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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Disney Fails & FUNNY Star Wars Jedi Training Academy Moments

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Welcome to the Disney Beat where we countdown all things disney today

We're counting down the top ten best moments online from the Jedi Training academy at the Disneyland Park in California

and Walt Disney World Hollywood studios in Florida

Number 10 the girl that turns to the dark side. If you will not pay for the dark side, right?

Yes, she will. Activate... What's happening Ohh it's funny, isn't it? Oohhohow it's funny. Owh really?

The difficulty anywhere over here. Number nine the excitement gets real with this little one

Number eight this big kid busts to move at the academy

holiday party wrong

I knew love was a cabarrus dad here. I'm

[only] on that ferry hold our activation our [shoulders] leg

number Seven Darth Vader's Lightsaber fail me and

Number six when the dark side doesn't go your way

Knowing me this is the only way the only way to the dark side vader, and I'll activate


Kipp academies, not europe you have two choices

You can stay in fights or anything on the back of the line choose wisely it's up here. Oh, why are you so angry?

You're at the happiest place on Earth

[go] that's my line, and think about it number five getting that right force push

Your hand. [I] want to get them a fourth floor. Yeah

Number four Darth Vader's Lightsaber fail again, oh you monster want to say anything to natural?

Number three Darth Vader Gets owned by [this] little one you are

the legs

number two Darth vader takes a saber to the head

I don't think so didn't what up Eddie actually want to sit back a little bit?

And the number one chop moment the Force is very [strong] with this one

Well there you [have] it

Those are the top [ten] moments from a Jedi training academy [if] you have a video or fail

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