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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Anna Karenina

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What should I do with this, Your Excellency?


I picked it out for Daria Alexandrovna and the children.


Bonjour, Lili.


Bonjour, Grisha.



Who is coming to see Grand-maman?


Come along, my little ducklings.




Be good today. I'm off.


Read the chapter carefully.

I'll come back to test you on it.

Read it twice.


Au revoir.




Oh, Stiva.


Aunt Dolly found a note from the governess.


Stiva wants me to come to Moscow to persuade Dolly to forgive him.

I'm to be deprived of my wife so that adultery may be forgiven?


I can't excuse him just because he's your brother.

Oh, it's for Dolly's sake, too.

Four committees today.

I have the world waiting for me.

There's never time to look at your exercises.

Serozha is doing very well, Your Excellency.

Who put this shirt on you?

Well, never mind. I'll come and hear you read.

KARENIN: Tomorrow, perhaps.

Thank you, Lukich. Perhaps tomorrow.

No. No, no, not tomorrow.

LUKICH: Thank you, Your Excellency.

Come along.

Alexei, do you think nine years of marriage and children

should count for nothing against an infatuation?

No. Very well.

But sin has a price, you may be sure of that.


But why?

ANNA: Because that's where Aunt Dolly lives.

But why?

I told you, Serozha.

She's not well. I must go to see her.

But why, Mama?

Don't make Mama cry.

I'll be back before you know, and bring you a present.

I don't want a present. I want you to stay.

Oh, my little Kotik.

What present?

That's better. (LAUGHS)


It's the first time I've left my little boy.

So, you're leaving your son and I'm returning to mine.

I'm Countess Vronskaya.

I've been in St. Petersburg for the christening of a granddaughter.

My eldest son married Princess Chirkov.

You're a charming creature. Why don't I know you?

I've never been in Moscow society, really.

But you know my name.

I've heard you mentioned.

Talked about, you mean?


Ah, love.

Was it love?


My sons are ashamed of me.

But I'd rather end up wishing I hadn't than end up wishing I had.

Wouldn't you?

I don't know.

Some man came without an appointment, Your Excellency.

Waiting outside.

Levin! Where did you disappear?

I'm very anxious to see you.

I need your advice.

Well, come into my room, then.

This is my oldest friend, Konstantin Dmitrievich Levin.

Someone send word I'll be a few minutes late.

That's my office, up there.

Oh, I've been hard at it. Sit down.

Hard at what, exactly?

Well, we're overwhelmed with work.


Paperwork is the soul of Russia. Farming is only the stomach.

Now, when am I going to come and shoot some snipe?


Look at you, in Western clothes you told me you'd never wear again.

Something's up.

Yes, I'm in love. I've come back to propose.

Have you guessed who she is?

I... I have a suspicion. Why didn't you propose when you were here?

I decided it was impossible.

Kitty is of the heavens, an angel. And I am of the earth.

But then, I thought and thought, and there's no life for me without her.

Do I have a chance?

Of course you do.

The Shcherbatskys are giving a soiree this evening.

Get there early, before the crowd.

And if I may suggest...

Anything, what?

New boots.

Right. Anything else?

We'd better have dinner together.

Come on. We'll meet later at l'Angleterre.

Or do you prefer the Hermitage?

Let's say, 5:30 at l'Angleterre.

I owe them more than the Hermitage,

so it wouldn't be fair to withdraw my custom.

Uh, so, new boots, coat, and a proper hat.




Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

Do you...

Do you...

Excuse me.

It's so unfair.

You marry for love.

You're a good husband.

Children arrive, years depart.

And all of a sudden, your wife grows old and tired.

And her hair is thin. And her body...

And you yourself, you still have your vigor!

And then you find yourself a martyr to distraction by so many women.

Forgive me, but I find that incomprehensible.

As though, I should leave this restaurant and steal a roll from a baker's shop.

Well, you know, a freshly baked roll.

I'm talking about love, and you're talking about your appetite.

Easily confused. Now, do you know, um, Count Vronsky?

Who? No. Why?

He's your rival. He turned up from Petersburg after you left.

Who is he?

Oh, you don't need to worry about him. He's... He's just...

He's a rich, good-looking cavalry officer

who has nothing better to do than make love to pretty women.

Is that cabbage soup?

Potage aux choux à la russe, as the gentleman ordered.


It's what I wanted.

Understand that, for me, tonight is a question of life and death.


Kostya, Kitty would be mad to refuse you.

And Dolly's on your side, you know?

She says her sister Kitty was always meant to be your wife, and will be.

Dolly said that?

I've always thought your Dolly was a gem.

She is.

She is.

I loved her to distraction.

KITTY: Konstantin!




I'm too early. I'll come back.

No. Come up.

Look at me.

I'm receiving for Papa and Maman, who are late to dress.

It's my first reception.

Princess Ekaterina.

Delighted. Delighted.

I'm so pleased you were able to be with us, Konstantin Dmitrievich.

Kitty, you look...

You look...

Stiva told us you were back.

How long are you staying?

I don't know. It depends on you.


What I mean to say is I...

I only came with one purpose.

I want to... Will you be my wife?



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Wrong moment. It's the wrong moment.

But will you?

I can't.

I'm sorry.


It was impossible.

I'm sorry.

Are you the brother of Nikolai Levin?


He's in Moscow. He's staying at the Unicorn in Khitrovka.

How do you know?

It's the sort of thing I know.

Count Vronsky?



Princess Kitty.

It's been so long, and yet, it seems like yesterday.

(GIGGLES) It was yesterday.


Excuse me.




It's Kostya.

Good God! Look at him.

You look like a capitalist.

What do you want?

Nothing. I came to see you.

Good evening, miss... Madam.

Don't talk to her like that. You sound like a magistrate.


More vodka for my brother! Quick about it.

I don't want anything.

I'm all right.

Who told you where to find me?

A colonel in the Third Department. They're watching you.


They must think I'm dangerous.

What have you got to smile about?


That's right.

The day is coming. I have given up my birthright for it.

You're on the wrong side of history.

Not because privilege is immoral. (SPITS)

But because it's irrational. (COUGHING)

He's sick!

Let go, if you know what's good for you.

I took Marya Nikolaevna from a brothel.


But I consider her my wife.

If her presence offends, you're free to leave.

Are you married?


Why not? Are you waiting to fall in love?



Romantic love will be the last illusion of the old order.


You should marry one of your peasants.

Yes. I damn well should.

The brotherhood of man!


Nikolai, you need to see a doctor.

Then come and stay with me at Pokrovskoe till you get your health back.

With my wife?

If you...


Or go abroad to a spa.

I'll send more if that's what you want.

Hello, what's this?

Austrian royalty on their honeymoon. I've got them for four days.

The private carriage will stop opposite the stand.

Bad luck. What do they like, art?


Here's the train.


I'll come back.




You don't look ashamed!

Oh, I am, I really am.

Yes, of course. Oblonsky's sister, Karenina.

Charmante, don't you think?



There, Countess.

You have found your son, and I have found my brother.

Madam Karenina has a son, too.

It's the first time they've been apart, so she frets about him.

Excuse me for not recognizing you before.

Au revoir, Countess.

Au revoir, my dear.

Let me kiss that pretty face.



Keep your people inside until this has been cleared up.


The sole supporter of a large family, they say.

Well, can't anything be done for them?

Wait for me, Maman.

VRONSKY: Stand back. Move aside. Stand back.

I have you to thank for that.

OBLONSKY: Oh! Oh, what a good fellow!

What a good fellow.

ANNA: Have you known Count Vronsky long?

Did you like him? He's in love with Kitty.


But we should be discussing you and Dolly.

What have you got to say for yourself?

I've said it all. On my knees, in tears.

Now I need you to say it.

I'm going to the office, so you'll have Dolly to yourself.

Don't be late home.

(SIGHING) Oh, dear.

Kitty's coming by to see you.

She's all grown up and a bit frightened of you.

The belle of St. Petersburg society.

(LAUGHS) Is that who I am?


Stiva has told me.


Oh, Dolly, I'm sorry.

From the bottom of my heart.

I don't know what to do.

I know. I know.

I can't bear to be with him.

And he doesn't care. He's got what he wants.

What he wants is you. He loves you, Dolly.

You and the children are everything to him.

Are we?

And there is room for a governess?

That was shameful, disgraceful, but it was not love.

It was the animal in man, not the soul.

Stiva's remorse is from the soul.

Well, what about me?

Does his remorse make it easier for me?

I know you are suffering. But, Dolly, you must tell me.

Is there enough love left in your heart? Enough to forgive him?

Well, when I think of them together, I can't forgive him.


My poor lamb. So you would rather accept your fate?

My fate?

But I haven't done anything! It's him who... (WEEPING)

Do you love him, Dolly?


You love him, and he loves you.

But you can't forgive.

So, your lives must continue like this forever, with both of you wretched.

Oh, that's pretty. Is that a wedding dress?


Look for the "G" for "Grisha."



Can you do your whole name?

Doesn't that look like a princess? No?


OBLONSKY: I'm home! Home, home, home!

Now, where are my little ducklings?

CHILDREN: Papa! Papa!


Will you stay for the Bobrishchevs' ball, Anna?

Oh. I always feel dull at a ball.



Stiva, tell Anna she must come to the ball.

Well, of course she must.

And God go with you.

You can introduce me to your new governess.

But she's old! She's a hundred!


I know why you want me to come.

You want everyone to be there

because you're quite sure it's going to be your night.

(CHUCKLES) How did you know?

I know everything.


Oh, to be your age again.

Surrounded by that...

That blue mist.

I was 18, too, when I got married.

Is the prince at home?

SERVANT: He's just gone up, I believe.

Is nobody receiving?

I can enquire, sir. I don't think so.

The princess retired early. Is there a message?


No. Thank you.


We thought you would come back married.

Did you?

But you only came back with a hat.

A black silk hat.

What kind of animal can you make a hat like that from?

(CHUCKLES) It's not natural.

Next time, perhaps.

There'll be no next time.



May I have a waltz?

You may, Boris.

I'll save you the third, just because it's your first ball.

You're my first conquest!


Where do you want to be taken?




How are you, Stiva?

Thanks to Anna, I am a happy man. Would you like to dance?

No. Ask Anna.

No, I don't...

Come on, then.

OBLONSKY: Oh! (LAUGHS) Look out!

This vile, idiotic matchmaking of yours.

For goodness' sake, what have I done?

Is anything the matter?


You look as lovely as ever, Princess Kitty.

Don't ask me, Maman.

Kitty, it's us next.

Princess, I have the honor to claim my dance.

He'll dance the mazurka with Kitty. You'll see.


OBLONSKY: I am! I really am!


Dance with me.

I'm not used to being spoken to like that

by a man I met once at a railway station.

I dare say, but if I'm not to dance with you,

then I'm getting out of this operetta and going home.

Then, for Kitty's sake.


That's my sister.


GUARD: Next stop is Bologoye! Bologoye, next stop.



Can I be of service to you?

Why are you leaving Moscow?

What else can I do?

I have to be where you are.

Stop, that's enough.

Go back to Kitty.


This is wrong.

It makes no difference.

You have no right.

It makes no difference.

You must forget me.

If you're a good man, you'll forget everything.

And you? Will you forget?




Is Serozha all right?

Oh, is that all I get?

Yes, he's quite well.

Were you a success?


Oh, Dolly and Stiva.

Yes, I think so.

I'll announce myself.

Very good, sir.

Vronsky. The master himself.

Baroness, coffee from the new coffee pot for Count Vronsky.

I'll be off home if I'm in the way.

You're at home where you are, Baroness.

Oh! Oh, Pierre, you never say such pretty things to me.

We were just discussing my husband.

He won't divorce me, you see, and do you know why?


Because he likes eating off my family silver.

I want to bring an action.

Just because I'm supposed to be unfaithful,

I don't see why I have to eat off Pierre's crockery.

Look at it!

It's my crockery.


PETRITSKY: How was Moscow?


Thank you for my presents.


I'm writing to Dolly and to Kitty.

You are good.

Time for bed.


What are they saying in Moscow about the new statute?

What new statute?

The new statute I carried in Council.

No one mentioned it.



Here, it caused quite a sensation.



Princess Betsy.


I didn't know you were an art lover.

I'm prepared to be one.


Countess Lydia tells me

you haven't been to one of her evenings since you returned.

The last one was to meet a missionary.

The one before that

was for a lecture on the union of the Greek and Roman Churches.


Oh, I'm sorry.

I know you're fond of her.

Come on, or we'll be late.


Here's the thing, Vronsky.

A posting's come up, and there's a promotion in it for you.

Thank you, sir.

In the garrison in Tashkent.

Tashkent? But...

I would like to stay in Peter, sir, if you don't mind.

Well, I don't mind.

But your mother... It's her idea.


Your husband is a saint,

and we must all cherish him for Russia's sake.

You didn't come to my dinner.

I had to see my Commanding Officer.

Well, "she" didn't come either.

I do hope you can come on afterwards.

Father Kristof's report on the Chinese mission will be with lantern slides.

I'm expected at the Tverskoys'.

No doubt.

But I'm sure that Princess Betsy can wait for you.


Yes, in fact, I don't think I will go to Betsy's.

You're caught.

I'm afraid I'm becoming quite ridiculous.



Now, there's a phenomenon.

Look, Anna's shadow has arrived before Anna.

I'm Anna's friend.

But all this making up one's mind to it in public

is not polite to a distinguished man like Karenin.

In my opinion, Karenin is a fool and Anna is the best of us.

And we all love you for your contrary opinions, Princess.


Alexei, you look desperate.

It's not attractive.

I'm losing hope.

Hope of what?

Persuading a virtuous woman to break her marriage vows?


No, you're right.

She won't come.


He's gone.

But you're just in time for the surprise.



Turn around!

VRONSKY: May I have the honor of bringing you an ice?


Ices are being served.

I would prefer to try a cigarette.



I'll try another one sometime.



Just as I was thinking your manners had improved since Moscow.

You behaved badly.

Very badly.

And who was responsible for that?

Give me a cup of tea.

How nice!

Alexei Alexandrovich has arrived.


I'm not sure my nerves can stand another Alexei at this moment.


Were you glad to see me or not?

So the Schuzburgs asked us to dinner.

The sauce was said to have cost a thousand rubles, and it was ghastly.

I gave them a sauce that cost 85 kopeks and it was a triumph.


This must stop.

You make me feel as if I were guilty of something.

What do you want me to do?

I want you to go to Moscow and beg Kitty to forgive you.

No, that's not what you want.

Moscow? I can do better than that.

Tonight I refused a posting to Tashkent.

I can change my mind, and you'll never see me again.

If you have any thought for me, you will give me back my peace.

I have no peace to give.

There can be no peace for us.

Only misery or the greatest happiness.

BETSY: Your husband is impossible.


His opinions are all wrong,

but he talks so brilliantly, he wins every argument.



I called to take you home.

No, I'm staying.

Send the carriage back for me.

Of course.



Do you want me to go to Tashkent?

So I'll go to Tashkent.


I don't want you to go.

KARENIN: I stayed up to talk to you.

What about?

It's late.

Where's Annushka?

I sent her off.


If you want to talk, but we should go to bed.

I must warn you about something.

Warn me?

Oh, it's really rather late.

I wish to warn you that you may, inadvertently

by indiscretion and carelessness,

give the world occasion to talk about you.

I am not a committee.

Please say what you want to tell me.

You and Count Vronsky attracted attention tonight.

You don't like it when I don't talk to people,

and you don't like it when I do.

I didn't notice anything myself,

but I saw everyone else noticed.

I consider jealousy to be insulting to you and degrading to me.

I have no right to inquire into your feelings.

They concern only your conscience.

But it's my duty to remind you that we are bound together by God,

and this bond can only be broken by a crime against God.

I have nothing to say to you.

And you have a son.

And I'm tired.

If I am wrong, I ask your pardon.

I don't know what you're talking about,

and it's really too late for this.

Excuse me, please.

(SOFTLY) Too late.



Oh, God! Oh, forgive me!

It's the end of everything.

I've got nothing left now except you, remember that.

How could I not remember?

You're my happiness.


You murdered my happiness.




Go on.


Go on. Murderer.


OBLONSKY: Look out, here they come.

Oh, bad luck.


Potage aux choux à la russe!

OBLONSKY: Agafia, if you opened up in Moscow,

the l'Angleterre would go out of business.


It's true.

OBLONSKY: Do you want news of Moscow?

Babylon? No.

Oh, you're right, what do you care?

You love the country, you've got it.

You love agriculturing, and, Lord knows, you've got that.

You love shooting, you've got that.

You've got everything you want.


All right, go on, then.

Have you stopped stealing bread rolls?

Ballet girl, Oriental type. How can I help it?

How is...

How are the Shcherbatskys?

You mean Kitty.

Is she engaged now?


Vronsky went back to St. Petersburg.


Kitty will be seeing Dolly at Ergoshovo in the summer.

You could...

Oh, yes, as if I had time in the summer.

And I've got extra land at Kashin this year for the haymaking.

Kashin? That's on the Ergoshovo road, isn't it?

Couldn't you see Kitty when she's there?

Especially, not then. I humiliated myself once.

Oh, damn you, Kostya. You love Kitty.

You love Kitty and you can't forgive her

because, first, you funked it, and then you bungled it.

And then you ran away from an 18-year-old girl

who was made a fool of by a uniform.

It's not you I feel sorry for, it's Kitty.

Her heart told her no.


Did you come to shoot snipe or criticize me?



Well, don't hold him like a parcel.

Oh! It's Aunt Kitty, darling.


Doesn't he make you ashamed of dwelling on your troubles?

I have no troubles.

That man wasn't worth the tears, believe me.

I don't care about him. I don't even think about him, or her.

Except to hate her.

Then we'll never speak of it again.

There are better men waiting for you.

Stiva says...

Kitty, my lamb, did Konstantin...

What has Levin got to do with it?

Anyway, I'll never get married.

The whole business of it has become disgusting to me.

And look what it's done for you. Why do they call it love?


Because it's love.

ANNA: I want you to, I don't care about it.

VRONSKY: You should care.

Anyway, someone might be watching.


But I'm damned, anyway.

I'm not. I'm blessed.

You love me.


Only me.


Apart from Frou-Frou?


But me more than your horse?


Are you happy?


And you love me?


How much?

This much.

This much?


This much?


And this much?


This much?

(MOANS) Yes.

This much? And this much?

So, this is love.




I thought you would be at Peterhof now.

I've come from there.

I'm distressed that you haven't taken your usual house this year.

Anna wanted a change.

Nearer to Princess Betsy at Tsarskoe Selo.

The guards are in summer camp at Tsarskoe.

Alexei Alexandrovich,

forgive me, but...

You are too tolerant. Your wife is...

Oh! Is this about my wife?

My wife is beyond reproach.

She is, after all, my wife.


Alyosha! Alyosha!


A message from Maman.

Her friend Princess Sorokina has a house here

and a virgin daughter.


Well, that's not part of the message,

but they'll all be at the races

and you're expected to supper afterwards.

Gentlemen! Gentlemen!

I give you the regiment!

ALL: The regiment!


I heard you turned down a promotion.

That was Maman interfering.


And now she's come up with a princess for you.


Alexei, we're brothers, so don't take offense.

Getting married puts the pack on your back.

It leaves your hands free for climbing the ladder.

Getting serious about a married woman

is like carrying your pack in your arms.

So, they talk about me.

I'm leaving, Sasha.

An assignation?

Come on, I'll introduce you.



A man would come to no harm.

FERGUSON: Do you think you'll win tomorrow?

VRONSKY: Makhotin's Gladiator is favorite.

Sixteen hands.

Frou-Frou looks dainty beside him.

But she's got heart.

Haven't you, my darling?




What is it?

I couldn't bear not to see you before the race.

What were you thinking about?

Tell me.

I'm pregnant.

Oh, my love.

Well, love was never a game to us.

Here's an end to living in corners,

existing day to day on lies.


Now we can be together.

How can we, Alexei?

Tell Karenin everything.

Do you think my husband will make you a present of me?

Leave him.

Leave him and be your mistress?

Yes, run away.

I would never see my son again.

The laws are made by husbands and fathers.

What, then?

I'll never forgive myself for your unhappiness.


I'm like a starving beggar who's been given food.

I, unhappy?


This is my happiness.

ANNA: Serozha!

Serozha, I'm coming to get you!

Where are you?


Where are you?

How are you, young man?

Your tutor doesn't seem to be in evidence.




You got away at last. Can you stay?


Go and find Vasily Lukich.

I have to change.

Princess Betsy is sending her trap for me.

Would you like to come? She's taking me to watch the race.

Races, surely.

No, I'll come on later. Then I must get back to town.





OBLONSKY: Princess! Princess!

A bet! Who do you fancy in the next?


I'm on Vronsky. Pair of gloves?


Alexander Vronsky.

You are an exquisite creature.

You really ought to be the spoils of victory today.





Yah! Yah!

Go, Frou-Frou! Go!


Go, Frou-Frou! Go!







I'm here.


(SOBS) Oh.


I'm here.


Get up!

Get up!

Her back is broken.





You know...

They say the Emperor disapproves of the races.

The danger of injury.

But I...


I'm saying I think there's a value in manly sport, for the military.

I don't understand.

In my opinion, it's not the sport itself. It's the spectacle.

It's making a cruel spectacle out of...

What are you talking about?

I have to tell you...


I have to tell you, you behaved improperly today.

How is that?

By making plain your feeling when one of the riders fell.

Your conduct was improper.

It must not occur again. I have said it before.

You will say my concern is unnecessary and ridiculous.

You are my wife.

I'm wrong to think that.


Perhaps I was mistaken...


You were not mistaken.

I love him.

I am his mistress.

Do what you like to me.


Wait. Please, move away.

I will not have a scandal. Therefore, you will not see this man again.

You will behave in a way that nothing is known against you

by society or by the servants.

In return, you will keep the privileges of a wife, and the duties.

Tomorrow you will return home. That is all.

Are you hurt?

What's happened?

I told him I'm your mistress.

He thinks I can give you up and go on living.

No. You cannot.

Time for bed?


It was pleasant to hear you being congratulated on your husband.

Not that I care for decorations, but...

Alexei, I can't. I'm sorry.


But I'm his wife, now.

I'm having his child.

Tell me what I did to deserve this.



How many mowers is it, Theodore?

(SIGHS) Forty-two, Master.

In your father's time, it was work for two days for 30 men.

Though he never picked up a scythe himself.

The men don't like me for it.

They like what they're used to.

It settles me.

How is that, Master?

When I'm mowing, I don't ask myself why I'm here.

You're here to be Master Konstantin Dmitrievich.

As it's always been, by the grace of God.

My father owned you, Theodore.

Owned you like chattels to be bought and sold.

Was that by the grace of God?

It was.

That's my youngest you were looking at, there.

His young life is perilous now since the freedom came and work must be found.

They look happier than I've ever been.

Is it living simply that I'm looking for?


I'm expected.


I will not live like this.

This waiting for hour after hour,

not knowing when I'll ever see you again.


It's my demon. I can't help it.

You wrote that you were ill.

Don't worry, it won't be for long.


No, it's true.

I was told it in a dream.

There. It was only a bad dream.

Yes, and I'm only going to die having your baby.

That's all nonsense.

Tell me it is.

Tell me it is.

You love me, only me.

Your note said your husband would be out.

He was late. It serves him right.

And you...

Why do you call him my husband?

He isn't my husband, he's a clock.

But it was awkward. My honor. You made an agreement.

Do you think of your honor when you're sharing whores with your Colonel?

Your demon again?

I'll be glad to die before you start to hate me.


Put your hand there.


You can feel him move.


I respectfully ask Minister Karenin

whether his proposals for the regulation of these colorful gypsy tribes

of these scholarly, God-fearing Jews, and of...

But I'm afraid I've lost the Minister's attention.

Who is here?

Only Madame, Your Excellency.

I wanted to see him because...

I do not wish to know why a woman wants to see her lover.

What are you doing?

I want his letters!


I am going to Moscow tomorrow, and then the provinces

with a commission to investigate conditions among the Jews and gypsies,

whose conditions I infinitely prefer to my own.

I will not return to this house until divorce has driven you into the street.

Meanwhile, my son will be sent to live with my eldest sister.

No, Alexei, please. Please, leave me Serozha!

Do you think I would let you have my son?

You are depraved. A woman without honor.

I thank God the curse of love is lifted from me.

I need your advice.


Come on, come on!

Yes, yes.

Right, after you, after you.

Are we late?

Of course, you're late.

I'm Countess Nordston.

We nearly met at the Shcherbatskys' last winter.

PRINCE SHCHERBATSKY: Come into the fold.

Come on.


You've been waiting for me. Forgive me.

Kitty is here.

Konstantin, what a long time since we saw each other.

Since you saw me, but I saw you not so long ago.


You were driving to Ergoshovo.

I was at Kashin for the haymaking.

Oh, but why didn't you...

I'm so glad to see you.

You're just the same.

I hope not.

I was young and silly in those days.

Months and months ago.

And you haven't changed.

No. I haven't.


Permit me to announce, um, soup Marie-Louise carp

with asparagus and roast beef.

I went to the market in person.

An extra place.

I've come to tell you our connection must be severed.

I'm going to divorce your sister.



Oh, dear me, what are you talking about? (CHUCKLES)

Well, don't be in a hurry. Stay to dinner.

And later, you can talk it over with Dolly.

Prince Oblonsky, everything is over between our families.

Alexei, divorce is one thing. Dinner is quite another.

PRINCESS SHCHERBATSKY: You Petersburgers think yourselves so de bon ton

compared with dull, old-fashioned Moscow.

But we know how to do things.

Only the other day,

I hear Vasya Pryachnikov fought a duel with Kvitsky and killed him.

Well, what...

What was the challenge about?

Pryachnikov's wife, naturally.

PRINCE SHCHERBATSKY: It was a matter of honor, defending a woman's honor.

Sounds like barbarism to me. What if the lover had killed the husband?

Would that have preserved the wife's honor, too?

Still, not many of us can say our lover died for love.


"Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife."

Would you die for love, Konstantin Dmitrievich?

I would. But not for my neighbor's wife.


An impure love is not love to me.

To admire another man's wife is a pleasant thing,

but sensual desire indulged for its own sake is greed,

a kind of gluttony,

and a misuse of something sacred, which is given to us

so that we may choose the one person with whom to fulfill our humanness.

Otherwise, we might as well be cattle.

Ah! An idealist!


But she will be nobody's wife.

She'll be ruined.

I tried to save her. She chose ruin.

Alexei Alexandrovich.

Look at me.

You will have no peace of mind until you forgive her.

It was Anna who taught me that.

I do not wish to forgive.

I'm not a cruel man.

I've never hated anyone.

But I hate her with all my soul

for all the wrong she has done me.

OBLONSKY: Now, it is your turn to play us something, Countess.

COUNTESS NORDSTON: I thought you'd never ask.

Very good.

Since we last met,

there is something I have often wanted to ask you.

What is that?

LEVIN: This.




Did not.

The last word is "never."

I know what it says.


But now?

Can you forgive

and forget?

I never stopped.



Why doesn't he come?

He is kind. He will forgive me.

Her fever is higher.

I want Alexei. Why doesn't he come?

Give me some water. No, I mustn't.

It isn't good for my little girl.

Or let her have a nurse, yes.

Don't bring her here because Alexei is coming

and it will hurt him to see her.

He's come, my dear. Look there.

DOCTOR: Her deliverance is still in God's hands.

ANNA: You think he won't forgive me but you don't know him.

No one knows him except me.

I'm not afraid of him, now.

I'm afraid of death, though.



You poor man.

Let him come closer.



Look at my husband.

He's a saint.

Take his hand.

Thank God.

Thank God.


You must leave now.

I promise to send for you if she asks for you.

I don't know what happened to me.

I forgive you. I forgive Anna.

My soul is filled with joy.

I will remain with her and look after her forever.

Come now.

Come now.

Look at you.

You look like what you've become. A laughingstock.

I fancy you will be asked to leave the regiment.

I would like you to go, Maman.

I'll go when I'm ready to go.

A little affair with a married woman

puts a finishing touch to a young man's education.

But this morbid, selfish obsession...

You've publicly humiliated yourself

and dishonored a man who has devoted his life to Russia.

So you'd better come back to Moscow with me.

You're finished here.

And there was her husband, wearing her best ball gown.

Rouge all over his face.


Ma chère, le scandale!

But I'd better tell you some regimental news.

Who is here?

FOOTMAN: Princess Elisabeth Federovna Tverskaya, Your Excellency.

ANNA: I don't want to see him.

But surely your husband wouldn't stop...

BETSY: I'm so glad to see you.

You look feverish.

We've been talking too much, so I'm going.

Princess Betsy came to tell me...

I don't want to hide anything from you.

Count Vronsky asked to come to say goodbye. He's going away.

I've told him that I can't receive him.

Well, goodbye, my treasure.


I agree with you.

As he is going away, there's no need for Count Vronsky to come.

I just said so, so there's no need to repeat it.

But it is for you to decide.

Yes, and I decided.

Then I am very glad that...

That we agree, so perhaps we can stop talking about it.

Of course. Is there anything I can do for you?

Yes, can you please, please, please stop cracking your knuckles?

I'm a bad woman.

But I can't breathe.

Your kindness, which I can't repay, and your forgiveness...

You begged me for my forgiveness.

But I didn't die, and now I have to live with it.

Then what? What do you want?

Do you know what you want? Do you want to see Count Vronsky?

(SOFTLY) Not to say goodbye.

I can't hear.

Not to say goodbye.

You would be lost. Irretrievably lost.

You would have no position.

And worse, if we divorce, you would be the guilty party.

That means you cannot legally remarry.

Your union with Count Vronsky would be illegitimate,

as would your daughter, who now has the protection of my name.

And this is what you want?

It would be a sin to help you destroy yourself.

You forget something.

Count Vronsky and I love each other.

And this love sanctifies a criminal folly?

All I know is that I sent him away

and it's as if I'd shot myself through the heart!

I see.

And what of Serozha?

I would die for him,

but I won't live like this for him.

When he knows of love, he will forgive me.

Then I must choose the smaller sin.

Vronsky has robbed me of my cloak and I will give him my coat.

No, I...

My darling. My darling.

You look so pale.

Oh, my darling.

We'll go south to the sea air and sunshine.

Is it all right? Sit down a minute.

I want to see everything.


A moment.

And now I'm doing kitchenmaid's work

because Nadya's parents won't let her set foot in the house.

And who can blame them? It's indecent.



It's Konstantin.

Yes, good.

The doctor here is useless.

Get me one from Moscow.

Where did you go?

I asked for you everywhere when I was getting married.

I'm sorry. I couldn't leave him.

Yes. My wife...

You can't stay now.

I will nurse him with Agafia.

The woman will find somewhere in the village.

You won't see her.

She knows it is impossible to meet you.

It is a torment to me that I've brought you under the same roof

as this unfortunate... As this fallen...

And in your precious, delicate condition.

Oh, Kostya.

Good. A clean nightshirt and sheets.

A towel and a clean pail of warm water.


And bring the perfume bottle,

in the outside pocket of my handbag.

MAN: Twenty-one to Stremov, four to Karenin. The motion is carried.



Alexei, they're back.

Here, in St. Petersburg.

She has written to me.

To you?

They think I don't have the right to refuse.

It's the boy's birthday.

My friend,

you would be blowing on the embers of a fire which must be allowed to die.

Let me write to her.

I'm here to see Serozha.


I beg your pardon, Your Excellency.

No, I've come to see Serozha.

(WHISPERS) Serozha.



My dear little boy.

I knew you would come.

Today is my birthday.

I know.

Are you crying?

No, I won't cry.

SEROZHA: Where did you go, Maman?

ANNA: I don't know.

Everywhere. The south.

I thought about you every day.

SEROZHA: And I thought about you every day.

And you must love Papa. He's better than I am.

No one in the whole world is better than you.


Where's Anya?

She's still asleep.

Should I take your coat?

Are you feeling unwell, madam?

I'm not sleeping.

I can send out for something.


Why are you in the dark?

Yashvin is going to call. You remember him.

Are you going out?

To where?

To whom?

What's the matter?

I didn't know what happened to you.

But I told you yesterday. My brother.

Does it take all day to meet your brother?

Does he need you more than I do?

What's happened?

Well, Alexander agreed to everything.

Mother's house in Moscow will go to him,

and the country estate will be our new home.

As soon as the divorce.

Karenin hasn't answered your letter yet?

You're the very first person to call on me since our return.

I received a note from Princess Betsy

asking me to call on her between 6:30 and 8:00.

Or was it 7:00?

But perhaps you'll meet at the opera tonight.

I would love to be there if I could get a box.

Madame, your box is number four.

You'll find me there with Princess Myagkaya.

Will you come, Vronsky?


I see why Alexei is so fond of you.

You know you can't go to the theater.


For heaven's sake.

A bath! I'll come in and choose a dress.

Anna, I implore you.

I'm not ashamed of who I am or what I've done.

Are you ashamed for me?

Why don't you book a room at the hotel?

Aren't we together?

Have you changed towards me?

It's because I love you and care about you.

If that's the case, then I don't know why you aren't coming with me.

That would make it worse.

You're afraid.

Well, I'm not.



Should we visit, or stay put?

Stay put.

Minister! Congratulations.

Come in for a moment.

PRINCESS MYAGKAYA: Princess Sorokina and her daughter.

They're from Moscow, neighbors of Count Vronsky's mother.

Quite well off. No sons. She's a widow.

My dear, I'm a sales catalog.


You'll come up to see us afterwards?

I'll talk to Varya.

Will you call on Anna?

Oh. Alexei. I'm fond of...

For God's sake!

Anna isn't a criminal.

I'd call on her if she'd only broken the law.

But she broke the rules.

PRINCESS MYAGKAYA: Who has made the décor? Haven't we got a program?

Colonel, would you be so kind?

YASHVIN: Of course.

Please, I would be honored if you would take mine.

Thank you. How very...

(SOFTLY) It's a disgrace.

Hush, dear. A common courtesy.

Everyone's looking.

Let them look! Fetch my cloak.

What are we coming to?

It's an insult to decency. Take me home.

Hush. I beg you, my dear. It was only a word or two.

I have a word or two for some people

one didn't expect to be rubbing shoulders with.

She has a nerve, flaunting herself like a slut in society.

Yes, why don't you?

Rescue her and put your seal on the fiasco.

BETSY: Alexei,

you see why she must divorce.

Marriage will solve everything. When will it be?

As far as I'm concerned, she's my wife.

As you saw, she isn't.

We're going to Moscow, then to my place in the country.

That sounds like a good idea.

But, for a day or two, Anna will be at home.


I'll say goodbye now.

Well, you had an excellent night.

Does your mother want you to marry the widow or the child?

Either one.

Don't joke about it.

If you loved me, you would have locked me in to stop me going!

Yes, it was my fault.

I won't sleep.

I know how to make you sleep.


Anna, I am very glad to see you.

Are you well? How is your little one?

Stiva wanted to invite you and Count Vronsky to the house,

but it's impossible.

No, I understand.

No. No, you don't.

Kitty and her husband are with us.

She's in Moscow to have the baby.

Kitty! Tell her how pleased I am.

Perhaps I'll wait a year or two.


Yes, love.

Don't you disapprove of me for what I've done?

No. I wish I'd done the same.

But no one asked me.

Well, I wouldn't have been brave enough.

Stiva, you know,

he doesn't change.

Like all men, I suppose.


I had an inspiration.

Why do we have to wait here?

Why can't we wait in the country?

I don't want to hear any more about a divorce or think about it.

Good, I'm bored here. When should we go?

If I bore you here, I'll bore you in the country.

I didn't say you bore me, Moscow bores me. When should we go? Tomorrow?

I can't be ready by tomorrow.

The day after, then.

If you like.

No, wait, that's Sunday. I have to see Maman.

That's 20 minutes away on the train.

You could go to see her tomorrow.

Or was it that you wanted to spend Sunday with Princess Sorokina?

Please. Don't spoil everything.

I can't see Maman tomorrow because she won't have read the papers she has to sign.

In that case, let's not bother.

I'll leave on Sunday or not at all.

That's absurd.

It's absurd to you because you have no understanding of my life here.


No, you've stopped loving me.

You've given up everything for me and it's turned you against me.

Why lie about it?


I put off our departure for a day or two and you tell me I don't love you.

Because I've been living off your love and there's none left.

So this is over. Finished.

I'm sorry.

I don't mind when we go.

I'll telegraph Maman. We'll go on Sunday.

I'll do anything you want.

You should leave me.

I don't want to. I love you.


You can't ask "why" about love.

So, will you be all packed?

I'll be out today making the arrangements.

Is that your way of telling me you'll be at your mother's

with that simpering little princess?

No. I'll be at my lawyer's, waiting for some documents.

Then I'm having dinner to say goodbye to old comrades.

I know what that means.

My God, this is unendurable!

I can invite them here, if you like.

Thank you, but if I'm not fit to dine in society, I won't eat with the band.

Who was the telegram from?

I didn't show you because Stiva keeps telegraphing what we already know.

Karenin promises nothing, but will consider...

I told you I don't care about the divorce, so why hide the telegram?

Is there anything you wish to say to me?


So it's the child.

She brought papers from Maman.








Oh, God.

Forgive me.

I'll be buying in feed before winter's over.

Well, you don't press people hard, but you live rightly.

For your soul, not your belly.

How do we know what's rightly?

Just by knowing it. How else?

But I believe in reason.

Reason. Was it reason that made you choose your wife?

I came looking for you.

I understood something.

What did you understand?

He smiled at me.

He's very advanced for his age.

What did you understand?

DOLLY: I'm so proud of you.

LILI: Night-night.

And you, too.

PRINCE SHCHERBATSKY: Good night, my darling boy.





The Description of Anna Karenina