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John: This video is sponsored by YouTube.

Hey there, guys, My name's John.

I come from the Flick Pick channel,

a very magical and mystical and scary place far, far away.

And I wanted to talk about the upcoming original YouTube series, "Origin."

And I got a chance to watch the first two episodes

before they premiere this November.

The show is a really cool, gritty sci-fi thriller,

and it all takes place on a space shuttle

on its way to this colonized planet,

and all these characters along the way,

they wake up, and you get their back-story told via flashbacks

throughout the series, and you learn more about them

and their motivations as characters.

And it's really intriguing.

The ten episode series is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson,

who directed one of my favorite video game movies of all time, "Mortal Kombat."

So throughout the course of this video,

I'm going to essentially unbox one of the characters

without an actual unboxing or a box,

and just tell you about one of my favorite characters from the show

and give you my general thoughts on the show,

and sort of what I liked about it.

So, I guess here we go.

The character I mainly want to talk about

is the character Lana, played by Natalia Tena.

And as far as her back-story goes,

she's this special agent working to protect the senator

and some things go wrong, and you kind of understand her motivations

and maybe why she decided to go on this trip in the first place.

And I really liked her set-up.

I liked how it was very different from the first episode

where you learn about the character of Sean.

And as far as the character of Lana goes,

she's no stranger to combat or using a gun

because she, once again, was a special agent.

And I like that her character isn't some damsel in distress.

She actually takes action when she needs to.

And thus far, I really enjoyed her character.

I liked her back-story,

and I can't wait to see where they go with her in future episodes.

And the vibe I'm picking up so far

is pretty much everyone who's going on this journey

screwed up at one place in their life,

and they pretty much said, "You know what?

I want to start over. Let me go on this journey

to another planet where I'm probably never coming back from."

And I don't-- it's a trip I would probably take, to be honest.

And as far as the vibe and tone of the show goes,

there's a lot of mystery. It's very thrilling.

You sort of know people's back-stories,

but you don't know every minute detail,

so you don't know if something is gonna pop up a little bit later.

And the vibe of the show is sort of like the movie

"Passengers" meets a little bit of "The Matrix"

meets some "Aliens," and I love that.

I love, like, gritty sci-fi.

Those are my quick thoughts on the upcoming original YouTube series, "Origin,"

which does premiere right here on YouTube this November.

And while you're here, you might as well subscribe to this channel,

that way you can stay up to date.

And don't forget to check out this show, once again, this November.

So without further adieu, I'm going to take off

to a cool, nice planet,

and hopefully I don't wake up from my, uh, deep cryosleep.

Okay. See you guys next time.

"Origin" premieres November 14 on YouTube. Check it out.

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