Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 👉★HOE KRIJG JE JE EERSTE 100 SUBS? ★HOE KRIJG JE 100 ABONNEES ★TIPS VOOR MEER ABONNEES 2020👈

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Did you know that globally 90 percent of all YouTube channels has less than 100 subscribers?

Do you also have less than 100 subscribers you should definitely watch this video because

in this video I will show you how you can easily grow by sharing.

And I will show you how you can easily grow by working together.

In the past weeks I have approached 2 Youtubers just by sending them an email.

Do you not know how to send an email?

Then you have to click in the top right and I'll redirect you to a video about how

to send somebody a private message via your YouTube.

But I've sent them an email just with 'hey, I'm from Online

Video Marketing Academy and would you be open for a cooperation?

I wil show you how they reacted to my mail.

The first person I approached was JaKoB via Vlogging and see how he


The channel has 240 subscribers, way less than mine, but that doesn't matter

because we are going to grow by sharing.

When we are going to make a video together and we will then his

subscribers will be notified about my channel and the other way around, so we can both grow by

sharing our knowledge or our video.

The other channel was the one of Isa Sindorff.

She has many more subscribers than I do, more than 2600 and she too reacted very positively

about a cooperation.

So in the end it doesn't matter at all if someone has less or more subscribers even if

they do about the same thing as you do, it can just be a big chance.

If you both have a MineCraft channel you can of course very easily work together.

Or something totally different.

JaKoB via vlogging's channels is very different and the channel of Isa Sindorff

as well.

So keep on watching to see how I did this.

What I always do is once a week I scroll through my subscribers.

Well, to do that you go to the top right corner.

You go to 'Creator Studio' and you go to the left, to 'Community' and then you go

to subscribers.

And then you'll see who has subscribed to you.

And almost all of the channels I look at just to see who's actually watching

my channel?

What kind of people subscribe?

And then I got to a very nice YouTube, JaKoB via vlogging, and I went to his channel

and I got to this video. And what inspired me so about JaKoB, his

real naam is Jaap, is that this video was published the 1 of April and within

2 months he already had more than 100 subscribers

So this really is an example that when you just starting or when you haven't started yet, just


Of course, there are hundreds of millions of YouTube channels, but it doens't matter.

If you have a nice idea, of just a passion for making videos or playing games

just start and look at my YouTube tips of course to grow faster.

But he has only started 2 months ago and he already has 200 or more than 240

subscribers, so that's a great example how you can still grow quickly as a young YouTuber

a starting YouTuber.

It inspired me to sent him an email and to tell who

I am and that I liked his channel and that he's always so enthusiastic.

And he reacted very positively and that resulted in the fact that this week or

maybe next week but I hope this week we'll make a video together

in which we will help starting YouTubers with less than 100 subscribers with

tips to grow.

From my expertise on the one hand, about search machine optimising and my YouTube marketing

knowledge, and his knowledge on coaching and how to be enthusiastic on screen.

I also got to another channel, from Isa Sindorff.

We can go there.

And on Isa Sindorff's channel it really is all about beauty, about fashion, and what

triggered me was a video about a YouTube partner update and improving channel.

And she does it really nicely, she just starting and has many more subscribers

than our channel.

She already has more than 2600, but she just made a video about how she just became a YouTube partner

and shares it with her viewers so I thought, well, she is subscribed

to me, she follows me, I follow her too now, and how could we work together?

So I sent her an email and she is very open to it.

We didn't know yet how to do it.

I'm still not sure, but I do have some ideas, So I'll

think about that next week, but you see, whether someone has no subscribers or a lot

you can just sent them an email, explain who you are, where you see the possible chances

for a cooperation, and maybe they'll be very positive, and you can go work together

and well, that will become a win-win sutation, so that's perfect of course.

Working together, growing by sharing.

What we'll do is when people said they wanted a channel review

on his channel and on mine we'll both help them in one video and give them tips

to get more than 100 subscribers. And what we'll do is

when you have more than 100 subs we'll give 5 shout-outs from channels we find interesting

or which we like, who subscribed and who wanted to have a shout-out

so we'll put them in the spotlight in the video we'll make together.

So if you haven't subscribed yet to my channel or JaKoB via vlogging's channel, give

us a thumbs up and of course subscribe.

And what I'll do is when I have reached 1000 subscribers and when JaKoB

via vlog coaching has reached 300 subscribers we'll coach one YouTuber whose channel

has less than 100 subscribers and we'll coach that Youtuber who's channel

has less than 100 subscribers for two weeks to help improve his channel

to get over those 100 subs and we'll give him tips,

we'll give him inspiration, so do you also want more than 100 subscribers?

Subscribe to JaKoB via vlog coaching and also to Online Video Marketing Academy.

Mention that you would like more than 100 subscribers and that you would like to

get those 2 weeks of coaching.

So subscribe to both of us.

Then you'll of course have a chance to get the coacing.

Do you already have questions now?

Let us know in the comments what videos you would like to see, what kind of YouTube tips.

Give us inspiration.

What questions keep you busy?

Als mention them in the comments of JaKoB via vlog coaching so we can add together all tips and ideas

onto 1 video in which we'll help you.

If you want to help us, subscribe to his channel or mine, or

both would be even better.

I want to thank you for watching and I see you in the next video.

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