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Students often ask me what they should do to become a fluent English speaker much more


Should they learn more words, write more, read more, study more grammar, or do one of

a hundred other things?

Well, my answer always surprises them because the BIGGEST SECRET to fast fluency actually

has nothing to do with vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, or even language learning at all

But this secret explains why some learners become confident speakers in months while

others struggle to express themselves for years

This is Taylor swift, a world-famous singer, songwriter and winner of more than 200 awards.

Shes also been the voice of a cartoon character, and she wrote her first song, "Lucky You,"

at the age of 12.

Im highlighting Taylor Swift today because she reveals the surprising key to fast fluency.

See if you can guess the secret from the following three stories from her life

Long before it was popular, Taylor Swift was using texting, and the social networking site

MySpace, to promote her music. This was very non-traditional for a country music musician,

which she was before she began producing pop music, because country music was typically

for older audiences. But swift knew teens were using MySpace, and she was creative about

testing music on the platform before it was released to the public. The trackOur Song

made it on a record because of its popularity first on MySpace.

Next, in 2015, when Apple was launching its Apple Music service, the company decided to

offer a three-month free trial period to subscribers. But during this period, Apple said it would

not pay musicians when their music was downloaded.

Taylor Swift was very unhappy that she and other musicians would lose revenue during

this period and she refused to allow Apple to stream her album 1989. She also wrote a

letter to the company, and within 24 hours, Apple reversed its decision and said it would

pay artists during the trial period. Many artists had complained about not being paid

during this period, but only after Swift said something did Apple listen.

Finally, in 2019, Swift combined the power of her fans, other artists and even politicians

in a fight for the rights to her music. In June of this year, Taylor Swifts record

label was sold, meaning that the master recordings of Swifts earlier music became the property

of a new owner. Swift was unable to purchase the rights to her recordings herself. What

was initially a private business situation became very public when Swift told fans and

other musicians to say this was wrong, and that it hurt other artists. And after generating

enough support on the Internet, Swift and other artists won some victories for controlling

their performances.

So what was the secret to Taylor Swifts success?

There are many popular musicians and songwriters, but Taylor Swift has become one of the biggest

musicians on the planet because she used LEVERAGE.

Leverage means doing MORE or FASTER work with LESS... Especially LESS TIME.

In the same way that I leverage videos here on YouTube to teach millions of learners online,

instead of only a few people in the classroom

Taylor Swift leveraged technology and her star power for her career.

Now, the reason leverage is so important for language learners like us is because learning

leverage pointscan save you months or even years of study time

And the less time you need to learn, the faster you get fluent!

One example for us language learners is vocabulary leverage...

Did you know that some words are used in conversations many, many times more often than other words?

When you understand this, you know to spend your time learning only the most commonly

used conversational speech for YOUR life and career, and not all of the rarely used textbook

words most teachers make you study.

If you want even MORE leverage, think about all of the vocabulary and grammar errors you


Most likely, there is a small number of mistakes you make again and again. So if you simply

fix these few errors, you can improve your communication skills and confidence in a very

short time.

And pronunciation? Likely, there are just a few sounds you could learn to say more smoothly,

which would make you sound much more like a native and natural in no time!

Pretty cool, right?

So instead of worrying about grammar or pronunciation or vocabulary, think about what you can leverage

and you will become a confident, fluent English speaker much faster!

Ive discovered many fantastic learningleverage pointsover 15 years of helping


And if youd like to learn the ONE that has proven to be the MOST powerful for my

students because it lets you improve ALL of your communication skills - and fluency - by

doing just ONE SIMPLE THING...

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Im Drew Badger, the Founder of, and thanks so much for learning with me today!

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