Practice English Speaking&Listening with: HTC Hero - Discover the Unexpected

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Follow your intuition to discover the little delights within HTC Hero.

(More Than Just a Dialer)

Even basic functions like the phone dialer will pleasantly surprise you.

To find Joseph Miller, simply dial his name, or even just his initials.

Besides just being able to call people,

you can quickly access all information like contact details, emails and updates.

(Your Photos and More )

The photos and videos saved on your phone

are just a small fraction of the entire Album on the HTC Hero.

Scrolling through pictures is as easy as a flick.

Pinch an image to take a closer look, or to zoom back out.

You can also easily share your pictures by

uploading them to social networking sites or by sending them in an email.

And when you're really in a mood to browse more pictures

you can visit all the photo albums of your facebook friends

or all the photos you and your friends uploaded to Flickr.

(Tweet Away )

If you like Twitter,

you'll love the fact that you can see all the Tweets

as they are being broadcast, right on the home screen.

And when you have some thoughts to contribute, shout them out to your followers.

Go into full Twitter mode with just a tap.

There you can see, all the replies, all direct messages, as well as your favorite Tweets.

(Breakthrough Browsing)

See Internet pages come to life on the full-featured mobile browser with integrated Flash.

Just pinch the screen to take a closer look at images or enlarge the text.

When you adjust the size, the text reflows so you can read without panning left or right.

Let's take a look at that again.

When you're ready to move to another page,

the large visual bookmarks lead you to your favorite websites with just a single touch.

And if you're really into surfing the web,

put the bookmark widget right on the home screen for instant access to your favorite websites.

(Tune Out with Some Tunes)

Your music library is waiting to be enjoyed on the HTC Hero.

Just choose the album and find the song to fit your mood.

You can view your tunes by albums, look at the playlists that you yourself created,

browse by the Genre, or even by the music composer.

With HTC Hero you get a phone that perfectly fits your life.

There is just one question:

What do you want your Hero to be?

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