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On this episode of China Uncensored,

Get LinkedIn... to a Chinese spy network!

Were really running with the Cold War 2 theme

And finally, heres one fight the Shaolin Temple doesnt want.

This is China Uncensored

Hi, welcome to China Uncensored,

Im your host Chris Chappell.

The Chinese Communist Party wants to target

Americas best and brightest.

But theres more than 300 million people in the US.

If only there was some way to narrow down

and search for the ones with the right kind of credentials.

Oh right!



Im even on there.

Thats why, according to the US counter intelligence chief,

China is waging a super aggressive spy campaign on LinkedIn.

Yes, LinkedIn.

The Chinese Communist Party

has even infiltrated the most boring social media network.

And their spy campaign isnt just super aggressive,

its super effective, too.

Chinese agents have set up

an as of yet undisclosed number of fake accounts,

contacting thousands of LinkedIn members at a time.

The Chinese agents look for foreigners

with access to government and commercial secrets.

Then they offer them jobs, for example,

at a so-called think tank in Shanghai.

And once the foreigner takes the job,

theyll be expected to give up the secrets.

Sounds sketchy and super illegal, sure.

But you got to admit,

its a pretty clever way to

trick people into betraying their country:

Hey, its my job!

I have to do it for money!

So far, we dont know how many people

this aggressive campaign has successfully recruited.

But this is something both British

and German authorities have warned of previously.

Which is why Ive added to my LinkedIn profile

that Im not a good candidate for a spy.

The US has asked LinkedIn to take action

to shut down these Chinese agents accounts.

Could you imagine being the Chinese spy

whose job is to recruit people through LinkedIn?

You thought you were going to be James Bond,

but instead youre writing the worst recruiting emails ever.

And incidentally, this is not the first time LinkedIn

has been at the center of some China controversy.

When they went into the China market back in 2014,

they started censoring users profiles on the Chinese site

if those profiles had content relating to

the Tiananmen Square Massacre or Falun Gong.

Even if those users were in America.

The modern world depends on technology in space.

For example,

if it werent the GPS satellites

put up by the US government,

I wouldnt be able to use Google Maps

to find the nearest Medieval Times theme restaurant,

and enjoy an evening of good old-fashioned jousting.

So, since we rely so much on GPS satellites...

this might be a problem.

For years, China has been building up

its anti-satellite capabilities.

In 2007, China shot down

one of its own weather satellites with a missile.

Its most recent anti-satellite test was last year.

Chinese authorities claimed it was just

a totally normal missile defense system.

The US, for its part,

has been falling behind China and Russia

for the future of space warfare

But really, these are exciting times.

As a top official said, were in Cold War 2

With an Arms Race 2

With a Space Race 2

Now some might tell you this could all lead to World War 3.

But, really, thats ridiculous.

It will be Space Wars 1.

I said space wars, Disney.

You cant sue me!

But I wouldnt want you to worry that

we wont still have warfare right here on Earth, too.

Because China may be also helping with that.

China is helping to set up

a mountain brigade in Afghanistan to fight terrorism.

And China has a long history of mountain brigades.


Its clearly an Outlaws of the Marsh reference.

Come on, people!

Its a classic.

Its literally one of the four Chinese classics.

Ok, back to Afghanistan...sadly.

Now, supposedly,

Chinese troops wont actually be on Afghan soil,

according to the Afghan embassy in Beijing.

But despite that very believable denial,

China has already paid for and started building a training base

for Afghan troops inside Afghanistan

in the the Wakhan Corridor,

which is next to Chinas Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

Xinjiang is where the Communist Party

has detained up to a million Muslims.

Is this mountain brigade really about fighting terrorism?

Or is it more about cutting off any hope of escape?

Speaking of no escape,

Chinas State council has made it easy

for the happy people of Macau, Hong Kong,

and Taiwan to get Chinese residence cards

so they can live and/or work in mainland China.

Surely theres no sinister catch to this!

Heres the sinister catch.

Misbehave, lose the card.

That could spell trouble for say, Hong Kongers,

who hold the incorrect view of democracy in Hong Kong.

Or Taiwanese who hold the incorrect view of what a country is.

Speaking of gradually eroding freedoms,

a new high speed rail linking Hong Kong and Mainland China

is opening soon.

Part of the train station inside Hong Kong

has been ceded to Mainland Chinese control.

Meaning, for example,

mainland anti-subversion laws can be enforced in Hong Kong

if youre, say, a dissident

and accidentally step over the line.

Now I know that sounds controversial, but dont worry.

The handover was done in a secret ceremony.

The event was closed to press and neither news media

nor local lawmakers were given advance notice.

Probably because if they announced it,

too many overjoyed people would have come to the train station

to celebrate this historic event,

creating a public safety issue.

That must be the reason.

Hong Kongs chief executive Carrie Lam,

who was appointed by pro-Beijing interest groups,

tried to ease Hong Kongers worries.

She said It was not a ceremony per se,

and also that, There was nothing sneaky.

Which is about as reassuring as when your friend says,

dont worry, your car is fine.

You have collision insurance, right?

The Chinese Communist Party is not spiteful.

I would never accuse it of that.

But, remember how Australia barred Chinese telecom companies

from building their 5G network,

because of national security concerns?

Well, it turns out, that same day, in a total coincidence,

the biggest Australian broadcaster, ABC,

was blocked on the Chinese internet.

Or the ban could be because I was once interviewed on ABC.

Six months ago.

Ok, it was probably because of Huawei.

The Chinese Communist Party is trying to sinicize religions.

In other words, make religions

more loyal to the Chinese Communist Party.

Maybe this is some sort of

alternative to persecuting Christians.

And Muslims.

And Tibetans.

And Falun Gong.

I mean, wouldnt it be easier of those religions

could just be morally flexible,

and change their core beliefs to worship

the atheist Communist Partyinstead of their god or whatever?

Of course it would!

And you know who gets it?

The Shaolin Temple.

They just hoisted the Chinese flag.

A first in its 1,500 year history.

State-run media said it was because

they were leading the way in sinicization.

Although, according to one Shaolin monk

who spoke to Radio Free Asia,

it was because authorities forced them to do it.

I mean...couldnt they have fought back?

Isnt fighting back what Shaolin monks are supposed to do?!

Its the kung fu movie were all waiting to see!

A small group of rebel monks take on

and defeat the entire Chinese paramilitary!

While playing soccer!

But sadly, the only kung fu move they did

was docile tiger, obedient dragon.

So what do you think?

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