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Intertrac vision is the shipping industry first enhanced consultancy tools

Providing ship operator with predictions of the fuel and CO2 saving potential of fouling control coatings

Co2 Saving Potential of fouling control coatings

Fuel costs are still the biggest operating costs for all major ship types and with legislation

Driving the use of higher priced clean fuels in emission control areas the cost of operating vessels is going to remain high

Controlling fuel costs and emissions is now an important consideration for all ship operators

the consumption of fuel is

proportional to the power

Generated by the Ship's engine in order to propel it through the water the power is needed to overcome hull

resistance and whilst total hull resistance is made up of many factors

Including hull form drag and residual resistance it's the skin frictional resistance

That's the major contributor

Controlling skin friction by creating and maintaining a smooth hull is vital

Akzo Nobel Marine coatings brand

International have always been at the Forefront of research into the effects of fouling control coatings on vessel hull performance

pioneering work published in

1986 on average Hull Roughness development and the effect of vessel power was jointly carried out by

International and Professor Robert Towson of Newcastle University

this work has for many years been used by the industry a

Standard to relate coating performance with change in power requirement

over the years by utilizing our own experts and the knowledge of external, academics and

specialist institutions our combined research has led to the development of

revolutionary algorithms of

software models these models consider the effects of a number of key parameters on

Vessel performance such as average [hell] Roughness coatings Roughness

biological risk and Fouling control product performance

By combining these models using computational Fluid dynamics

We've been able to develop a completely new and revolutionary

whole performance management tool [inter] track vision

This unique software would only be used by highly trained in to track of Vision consultants these

consultants can Advise owners on multiple coating and

Application scenarios to allow informed financial decisions about the maintenance and future profitability of their assets

by being open and completely transparent during each consultation customers can feel more confident and

Empowered about taking coatings decisions

every part of our inter track vision software

Clearly explains what data the tour is using where it's come from and why it's relevant to that customer

Into truck vision has already been piloted with selected customers worldwide and the whole performance data

Already received under secrecy agreements shows the system's predictions are

Incredibly accurate and now it's being rolled out worldwide

with options to influence all the major investment decisions such as

preparation levels coatings choice scheme selection and even days in [Drydock]

into track vision will allow owners to see the financial and

Performance benefit of all available options before they actually make important investment decisions



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