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How to Make an Appletini

The Appletini Cocktail Recipe today on Drinks with Diablo

Hello, welcome once again.

This is your bartending host, Jöhnny Dîablø

for .

And today we're making one of the most popular drinks out there today,

The Appletini.

What you're going to need:

Green apple vodka,

Sour Apple Pucker,

and some Cointreau.

And maybe an apple for garnish, a green apple.

We'll start with your chilled martini glass,

and a shaker full of ice.

We're going to add

3 ounces of green apple vodka.

And then we add

an ounce of the

Sour Apple Pucker.

And an ounce of Cointreau.

OK, then we shake that up.

[ shaking that Appletini ]

Nice and cold.

[ keeps shaking Appletini like a madman ]

Okay, nice and frozen.

[ pouring that Apple-tini ]

Not as green as some Appletinis,

because we don't use the sweet and sour mix.

That's part of the reason why.

Anyway, it's very crisp, I think.

And then we...

get like a little curl [ of apple ].

OK, let's do that little curl.

Oh yeah.

[ peeling apple peel like a twist ]

My handy dandy little zester,

with the channel-er on it.

Just swing...

[ trying to twist apple curl onto bar spoon handle ]

We can do an apple wedge for garnish; that's fine too.

Twist it,

around your bar spoon, like that.

And boom, there you go. Twisty.

Right there. OK.

Or you can do a wedge, that's fine too.

Let's try it and see what we get.

[ sipping Appletini ]

Very green apple-y.

It's not bad.


It's pretty good. A few of those and you'd be feeling fine.


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Appletini recipe ~

3 oz green apple vodka,

1 oz Green Apple Sour Pucker,

1 oz Cointreau,

Green apple wedge for garnish.

Drink More, Enjoy Life,

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