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(upbeat music)

La la la

La la la

La la la la la la la la

Elmo's full of wonder, wonder what he will discover

In Elmo's wonderful world

(Elmo giggles)

- Hi!

Welcome to Elmo's World.

Guess what Elmo is wondering about today?

Wait for it.

Wait for it.



Whoa, pretty clouds.

Let's count them to see how many there are.

One, two, three,

oh, four, five.

Five clouds all together!


Boy, Elmo loves counting.

And wants to find out more.

Hey, let's ask Elmo's friend, Smartie.

Let's call her together.

- [All] Oh, Smartie.

(bell dinging)

- Five, four, three, count down with me Elmo.

- [Elmo And Smartie] Two, one.

(both cheering)

- Boy, Smartie sure does love counting.

- You've got my number, Elmo.

Get it, number, counting?

- Oh, counting yeah.

Boy, Elmo wants to find out more about numbers.

- Well, what do we do when we wanna learn something new?

- [All] We look it up.

- Searching for counting.

Counting is so much fun and you can do it all sorts of ways.

You can count your eyes, one, two.

And your nose, one nose.

You can count the trucks in the sandbox.

One, two, three trucks altogether.

- [Children] One, two, three, four.

- [Smartie] Four jumps.

- Yeah, cool.

Thank you, Smartie.

- You can always count on me.

See ya later.

- Oh, bye bye.

Boy, there's so many different ways to count.

Hey, that gives Elmo an idea.

Let's play a game together.


Come on, come on.

(upbeat music)

Oh, Elmo wonders if we can match

the right number of hats to the penguins.

Are you ready?

Let's play.

First, let's count to find out how many penguins there are.

- [All] One, two, three, four, five.

Five penguins.

- [Elmo] So they need five hats.

One for each penguin.

Oh, let's try these.

Uh oh, how many hats are there?

Let's count.

- [All] One, two, three.

- [Children] Oh, no.

- [Child] Two penguins don't have hats.

- [Elmo] We need more hats.

Hey, let's try this group.

- [All] One, two, three, four, five.

Five hats altogether.

- [Elmo] Yay, we did it!

Five hats for five penguins!

Wow, snazzy hats, penguins.

Boy, there's so much to learn about counting.

And that makes Elmo wonder even more.

Does Mr. Noodle like to count?

Hey, let's ask him, okay.

- [All] Hi, Mr. Noodle!

- Oh, it's Mr. Noodle's poodle, Schmoodle.

- [All] Hi Schmoodle.

- [Elmo] Oh Schmoodle, do you like to count?

(Schmoodle barks)

You do.

Oh, show us, Schmoodle.

- [Child] Yeah, show us how you count.

- [Elmo] How many toys does Schmoodle have?

- [All] One.

- [Child] That's one toy.

Now he has two.

- [Elmo] Does Schmoodle have any more toys?

- [Child] Hey, where's Schmoodle going?

- [All] That's one, two, three.

- [Elmo] Three toys!

Boy, so many toys, Schmoodle.

(Schmoodle barks)

- [All] Whoa!

- [Elmo] Elmo can't count that high yet, Schmoodle.

- [Children] That's a lot.

- Thanks for counting with us, Schmoodle.

Bye bye. - Bye, Schmoodle.

- Learning new things makes Elmo so happy,

it makes him want to dance!

Come on.

Happy happy dance dance

Happy happy dance dance

When we learn something new

We do the happy dance dance

Let's see your happy dance.

Yeah, cool.

See ya next time.

Keep learning.

Elmo loves you.

Happy happy dance dance

Happy happy dance dance

When we learn something new

We do the happy dance dance


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