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Hi, PeachyFinch is here.

Today video is about the failure at making a flower coaster.

Now I'm gonna show you why I failed.

Pour the epoxy resin

Add glitters

and mix them

Add the hardener in the right ratio.

Mix them.

I put other glitters.

Mix them one more.

Remove the air bubbles with the heat tool.

Put the flowers in the silicone mold.

I finally used the flowers that I bought a few years ago.

Pour the resin that was mixed and cooled.

Not enough amount so I made the resin more.

Flowers make so many air bubbles.

So I press everywhere to rise the air bubbles to the surface.

Blow air bubbles with a lighter.

I've been working so hard..

It failed when it coated the rough back with UV resin.

Shrink, bend, and the back is rough.

I'll make a coaster well next time.

Thank you for watching.

A concept video that I've taken because too bad.

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