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The Doc is in and she'll fix you up

If you're a toy then you're in luck

It's okay don't be afraid

The Doc really knows her stuff

Do, do, do you know what's good for you

The Doc is gonna help you feel better

Oh, oh, oh it's the place to go

When you feel a little under the weather

Let Doc McStuffins do her thing

- ( giggling ) - To get your right back in the swing

Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins

Come let the visit begin

The Doc is in

( children giggling )

( music playing )

Hi, everybody! Doc McStuffins here!

Today is a super special day.

And I'm so glad you all could be here.

We're gonna learn how taking care of ourselves is really important.

We'll be learning exciting new skills,

singing songs,

seeing old friends,

and meeting new friends, too.

That's my girl!

Doc: We're going to show you all the ways

you can stay healthy and have fun at the same time.

Because there's so much you can do

to take care of you.

Oh! I almost forgot.

I have something amazing to share with you.

If any of our new friends today say this special phrase,

they'll get a big surprise!

The special phrase is... ( drum roll )

"Take care of you."

( laughing )

Now, before we meet anyone, it's always a good idea

to wash our hands.

Let's practice that now, to the "Wash Your Hands" song.

( music playing )

Wash your hands, wash your hands

Soapy, sudsy, wash your hands

You don't want to pass germs to your friends

Everybody wash your hands

Soap and water you can't go wrong

Scrub as long as it takes to sing this song

Make them clean as they can get

Now dry them off and you're all set

Wash your hands, wash your hands

Scrubbily, bubbly, wash your hands

- You don't want to pass germs to your friends - Eww!

- Everybody wash your hands - All together now!

Everybody wash your hands

( dings, gurgles )

Now that our hands are washed, let's meet our first new friend.

Are you ready to join me? Come on!

( music playing )

Hi, Carter!

- Hi, Doc! - It's great to see you!

- Wanna tell us what you're doing today? - Oh, lots of stuff!

I'm playing with my toys. I had a race. I built some stuff.

- I drew some pictures. - ( giggles )

- Wow! You've been busy! - I know! I know! I know!

- Wanna see what I drew? - You bet!

So first, here's my dog, Buster.

- He's a golden retriever. - He's so cute!

Then, here is me and my brother

building a fort in our back yard.

- Wow! Amazing fort! - Last, but not least,

Here's your dragon, Stuffy.

Stuffy would love that!

Your drawings look fantastic!

Thank you. Now I wanna go ride my bike and play games.

But my mom says, "You should take care of you and take a break."

( music playing )

( gasps ) Carter! That's our special phrase!

- ( laughs ) - And your mom is right.

It's important to take a break so you don't get too tired.

( sleepily ) But there's so much more I wanna do.

( Doc giggles ) You remind me of my little brother, Donny.

One day, he was playing so much,

that he got tired and needed to rest and recharge.

So did his toys, too. Let me show you.

Ricardo, you haven't been going as fast as usual.

I'm worried something might be wrong with you.

You must be out of energy, just like Donny was this morning.

My diagnosis is no-vroom-vroom-atosis.

- ( sighs ) - It's when you don't have any vroom.

Or energy. But after you recharge,

you'll have plenty of energy to race.

Yeah, maybe I need some quiet time so I can play outside more.

That's right, Carter.

Knowing when to get rest is really important

to staying healthy and happy.

And after you're refreshed and recharged,

you'll be revved up and ready for more fun.

- ( beeps ) - I know just the song

to show you exactly what I mean!

A race car can't go fast

Unless he's got enough gas

A race car can't win-win

With a sleepy engine

Oh! Ricardo race car lost by a lap

Looks like he just needed a nap

- A race car can't get a beep-beep - Yeah!

Unless he gets a good sleep

You gotta recharge your energy

So, come on! Come on! Come on! Get your sleep on!

- Shh! - Oh!

( whispering ) A race car can't get a beep-beep

Unless he gets a good sleep

( chirps )

And I betcha that green light means

Ricardo's all recharged.

( mechanical heartbeat )

You sound all better. Now let's see how you drive.

Why don't you take a really fast lap around the room for me?

- ( engine revs ) - Whoo!

That's one fast car!

You have to get plenty of sleep to stay strong, Carter.


( giggles ) I guess he took our advice to get some rest.

Let's let him recharge while we meet some other friends.


All right. Let's see what Reagan and Berkeley are up to.

They're right here on my "toy-sponder."

( girls laughing )

Reagan? Are you there?

Not it!

Doc: Oh! ( giggles )

- Berkeley? - I'm gonna get you!

Can you see me? We're both in our back yards!

Oh, hi, Doc! Berkeley, hurry! It's Doc McStuffins!

- Hi! - Sorry, we were just playing tag.

- Time out! - That looks like fun!

It is. It's our favorite game, right, Berkeley?

Oh, yeah! It's the best game ever.

But all of this running around makes me thirsty.

Let's have water!

Looks like you both are doing the right thing to keep yourselves healthy.

Did you know that drinking lots of water after you've been playing

- is good for you? - Really?

- I didn't know that. - Yeah, it's called being hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water can help keep your body at its best.

It also helps you from feeling dried out and droopy.

( gasps ) That reminds me of a diagnosis

I once gave to my friend, Lenny the fire engine.

Dehydrated. That's it!

I have a diagnosis!

Lenny, you have dried-out-atosis.

It's like when you're dehydrated.

Oh! Yeah! It's exactly like being dehydrated!

Uh, Doc? What's dehydrated again?

I'm asking for the Lenster, here.

It's when you aren't drinking enough water.

I didn't know drinking water was so important.

Oh, it is. Every day!

But when it's hot outside, it's even more important.

I'll make sure to drink a big glass of water

when we play outside.

That's great.

Do you think you've ever had a time

where you felt dehydrated and needed more water?

When we're at the beach,

we forget to have water since we're having so much fun.

Yeah, when we're playing in the waves and making sand castles.

Wow! The beach sounds like so much fun!

I know it's easy to forget,

but just remember to fill up your body with the H20 it needs before going outside.

That'll keep you feeling great.

And make playtime even more fun!

I love water.

( refreshed sigh )

And sometimes even juice.

( Doc giggles ) You know what? Me, too.

Juice is yummy, and it's okay to have sometimes.

But water is best for keeping you healthy and hydrated.

Here's how I remember.

All: Two, four, six, eight!

Everybody hydrate!

Water, water, water, water

You've got to drink way more water than you think

It feels so humid and hot outside

But we're all ready to go

There's lots to do and the sun is shining

- Bring on the H20 - That means "water"!

Water, water, water, water

Water, water, water, water

You gotta drink way more water than you think

Water, water, water, water

Water, water, water, water

You gotta drink way more water than you think

We're just singing 'cause you oughta

You gotta drink a lot more water

( gurgling )

Do you two know how much water you should drink every day?

This much!

This much!

( Doc giggles ) I think Stuffy and Chilly said the same thing.

Those are great guesses, but for kids like us,

the best way to know is to say your age.

Then for every year up to age eight,

you should drink one, eight-ounce cup of water.

- How old are each of you? - I'm eight, so that means

- I should drink eight cups. - Mm-hmm.

And I'm six. So I should drink six cups.

That's right! Every day! You two are so smart!

Thanks, Doc! So as long as we drink enough water while we play,

we can run around forever!

( giggles ) Well, maybe not forever.

( giggling )

And remember, it's also important

to rest and recharge to stay healthy.

- What should we do next? - Well, now that we're hydrated,

- let's go play some more! - I'll race you there!

- Bye! Thank you! - Bye, Reagan! Bye, Berkeley!

See you later! Have fun on the slide!

And remember to stay hydrated!

Okay, everyone. Isn't it fun learning

that taking care of ourselves

can come in handy in lots of ways?

And, we're making new friends, too!

Let's check in on my friend, Elias.

The last time I talked to him, he had a cold.

Have you ever had a cold?

Let's see how he's doing.

Hey, Elias! Hey, Elias' dad!

- Hi, Doc! It's Doc McStuffins! - I know!

( giggles ) It's good to see you two!

I've been thinking about you since the last time we met.

- How's your cold, Elias? - It's all better now.

My dad took me to the doctor and she gave me great advice.

She told me to drink a lot of water.

- Take a lot of naps. - Mm-hmm.

And I didn't play with my friends

so I won't get germs on them.

- All right. - Mom and Dad always make sure I sneeze like this.


They take good care of me.

That's fantastic! I'm sure you missed your friends.

But it's really important to stay at home when you're sick.

I've had a cold before, too.

But with lots of water, plenty of rest

and good care from loved ones,

I was feeling better in no time.

Ah-choo! Ugh. Thanks.

Now, you lie back and rest and we'll take care of everything.


I was so proud of him for following the doctor's advice

and taking it easy, even if he wanted to play and see his friends.

- And he was better before you knew it. - Wow!

Way to go, Elias! You did everything right.

A cold can sometimes last a week.

But you took care of yourself,

and you tried not to get anyone else sick.

Yep! I don't want anybody I love

to get sick with my germs.

That's right! And it's great to know that you're feeling better.

It's kind of like the time when Lambie got covered in

flour on official Cuddle Day.

- How about a great big Cuddle Day celebration? - Ooh!

But first, Dad's making our Cuddle Day favorite.

Cuddle Cakes. Come on!

You can add the flour.

Lambie has enough cuddles for everyone.

That's right! I'm ready for the Cuddle-- Ah-ah-choo!

I remember all she wanted to do was give hugs and cuddles.

- Ah-choo! - But she knew that if she did,

everyone else would get covered in flour, too.

Lambie, you have a case of flour-tosis.

The flour is what's making you sneeze.

Is it bad? Ah-choo!

I really wanted to cuddle, too.

I know exactly how Lambie felt.

But, I get to spend a lot of time with my daddy.

- Aww, thanks, Elias. I love you, buddy. - Love you, too, Dad.

That's a great way to look at it.

Whether you have flour all over you like Lambie,

or germs on you that you can't see,

it can be hard not to give a hug.

Or to get close to those you love.

I'm sorry, but you can't cuddle.


On Cuddle Day? The cuddliest day of the whole year.

I know it's bad, but if you cuddle with other toys,

they could get flour-tosis, too.

It's sort of like when a kid has a cold,

they have to be careful not to spread their germs.

I was proud of Lambie. And I'm proud of you, too.

Following the doctor's orders is always best.

It's important to keep your germs to yourself.

And to keep your distance, so other people you love don't get sick, too.

A little space for a little while

really helps a lot.

Once you're all better, you can give all the hugs

you want to your friends and family. Just like Lambie.

I really didn't want to shut my cuddle booth down

And there are some things

You just don't want to spread around

I love my friends and I'd never hurt them

But giving them germs and dirt is worse than

Saving my cuddles for when I feel okay

So, I can't cuddle

Can't cuddle today

Cuddles are my favorite thing

With all the happy stuff they bring

But when I'm sick those cuddles have to wait

So I can't cuddle

I can't cuddle today

( bicycle bell rings )

Lambie and Elias, you both did the right thing.

And you both got better fast.

Did it work? Is my flour-tosis gone?

Not a spec of flour anywhere.

Oh! I'm so happy I could...cuddle!

She just loves cuddles. Thanks for talking with us, Elias!

Thanks, Doc. We had fun!

Yes, there's so much you can do to take care of you.

( music playing )

Whoa! That's our special phrase!

Wow! Thanks for checking on us, Doc!

Of course! That's what the doctor is supposed to do.

- Doc: ( giggles ) - Both: Bye, Doc!

We've met some amazing families.

And now I'm so excited for you to meet two of my newest friends,

who work in a hospital. Just like my mom.

Doctor Myiesha Taylor

and nurse Mark Lee.

Both: Hi, Doc! Hi, everybody!

How are things at your clinic?

Great! We've been learning all about healthy habits.

That's amazing! Mark and I teach healthy habits to our patients every day.

It's our job to give them check-ups and to

get them better as soon as they can.

Speaking of check-ups...

I think I know what time it is!

Time for your check-up, time for your check-up

I'm gonna check your ears, check your eyes

Find out how much you've grown

Time for your check-up

I'm gonna listen to your heartbeat

Fix you up ready to go

Time for your check-up

It's okay if you giggle

This will only tickle a little

Time for your check-up, time for your check-up

Both: Yay!

- I love that song. - Doc: ( giggles )

Me, too! So, I have a few questions for you.

- Can we do a quick check-up? - Sure can!


Great! What's the first thing you do

- when you see a patient? - Well, Doc, the first thing that we do

when we meet a new patient, is we wash our hands.

You wanna make sure that your hands are sparkling clean and germ-free.

Doc: ( gasps ) We did that earlier!

That's wonderful! And also, too, make sure you put on a mask

and wear gloves so that you stay healthy for all of your patients.

- ( giggles ) You mean like this? - Absolutely!

Doc: That reminds me of when my friend Stanley needed surgery,

and we all work masks.

Okay. Here we go. Let's get him prepped.

Way to follow the rules, Doc.

- Was it serious? - Well, he had a broken heart.

So, I'd say so. But we helped him get better. I'll show you!

His heartbeat sounds... strange.

I think we better open him up.


Look at that! With a broken heart, he couldn't let anyone love him.

Let's get it fixed. Paste, please, Hallie.

Once the paste dries, his heart will be good as new.

My heart must be working again!

Thanks, Doc! You're an amazing kid!

And you're an amazing toy!

Wow, Doc, you did an excellent job!

And it looks like you had some great helping hands, too.

Thanks! Couldn't have done it without them.

And it's super important to keep germs from passing

between you and the patient.

A face mask helps prevent germs from hitching a ride

on a cough or a sneeze, and escaping into the air.

We gotta keep our germs to ourselves, right, Doc?

That's right, Doc! ( giggles )

Okay. Next question. What's your most favorite thing about your job?

Oh, that's easy. I love to help make children feel better.

- It's why I come to work every day. - Mark: That's for sure.

I also love the day that my patients get to go home.

When I see them laughing and smiling

and ready to play again,

- I know that my work here is done. - Me, too!

That's the best part! My patients even sing about it.

He's all better, Stuffy.

He is?

Oh! He is! He is!

He's better!

He feels better so much better

Thank you, Doc for taking all his ouchies away

He didn't feel so good, too you fixed him like you said that you would

He feels better, so much better now

Aww, yay! That is the best.

Doc: ( giggles ) It is!

Okay, last question.

What's your diagnosis for when a patient

feels rundown, is dehydrated, and needs to rest?

Hmm... That's a good question.

Let me consult with my Big Book of Boo-Boos.

What could it be, Doc?

Looks like we've got another entry

for the Big Book of Boo-Boos.

Doc, it looks like the patient has Take-Care-itis.

That's when a person doesn't quite feel like themselves.

The solution is: Stay home,

drink water, get sleep, and take care of you.

( music playing )

Yay! That's our special phrase!

Doc: ( giggles )

It's been really nice talking to you guys,

but I gotta go. I have another appointment.

And I won't forget my mask!

I better get going, too. This has been a blast.

Can't wait to do it again.

Thanks, Doctor Taylor and Nurse Mark.

It was so amazing talking to you.

It's always great to compare notes with other medical professionals.

Bye, Doc. Bye, everybody.

Bye! Have a good shift!

It's been so great being with you today,

and I want to thank all my special guests for joining us.

Each of them helped us remember that staying healthy

is the best way to have fun

and keep your friends and family healthy, too.

Like Carter with his fantastic drawings

and all the other fun he had today.

He's in a better mood and has much more energy

when he remembers to get some rest to recharge.

I feel awesome after I took a nap.

Now I'm ready to go play some more.

( giggles ) That's great.

Just like Donny's race car that had no-vroom-vroom-atosis.

You sound all better. Now let's see how you drive.

Why don't you take a really fast lap around the room for me?

Whoo. That's one fast car.

Doc: Reagan and Berkeley had a blast playing outside together.

And now we know how much water we need to drink.

Thanks, Doc, and tell Lambie hi.

I will. They showed us that when you run around a lot,

it's important to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated,

or you might get dried-out-atosis,

just like Lenny the fire engine.

I didn't know drinking water was so important.

Oh, it is. Every day.

But when it's hot outside, it's even more important.

And Elias, who was so brave when he caught a cold

and didn't get close to others

so he wouldn't spread it to his family and friends.

I didn't give anyone else my germs,

and I got to watch a lot of "Doc McStuffins" while I was resting.

I'm so glad to hear that.

Just like Lambie when she had flour-tosis.

Grown-ups call that physical distancing.

And I like to call it having fun at home.

Did it work? Is my flour-tosis gone?

Not a speck of flour anywhere.

Oh, I'm so happy I could...cuddle!

Doc: And a great big thank you to Doctor Myiesha Taylor and Nurse Mark Lee.

They took time from their busy day helping patients

to tell us how to keep from spreading or catching germs.

Yep. You should wear a mask anytime you might be sick

or you're around others who don't feel well.

I always wear my mask.

Doc: Just like we did when we fixed Stanley the lion's broken heart.

Once the paste dries, his heart will be good as new.

Thanks, Doc. You're an amazing kid!

And the biggest thanks to you for being here.

It's been so much fun.

There's just one more thing we need to do

to keep us all healthy and happy every day.

Everyone has come back for one more visit

to sing the "Wash Your Hands" song with us.

Join in, okay?

Because there's so much you can do to take care of you.

- ( music playing ) - ( giggles )

Wash your hands, wash your hands

Soapy, sudsy, wash your hands

You don't want to pass germs to your friends

Everybody wash your hands

Soap and water you can't go wrong

Scrub as long as it takes to sing this song

Make them clean as they can get

Now dry them off and you're all set

Wash your hands, wash your hands

Scrubbily, bubbly, wash your hands

- You don't want to pass germs to your friends - Eww!

- Everybody was your hands - All together now!

Everybody wash your hands

- ( laughing ) - That's great.

Bye, everybody. Have a great day.

Be well, and see you soon.

All: Bye, Doc. Bye, everybody.

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