Shaun] We need to do Moana.

We didn't do "Spacestation Gaming" cheerleader!

- And the witch. - Witch.

- [Shaun] And "Vampirina", "Paw Patrol".

Yo, come here, girly!

- Adley's still in clown mode.

- [Shaun] Are you still a clown?

- Yeah.

- My favorite was when daddy was bigfoot

and he was chasing us.

- [Shaun] What was you favorite costume?



Yo, girl, what was your favorite costume?

- [Adley] Um, this?

- [Shaun] The clown one at the end?

- Yeah.

- [Shaun] That one was pretty good.

- You are goofy.

- [Shaun] What was your favorite?

My favorite was Niko as Jack Jack

riding the red donkey.

He did it like five different times.

He loved it. - We could not get him

off the green screen.

- [Shaun] We still have gaming, and we didn't do Moana?

I think we gotta do another costume video some day.

- Yeah we could do another costume around the house video.

- Yeah

- [Shaun] At our house?

- We have a lot left.

- I'm curious how the green screen goes.

That's gonna be interesting.

We'll see.

- [Shaun] Did you have fun?

- Yes.

- [Shaun] Did you have fun?

- Yeah!

- [Shaun] Did you have fun?

- Yes, but I'm panicked and your battery's gonna die.

(Jenny laughs)

- Oh, battery's almost dead in there.

Nick, did you have fun?

- [Nick] So much fun.

- [Shaun] You've got, uh, like 50 things to green screen.

Good luck, bro.

- [Adley] Whoa.

- [Shaun] Last green screen what do you wanna be?

Go for it.

Three, two, one action!

What are you?

- Put me in Hawaii, please, Hawaii!

- I'm at Disneyland!

- [Shaun] You guys are at Disneyland?

- No we're at Hogwarts Castle!

- Yeah!

- [Jenny] Ooh, love it here!

- [Shaun] Adley, what's your favorite

place in the whole world?

- Disneyland.

Hey Nick.

- [Nick] What?

Do you wanna come to your office?

- [Shaun] Oh yeah.

Have you guys been to your office yet?

- [Man] No.

- Come in your office.

- What'd you do to my office, crazy?

- Nothing. - Nothing.

- Nothing?

- You just have to come see it.

- [Man] Okay.

- [Shaun] Alright, let's take 'em!

- [Man] Hey.

What is that?

- [Adley] Don't touch the handle!

- [Shaun] You gotta touch it!

- I don't wanna touch it.

- You gotta touch it. - You touch it!

- [Man] That sounds creepy.

- [Adley] You gotta touch it.

- [Man] What?

- Surprise, we spooked your office!

- Hey, this is creepy!

- I think you got skeletons on yours.

- [Nick] I got a huge spider on my screen.

- [Brandon] I have one too!

- [Shaun] Good luck editing videos with me boys.

Hopefully you don't like scorpions.

It actually looks gnarly.

- I know.

(Shaun hissing) - Ugh.

- [Shaun] It's glitter.

The scariest thing of all.

(Shaun laughing)

- [Shaun] Pink glitter.

There's nothing scarier we could have put in your office.

- [Man] I can fight everything off.

- [Shaun] Remove the pink glitter from the office.

- [Jenny] Hey, the sword!

- [Shaun] We've been looking for that!

Glitter bomb!

Pew! - Ohh.

Babe, remember when you ordered glitter bombs

and then forgot. - Yeah.

There was glitter everywhere. - One time back at the old

space station we we're doing mail time

and opened a glitter bomb.

It went everywhere and Jenny was like,

oh yeah, I forgot I ordered those.

(Jenny laughs)

- [Shaun] No, don't don't don't don't don't.

Don't do it.

- Dad, you want to go down the slide with me now?

- [Shaun] Yeah let's go!

Are we ready?

- Yep, set. - Three,

- [Both] Two, one!

- Blast off. (Adley yelling)

- [Man] I see you down there buddy.

- [Man] I'm gonna come get some burger!

- [Shaun] Burger!

And of course Marcos on the avocados.

- Yeah, you know me.

- [Shaun] You just always cares so much.

I love it, man.

These toppings, these, those are some dark brats!

We're just grilling out front, I like this!

Some nice family grillin'.

Famous dogs, - Puppy.

at the space station?

What's up?


Wanna collab with Olive and Coopa?

Look at this thumbnail material!

Uh-huh, look over here. (camera clicking)


The amount of views.

- Well, look at that! - This is Jack's dog,

TikTok famous, no big deal.

Oh, look at these burgers.

How do you like your brats?

- Nice and charred.

Literally that.

Look at that.

- Nice and what? - I mean, charred!

- [Shaun] Are these charred enough for you?

- [Man] Charred?

- [Shaun] Do you need more charred?

Marcos Charred?

- Yeah you guys get it.

You get it now.

- [Man] I forgot your last name was actually Chard.

- Let's go back to 1.5 days

and do a tail whip for me.

Just try one tail whip.

Alright chicken's first tail whip.

Your options are a tail whip,

- [Man] Whoop.

- Oh my God!

That was actually insane! - Oh my god.


I'm so proud of you!

I remember teaching Chicken that back in the day

and he's still got it.


(upbeat synth music)

- [Jenny] That concentration!

What are you doing?

- Me and my friends are making cookies.

- [Jenny] What?

- Can you hand them to me?

- [Jenny] What do you need?

- Eyeballs.

- [Jenny] You're putting eyeballs on your cat?

- Look at my eyes!

- [Jenny] That's so good.

Still eating frosting?


I thought I took that away from you !

You stinker!

- [Child] Guess what.

I had frosting too. - Don't tell dad.

- [Jenny] You ate frosting too?

- I ate frosting.

- [Jenny] You ate frosting too?

Everyone's eating frosting!

Ava, I just saw you eat frosting.

It's bound to happen.

They're decorating cookies.

Josie, I think that has a lot of frosting!

Yours looks really good.

(upbeat synth music)

- [Jenny] Hey, Nathan, what are you doing?

You're just licking all the frosting off, huh?

Oh yeah?


You're just doing it that way now.


You crazy boy!

(baby cooing)

Girls are done - Mom, we're done.

- Making cookies.

- [Child] Make popcorn.

- I'm gonna make popcorn!

So they all want popcorn.

They're watching "Room on the Broom".

Shaun gave me this, like, I don't even know

when he gave it to me.

But look.

Hasn't even been opened.

Niko, we haven't even broke the seal.

It's time to bust it out and make some popcorn.

(upbeat synth music)

- [Jenny] Who wants popcorn?

- [All] Me!

- [Jenny] Woo hoo!

- [Shaun] Hi.

- [Jenny] Hi!

- [Shaun] You guys were decorating some cookies?

- [Jenny] Yeah, just cleaning up.

It kinda got a little messy.

- [Shaun] Holy cow.

- [Jenny] That one is just like pure frosting.

You can't see the cookie. (laughs)

- [Shaun] Where's the girls?

- [Jenny] Oh they're hiding, by the way.

- [Shaun] Adley!

Where are you?

Who's over here?

(Child yelling)

- [Shaun] What?

(child yelling)

- [Shaun] What?


What are you guys doing?

I have a question.

Who likes pizza?

- [All] Me!

- [Shaun] Okay, I got pizza!

- [Group] Pizza!

- The magic word, pizza.

Oh yeah, we got bread sticks.

- We made cookies!

Come see!

- [Shaun] Let me see.

- These are my cookies!

- [Shaun] Those look like slime!

- But they're my cookies.

- [Shaun] They look cute.

I like them.

Like cute slime, ya know?

It was a compliment.

- Can I have napkin?

- [Jenny] Oh they are already digging in.


Well, here we go.

Pick up that bag before the dogs get it.

Here we go.

- Alright we have some pizza to attend to.


I feel like the last time we filmed we were eating pizza.

No, it was hamburgers.

We're Americans, I'm sorry. (laughs)

- [Jenny] Here's a piece for you.

Here's a piece for you.

- [Shaun] She needs a plate!

Oh, she's got the plate. - She's got the plate.

- [Jenny] Niko, where'd you get that breadstick from?

- [Shaun] Hey! What are you doing?

Where's your clothes buddy?

- [Adley] The breadsticks have fell!

- [Shaun] They did.

- [Jenny] I bet the dogs have been eating them.

- [Shaun] They're gone!

- [Jenny] No way!

Those are my favorite!

- Holy. - Get it back!

- [Shaun] What do you mean get it back?

There's the breadsticks!

- [Jenny] Are you kidding me?

- [Shaun] They're in the dragon lair.

Sorry. - It fell on the ground,

I said pick it up before the dogs eat it, remember?

- Review the footage.

Did anyone pick 'em up?

- [Jenny] Here we go.

Pick up that bread before the dogs get it.

(text popping)

- The people at Mattel love watching our videos now,

and they're like, we notice Jenny and Adley

are huge "Harry Potter" fans, so enjoy!

It's like "Harry Potter" Barbie Dolls!

Jenny's gonna freak out and Adley's gonna freak out.

Hi babe.

What makes you like the nerdiest, cutest,

most awesome person in the whole world,

because you put it on your Tesla,

- Oh wow, thanks.

and it's your favorite book and your favorite--

Coopa no! (dog barking)

- You scared me!

- [Shaun] He was gonna eat your cookies!

- Hey, these aren't all mine.

(Shaun laughing)

- [Shaun] It's on the floor!

- But for reals, Golden Oreos are the best.

- [Shaun] I thought you were gonna say

"Golden Eye" for some reason.

- Yeah, "Golden Eye".

- [Shaun] Babe.

- Yes. Real talk.

What makes you the coolest nerd I know?

- Umm, because I'm obsessed with "Harry Potter"?

- Exactly. (Jenny laughs)

- Oh my gosh!

Where did you get this?

- [Shaun] It's ultra rare, I had to bid for it on Ebay.

It cost like millions of dollars.

- Oh my!


- [Shaun] Ha ha yeah.

- Is this Adley's brand deal?

- No, it's not a brand deal. - Oh my gosh!

I was like this is becoming

the best brand deal in the whole world.

- [Shaun] No, but, that's the cool part.

It's not a brand deal.

They literally just sent them to us 'cause they said,

- Look at friggin' Dumbledore!

(Shaun laughing)

This is amazing.

- [Shaun] I know.

There's supposed to be a note in here somewhere.

They said, hey, we've been watching your videos.

We noticed how much Jenny and Adley

love "Harry Potter", so enjoy these!'

- This is the best gift ever.

- [Shaun] I know right.

Are these like collector things,

like you don't take them out? - Yeah.

Or are these like you play - Yeah I feel like we

- With them everyday? - Don't open these.

- [Shaun] No, we definitely open these.

- [Jenny] I don't know!

- [Shaun] No you definitely,

She will have so much fun.

Oh, here's,

I think we have them all actually.

- Oh there's a Draco Malfoy, quidditch.

- I want,


Who do I look like?

- [Jenny] Sirius Black.

- I want a Sirius Black one.

- I love Sirius Black.

- Guys, I made such a handsome Sirius Black.

Just a reminder for Jenny.

Pop up the picture. (image popping)

Yep, you have a pretty cool husband.

That was fun.

We love "Harry Potter".

- [Jenny] We?

You said we!

- I meant like our family collectively does.

- [Jenny] Oh okay.

- I'm like the smallest

collective portion. (Jenny laughs)

I mean, I don't dislike "Harry Potter".

Just, ya know. - What if we open these up

and we like build a shelf in my office

and then just like stick them up there.

- [Shaun] That sounds so boring!

That's like what our parents would do.

What if we open 'em up and play with them

like every night before bed?

- Okay.

And then after bed we can put them on the shelf nicely.

I'm scared! - You and your shelves!

Do I have, - You break Barbies' arms.

I don't trust you with dolls.

- [Shaun] Whoa!

Oh no...

Umm, we'll fix it.

All right.

Lets, put these away and play,

- Thanks for the gift.

- [Shaun] You're welcome!

(upbeat rock music)

- [Shaun] Do you think Brandon's still watching

or do you think he's like, yeah, it's just a time lapse?

- [Jenny] He's still watching.

- [Shaun] No he's not.

- [Jenny] Yeah he is.

(man laughing maniacally)

The Description of FUNNY FAMiLY COSTUMES!! random runway show on our green screen with Niko and Adley!