Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 눈감고 모모랜드 - Thumbs Up 춤 추기!! 신입도 있는데 괜찮을까,,? [눈감고 커버댄스]

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Diana Hi~~

She's never done a video!!

Diana Hi!!

Hi, I'm Diana, the female dance team.

dance blindfolded

What song are you going to dance to this time?

thumbs up!!

I'll cover my eyes and dance with this song ( momoland - thumbs up ) .

This song is for six people to dance.

Hyorim was absent because she was sick.

Let's get started!

Let's go!!

Hee-su's hand touched Haemi's back.


Who are you?

It's me.

The main character who is doing well in this mess is!

ji hye!!

ji seon!!

I think we did a good job moving around each other

Wow, what is it?!

Where is the center?

gain access

What, what?

Exciting Frog

I chose you.

I almost fell down because of the exciting frog.

Who's that? Did you fall?

No, no, I'm fine!

Oh, really? (feel something wanting)



? Me?

get me something more amazing

I'm completely out of my mind.

I had the best wisdom to dance with my eyes closed.

Where have you been?

Frog Club Reopen!!

Exit Frog Club!!

get frightened out of one's senses ( haemi - I don't care.)



Where did the other two go?

ji hye : Haemi, where are you?

We all stood in a line together, following the voice of Haemi.

In the meantime, Ji-seon is in the process of...

break free from the pack

Did something happen?

i don't know

I think you did better than Psycho.

I danced face to face with Hee-su.

How do you know that?

Your finger pricked me in this motion.

We closed our eyes and danced with this song.

If you enjoyed the video,



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There was someone's arm on my shoulder at the end.

But I couldn't reach it because there was a big difference in height.

That's why I didn't know.

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