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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Pronounce GOOGLE -- American English

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In this American English pronunciation video

were going to go over the pronunciation

of the wordGoogle’.

This weeksWord of the WeekisGoogle’.

This is a two syllable word with stress

on the first syllable DA-da, Google.

It begins with the G consonant,

so the back part of the tongue

will reach up and touch the soft palate here.

G, g, g, Goo, goo,

then we have the Oo as in Goo vowel

where the lips do need to round. Goo, goo.

And then another G,

so the tongue will pop right back up there

for the next G sound. Goog, goog.

So youll have the G pull the tongue down

and go right back up. G, oo, g. Goog, goog.

Then we have the schwa EL sound.

Dont worry about making

a separate schwa sound, just go straight

into the dark sound of the dark EL.

So to make this just relax your tongue down

and then the back part of the tongue

will shift back. Google.

Its that shifting back

that makes the dark part of the dark EL.

Its unstressed

so you want it to be very short. Google.

Now you can lift your tongue tip here

to finish off the dark EL sound

but you dont have to.

A lot of people

will just make the dark sound,

to define the dark EL.

Google, Google.

Without lifting the tongue tip here.

Google. Did you Google it?

Thats it, yourWord of the Week”.

If there is a word you would like to suggest

for theWord of the Week

put it in the comments below.

Thats it, and thanks so much for using

Rachels English.

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