Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BASEMENT BATHROOM DRAINS ROUGHED IN

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good morning good morning today's plumbing adventure we're gonna rough it

a shower move some drains around in the floor quick time frame here I got the

guys coming in with a jackhammer I'll put a shower drain to the left a

little bit I got a re rough this I'm gonna lay out

this bathroom a little better and for that we're bringing in the pros Martin

Wally construction number one contractor in South Jersey

Martin Wally you call we haul no job to small

where is John the new boss the new owner

There it is Martin Wally he ain't playing

the new owner John Wally

just go to the pink line right no you'll never save it

I can't help it there is only one circuit breaker in the panel up there. There is no electric in the whole place.

Margate's finest firemen

The new owner of Wally Construction his number is

O U 8 1 2

where does that call? Mars.

I was looking for you

which John's number the new owner blue hat

what's your business motto?

were so far behind we think were in first place.

Oh and there goes another satisfied customer

we always aim and are please to aim.

Im gonna come back to that job another day and do the slab work that was the most important thing is get that concrete

done by wally nation

here we go we're on a scene of another beautiful plumbing job. The nashville pipe line.

the flags are the drain and the toilet correct? I think so yeah I think so

Oh it suddenly got heavy here

oh yea. i like that

so you say I want to be a plumber

it'll work


this is gonna go pick up the vanity right here

there we go measure twice cut once

slab work

yeah baby

shower drain this will pick up the shower drain

they got that shredded lead yeah it's nice

yeah that's fine yeah that'll work

I had CB2 in the mix yesterday clearing toilets oh yeah down in stone harbor

over yeah we got a we got a collaboration of plumbers here today

folks it'll work

here we go

George a 13 a half of three-inch yeah it'll work they're good at the toilet

toilet riser

we're not glued here but

measure twice cut once

it is dead center and it'll work alright twelve and a half off the wall boys

twelve and a half off the wall boys

a little sand in the glue

oh yeah there it went

has a little to much pitch but we'll fix it

twelve and a half on the wall

that Center eighteen center on our opening

playing a pitch Oh too much pitch actually

we're gonna bring a 2" wye for this lateral for the shower for

the vent for the bathroom we don't want to hear no poopies if gurgling

sucking for air

22 and a 1/4

typical plumber

here's a quick recap of what's happening here you got the 4x3 furnco on

an old cast bathroom we gutted this bathroom and the pressures on today the

concrete guys coming tomorrow which I did not expect so we had come in today a

little bit of reinforcements and knock out these two bathrooms and this one's in

good shape we're almost done I gotta finish that vanity right there this is

the vent for the shower and then of course the shower traps coming in and

putting in the Sterling shower base picked up by the homeowner and the

bathroom over here we had this the original demo job that we that we did

the shower base you know the bathrooms going over here we ran into some

complications where we had to go back to the 4" wye on its back you ever went

gonna do a lead joint because that's the outside wall and we don't want to go no

further than that so that's the best to move here and it's

Coffee time CB2 is at school today he's missing this

whole slab work or let's get er done all right we got the boys to dig this up

let's finish this up here bust out this cap so no dirt gets in there line

full bubble, we don't like a full bubble but we will take it

ten and a quarter

my cut man left like I was saying this our family job

for the squad

this is my vanity want to go with a auto vent

all right

the beauty of working down here at the beach is everything is sand

yeah twelve and a quarter or twelve and four dots right now we're doing our

shower trap for the ocean this is the Oceanside shower

Georgie huh I designated this the ocean side of the building yeah all right

four big dots

he gave it five dots here would you give me a five dot cut

three for a dollar we're gonna make sure it

what if you want a little play you got to get with the rubber if you want I'm

you know I'm saying yeah now listen this is going to be tough enough I know so I

think the rug work at night hey George tell me a piece 10 inches brother

thats ten big lines you're already missing a finger you ain't gotta come in here

Georgie it's staying right where it wants to be we want 16 x 24"

thats why I did not glue it yet oh let's get this measurement right here hold on okay

just hold that hold that riser right there right there

three and a quarter aah make it three and a eighth

now we can notch this and we will be right there

we'll make a box you know

you know we run some water tests all your joints

ok I'm going for it.

don't let the slab control you. Control the slab. how many times can keep checking double check

tape measure where ya at lets double check everything

all right now I need glue the riser in yet I'm gonna glue it in cause it's gotta

be done any way.

whats with this pipe

does it look straight

its crooked as hell

all right Georgie we got it work all right here we go

all right lets back fill this joker

general Thomason station he's the laser cutter

there's our trap, vent and toilet, fernco and our line for our vanity we're

gonna level this dirt out and I move on to the next step over here we got a

whole special situation going on over here our four by three

Fernco clamp didn't work and we're going last

this is last-ditch effort to save this stack this is last-ditch it's saved all

right baby oakum joint its done we're going old school

that is pure surgery right there. In my country we kiss each other. Hey no kissing baby.

This ain't Iraq my brother

Where's your origin George?

Iraq or Iran?

Lebonese, The Lebonese Prince

million dollar question? who has lead wool?

I may have some in my truck

we're still in a holding pattern right now so I'm gonna backfill this

over here Georgie. going old-school boys

the old 4x3 furl with the 4x3 abs bushing

we're gonna make a little video out of this boys

thank God for abs

ha there it is

swivel lips. yeah wrinkles

ah look at this guy. wrinkles is looking on.

ah look at that. I have all my irons if ya need them

look at that beauty. Were going for the ultimate save here.

you want gloves? Na.

you want some more oakum or you good? Na

Straight Outta Ventnor.

we're going to cheat with some shredded lead and we're going in old-school oakum baby

plumber X we cannot reveal its identity

plumber X is on a secret mission from Mars

shredded lead is actually is really nice to work with

and then we go to the mother of all pipes ABS yep uh-huh

to bad CB2 is not here yeah nice getting a real education we don't some care time

we've done some cast iron jobs dad you guys did some crack stacks

3 big lines

plumber x saves the day we're dealing with what we deal with what we are dealt

with yes and right now we're winning for now

good morning we're back we got the concrete guy up it's on today is on big time

Big Daddy concrete is here

there it is the bucket brigade I got a young man here want some lift buckets

this will make them appreciate plumbing don't you just set it there and you got

to shovel it out what are you gonna do

can I cut that stud out? you can cut the wall out that be nice

whats so funny?

There $400.00

concrete turn into three hundred dollars a yard why so cheap

getting the shot

Chuck is that level where you want it. it's pretty close you can check yeah you want it level without

a place this floor is gonna be the strongest piece in this this job here

beautiful hey boss where you going oh here it is

big money big money more money coming in

Where did Wally National Bank originate? it all started when I was a little kid when

the green bills started to fly when I realized with money we can do for you