Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Trouble shoot Support Tool

Difficulty: 0

Welcome to the instruction video how to use the support tool

in case of a problem with Tacx Trainer software 4 you can report the problem

or fix some issues with the support tool

the support tool is installed when TTS4 is installed and is shown on your desktop

if not, please download it from service site on

Reset TTS settings can be used when the software does not start anymore

pressing this button will return the software to the standard default settings

can also be usefull when you receive a new interface to reconnect it

TTS USER reset will remove all the users

pressing both buttons will restore the system to basic default

use RESET Google Cache when GPS has an issue or when the system is crashing after x minutes

all the resets will not remove the license activation nor remove your score files

If the issue remains, use the REPORT A PROBLEM option

fill in the information that is required

in case in problem of memory problems you can also use the Reset Google cashe button

there is no need to attach anything

except if you have made pictures

all the logs are auto generated

if you do not know the info of the brake just enter in 0

when everything filled in you just press Send

that is all

you will receive an email notification

with a Ticket ID number

this is important for further communication

Tacx will analyze the problem and send you the solution by email

The Description of Trouble shoot Support Tool