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my name is khan and i live with my family in munich

we live in a family constellation which is not uncommon these days

with the help of the photo i can to explain

in front of me is my new partner and current wife petra

petra and i have two in common daughters marina on her mother's arm

and johanna in the front of the picture they are in the photo one and five years

old belongs to my family too my son aaron the man in the back

in the middle of the photo but Aaron lives in his household

mother miriam on the far right of the picture form of a second marriage i was with

miriam married also belongs to my family

camilla the petra in our marriage brought

camilla is twelve years old and left in the see picture

she is my stepdaughter and lives with us

that means living in our household too children from previous relationships

on the other hand, not all bodily live children together with us how to

my son aaron looks after miriam our separation also a new one

partner danilo found he has his daughter

brought leonie she is on the photo in front of my ex wife

into the twentieth century was the reason for a remarriage

mostly the death of a parent that also expresses the prefix step

it comes from the Germanic and means robbed

death has the father or the children mother taken away or stolen

for the family socially and financially the survivor had to secure

Parent again as soon as possible marry

nowadays it comes because of the medical progress, however, a lot

less often that underage children lose a parent through death

because so many couples separate or divorce still arise

more and more step families the main reason for remarriage

is usually no longer a requirement today according to social and financial

validation single parents received

often government aid however, it exists with many

divorced parents still have the wish after a healthy family and after one

happy partnership

older found a new permanent partner

have and are freshly in love often very euphoric they believe that

your children the new family member to be received with open arms

but it is often difficult for children accept new partner of parents

this is especially true if you this new partner as a replacement for the

father or the mother is presented who are no longer in the same household

Life the children often still hope that

first family comes together now they realize that this is no longer the case

will happen you become a father or mother

pregnancy and birth so you can spend almost nine months

to prepare unlike birth parents, however

parents didnt walk around for long ready for children

through her new role as stepfather or stepmother changes her

live in one fell swoop so becomes a longtime bachelor

maybe suddenly to the father of two school age children

or is the mother of a single child now part of a large family of four

children many feel helpless at first

or are afraid of their new role especially if you haven't yet

had experience in bringing up children nevertheless, many families see researchers

the patchwork family as the model of future

more and more children are not only in one but in several families

grow up often the youngsters even have it

more flexible ideas of roles that you can meet as a man and woman

has as children from traditional Familys

you don't think the blue suits me but the brown suits you better

are the driver or because of the shape was that you mean the blue suits me

not because it's too tight I didn't say you got me

asked which one is better and me said you find me the brown one

too thick for the blue no really Not be

well then I'll take the blue one what do you ask me then

I just wanted to make sure you are at home tonight

Why so

only like that

is a game you don't need me around

permission to ask I'm not asking you for permission either

I just wanted to say that we are watch the endgame and if you plan to

to meet you tonight you do that quietly because we watch football

So you will have me out of the house so that he can watch endgame in peace

can no I just thought you'd rather are not at home when we play football

look yes and if I'm tonight wanted to invite my friends

that's why I ask you have me asked if I'm at home today

whatever I just wanted to tell you that we have the soccer game tonight

view that is all then it says so equal

I'm going to the cinema with l1 anyway


hello nice to see you again turned on

I greet you again today warmly to our show and now

you and the topic you are what you eat the number of vegetarians is increasing steadily

and the movement is becoming more and more radical now you almost feel

guilty if you are meat also it is also considered politically incorrect

eat meat with a clear conscience wear leather shoes

we are interested in your opinion call us on

As always, call 0 805 39 68 and there we come to ours

first caller who can i call in welcome the management

hello this is melanie bada i talking would like to tell you first how happy

i'm finally getting something on this bring topic

for me this is a topic that affects me a lot I already touched when I was 16

started thinking about it to me make it ethical and moral

more and more animals are acceptable to kill unworthy conditions

alone like the animals have to live in this factory farming

the same is getting cheaper but actually you are not at all

aware of what is there on the plate

I think if there were more vegetarians then the world would be a bit better and

we would not need a bad conscience towards our environment

I've wanted that for a long time Get rid of

Thank you very much, Ms. Wada a very clear opinion on the subject

so they find that it is ethical and cannot represent morally meat

Im eating on ours next caller you want excited

the comment was immediately to wife express

murs here good day now i give wife was quite right in my case

it so i am fully occupied professionally that's why I eat a lot out of the house

I still look for a balanced one I used to like eating meat

but ate five years ago get health problems

my doctor then advised me to eat vegetarian

I've been doing that ever since and I feel doing very well

the only problem is that in most restaurants few tasty

vegetarian dishes are offered that really doesn't make it easy for you

I would like one for the future wider range of vegetarian

want to dine Thank you very much and we have it right away

next gentlemen who join our wants to express the topic

hello mister bund good day so i like to eat meat

and stand by it in my opinion meat is one

more important and indispensable part of our food

everyone knows that many meat contains nutrients such as iron and

certain minerals that the body urgently needs

vegetarians worse the vegans behave from your point of view

body irresponsible to raw vegan, for example, just eat

around cooked with it fall important vegetables such as legumes

peas lentils or beans deck since legumes are not eaten raw

raw food may be missing vegans important herbal

protein suppliers I think that's problematic I say

always in moderation and I'm off convinced that that's the right one and before

everything is a healthy way many thanks mr bunds there is

discussion in full swing here I am already the next lady in the

management Ms. Bohm, please

yes here hello i am glad that i say something to the previous speaker

can i share his opinion honestly we already have that in

war experienced that we certain did not have food and

least meat of course and such of course this has deficiency symptoms

led under which we still long suffered

maybe i am from this experience shaped and therefore understand this

vegetarian vegan and what else no way

We have been eating humans for generations flesh

why is that suddenly no longer good? his

but I find it particularly extreme vegan

they delete all animal products so eggs cheese honey and so on

complete even his sweets banned for them

of course i understand that people with allergies to milk, for example

not tolerated or so on this do without products

they just drink their coffee with them soy milk

but whether it is healthy inherently everyone dairy products and egg dishes

omit I don't think if that's for us

correct nutrition would have been our parents and grandparents already

made yes mrs böhm thank you very much

surely many people from the heart spoken

Unfortunately, our broadcasting time is already running out towards the end therefore here mine

last caller please yes my name is veronika laube and me

actually want a basic one throw a question in the round and that is

the meat-free diet really like that healthy

or doesn't play the rest of it lifestyle an important role

vegetarians and vegans live in the rule more sport and eighth conscious

how you deal with your body they also keep their hands off

everything that is harmful to the body something like cigarettes and alcohol

that's why vegans and vegetarians are healthier than people the mixed food too

take to live healthy

So in my opinion nothing with the to do meatless nutrition and also

I keep from giving up completely meat nothing

i just believe that human organism a versatile and conscious

nutrition needs but I think everyone does it for himself

have to decide for themselves that's a nice final word that

it was unfortunately again with the Today's broadcast I thank you very much

cordially to all callers for the discussion and wish you another

beautiful evening Until next time

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