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football is a physical sport so injuries can happen but some footballers are

known for being injured a lot and some players are known for being crazy like

this guy you are watching KYSTAR and today we're going to talk about

footballers who are always injured the first one on the list got to be Neymar

the guy is well known for being injured a lot and also for diving don't get me

wrong he's a very talented footballer but it doesn't make sense to me that a

footballer that dives a lot is also injured a lot I mean they don't even

touch him but somehow he still gets injured

Neymar loves diving so much that when he is at a swimming pool and there's a

sign with no diving he still dives next one we got Arjen

Robben he was such a great footballer at the time but he gets injured very fast

the guy could even injure himself while warming up for a match if Arjen Robben's

right foot is injured he can still play he only uses his left foot anyway we

can not forget gareth bale on this list he couldn't really show that much since

he went to real madrid because he was injured most of the time i'm not sure

what he is doing in madrid but he does everything except playing football for

me it feels like he doesn't want to play for Real Madrid anymore of course we

have Benjamin mendy on this list the guy that wins more trophies than playing

games he's the type of guy that claims all the credit while doing nothing I

mean he didn't really help his team but still he does this next one we got Marco

Reus a player that is very loyal to his club Borussia Dortmund but unfortunately

he gets injured very fast maybe clubs didn't want to sign him because the risk

of him being injured again is high next one on the list is Jack Wilshere or as

some people are calling him jack wheelchair throughout his whole career

he was struggling with injuries sad to see that injuries can affect footballers

that much the first goalkeeper on the list and it is Manuel Neuer he was

injured for a long time the chances of Manuel Neuer getting injured is very

high because he plays like a midfielder the guy is everywhere the list was not

complete without Daniel Sturridge he's a good striker but

sadly he gets injured very often he still plays at the highest level maybe

not that often but he's there next one is Alexis Sanchez the guy that

left Arsenal for Manchester United but couldn't really find his form he was

also injured a lot as a bonus to this video

the last one is mesut Ozil he is not injured that often but he's well known

for playing a lot of fortnite the German newspaper Bild writes that

mesut ozil his back injury could be from playing too much fortnite yes I

was as shocked as you are I think he is carrying a lot of people

on fortnite Mesut Ozil is like guys I'm done assisting in football let me

assist people on fortnite I had to add Ozil because it's a very special way of

getting injured Write a comment which players are also always injured if you

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