Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE HUMMING CHALLENGE  feat. ISAC ELLIOT

Difficulty: 0

Hey! I have a very special guest joining me here with me today:

Isac Elliot!


And we are going to be doing the humming challenge

For a long time I have wanted to do this challenge with someone who is a real artist.

So we have Ikke here with us

-A real artist..

We have some great hit songs chosen on our phones here

Next one of us will put headphones on and start (*starts humming*)

After that the other one must desperately try to guess what they are humming.

Ok. Lets try! Ok. You go first.



What's this one called?!

Go on!

Grenade - Bruno mars?


Did the *waves* help? - Yeah

Do I continue? - No. Now its my turn


One direction - Steal My girl - YES

I like that song a lot


This is One Direction.

Hold on

*Keeps humming*

Im waiting for the chorus

You and I

Yes. Yes.

So what do you guess?


Oh! Vadelmavene (Finnish song)

YES. This is going so well!

This one you should know. This is a big hit.


Nooo. Whats this one called!

I dont know the name of this song.

But the one that goes *sings*

Its called "Marry…” something

Whats the artist? I really dont know


Ok Ill guess the name of the song.

It isYou have to marry her anyway

No. The name is in the chorus if you think about the lyrics

Fool. Stupid. No. Crazy. NO. Mad. Almost.

Doesnt it go like that?


Blue? - Yea its blue. (sarcastic)

Oh ok. Do you want to know the name?


Rude. - Oh I thought it wasFool"

Ok this ones hard


Oh. No!

Hey this is my song!

My.. “Party alarm

Im so stupid..

You took so long to guess your song

"How does this song sounds so familiar"

This was my favorite song from your first album



This song is always the last song of the set. Balloons drop from the ceiling, people come on the stage

Ok Ill bring something from a different genre but you might know this one pretty well

Schlager music?



Antti Tuisku (Finnish artist) - Yes. Correct but what is the song called?

HeilutaanKeinutaan! (Swayingswinging)


Sorry Antti!

- I found something finnish too!

I was confused because you did this *waving hands*


The one with Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McFlurry.

The… “Five more seconds”..

FOUR. Four five seconds.

What was that Paul McFlurry thing?

Well. Isnt it Mc something? - McCartney

- McFlurry

Ok here we go

Something a bit older

Tapani Kansa (Finnish singer, born in 1949)


Thriller! - Yes!

Yeah! You knew it without the chorus! Amazing!

Congrats. -Thanks

But you are still losing though

Can I rap while humming - Yes please!


Oh, cheek!

Flexaa! (Finnish song) Cheek! (finnish rapper)

It's my turn now

Ok this one is a legend

Was it really?

Which song?

Is it Queen?

No, it isnt

Damn, would have been so good!

This is too high


Does a woman sing this one?

Yea I know this

The worlds most beautiful woman


Some.. Anna Abreu? (finnish singer)

Is it... "Banana"

Something like that..

I won! I won!

Yeah. This is it

Thanks for watching!

And thanks to our amazing guest, Isac Elliot.

Thank you! (voice cracks)

Thanks again for watching the video

And thanks to our amazing guest, Isac Elliot

Thank you! (no voice cracks)

I'll see you guys next Friday