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Episode 111 - Ask A Doctor No More

If one of your friends started talking to you about soccer,

or wanted to see what you think about a car he wants to buy,

or if you were asked about your opinion on a movie you have watched

You will likely be very comfortable in engaging in this conversation, you will also be able to give insightful details

And if your friend is really doesn't know what he is talking about! you will be able to tell!

You don;t need to be a professional soccer player, an engineer or even a movie director to know about these subjects

Which will allow you to discuss and give reasonable opinions.

The same is not happening in health education and awarness

Unfortunately health education is foreign to a lot of people, specially in our part of the world

This is partly the fault of "health education" itself. It is always long, boring and complicated

Additionally, medicine changes rapidly and it is tough to keep up!

and even if you decide to get educated, you will find it difficult! there is another "bigger" problem here

People who speak about health education and awareness are too many!! and not all of them know what they are talking about well

With you setting behind a screen it is difficult to know what to listen to and what to ignore

You will find conflicting information, opinions and even "facts" are not consistent!

It is not surprising that people get lost and lose interest!

deciding only to seek any sort of medical education "only" when a medical problem occurs

However, there are several problems with that.

When a medical problem occurs! he/she will themselves needing to deal with this mess of opinions (nothing changed!).

and he/she will have a problem deciding which path to take.

Choosing a wrong path may have consequence on his/her own health

This time may not be the best time to "start" health education. Time can be pressing in these circumstances

I am not trying to exaggerate a problem here! I am simply trying to portrait the problem that this program is trying to help fix.

This Youtube program (AskADoctorNoMore) is not intended to be "another" source listing medical information and opinions.

The main objective is to actually "explain" the underlying medical science FIRST before portraying any opinions and advice

We work hard to simplify complex medical concepts and jargon to reach you in the simplest way possible

So, when you are exposed to conflicting medical information. You can weed out what is clearly not correct and does not make sense!

So, you can have the basics that will allow you to engage in discussions and spot out those who don't know what they are talking about!

Your health is very precious. And the best one to take good care of it, is YOU!! no one else.

Health education and awareness is important for everyone! and it is the most important pillar for enjoying good health!

Because your health is determined largely by your every day choices!

your food, your habits, your weight, your check ups!

Good health is God's well, like everything else. But God's well comes only with you following good reason!

And it will reflect on those days of your life when you need your good health the most!

And even if you catch a disease. It is your awareness of what symptoms and signs are worrisome, is what will lead to early diagnosis!

You are your own's first doctor!

Any disease is best managed early. This will maximize chances of recovery and cure!

The best time to get educated about health! is before you lose it!

What is going to help you is not to ask someone who got the disease, nor to ask a doctor!

Your health awareness is what matters MOST!

This is the motto that we started with will end the season with as well!

During this season we have spoke about several topics

Alternative medicine, Cauterization treatments, Reasons leading to loss of trust in the health establishment, and the important role of women in the work place,

We also spoke about medical errors, placebo effect, head transplant, detox, vaccines and stem cells.

Don't forget to check the ones you haven't watched ;)

Although the general theme of this season was to tackle misconceptions and rumors. This is only part of what we plan to provide

Our ambition is to develop a full digital library of health related topics, told in easy Arabic language. Tackling various aspects of health related topics

As always, I end up by thanking those who helped me during the make of an episode.

This time I would like to thank YOU.

Thank you for believing in the value of what we do

Thank you for spreading the message and becoming a partner in raising the public's health awareness

And Thank you for YouTube Channel (NRD) for hosting the first season of this program

In the end.. I hope that you have enjoyed this journey and also learned something from it.

And please do not hesitate to send me your thought and feedback to improve what is next

Until next time..

Good bye

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